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Mind Breaking Rules in Penny Stock Trading PowerPoint Presentation
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Mind Breaking Rules in Penny Stock Trading

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Mind Breaking Rules in Penny Stock Trading - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mind Breaking Rules in Penny Stock Trading

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  1. Mind Breaking Rules in Penny Stock Trading

  2. You cannot deny the fact that Penny Stock trading is becoming a new buzzword when it comes to earning money in a lot quicker way. This is already proven by a lot of individual who are already involved in the said trade for quite some time now, if you want to be one of them and hit the Hot Penny Stocks as a jackpot. The very first thing you need to do is to look out for the undiscovered and the most misunderstood stocks in the trading industry. But as you start investing in Penny Stock Trading, you should abide by the following rules:

  3. Rule #1 Make sure to always use Limit Orders. In Penny Stock trading, you as an investor can be easily manipulated by the market makers who are always looking for a quick buck. By using the limit orders, you are actually preventing the market makers from selling and buying at any price range they prefer. In short, you can buy or sell your stocks on your terms and not the other way around.

  4. Rule #2 Always trade in a Regular Hours. This second rule is actually attached with the rule number 1. If a stock experienced an absence in volume it can result to an after hour trade and these kinds of trades are mostly priced low as the market closes. That is why traders like you should stick to the regular hours of trading so that you can indulge with the most efficient trade.

  5. Rule #3 Do not ever chase in a stock. This is the most common mistake investors like are mostly doing, you are always chasing a trade. We are not sure but most traders choose to purchase a stock the moment it moves higher. As the stock clearly takes off that is the moment wherein these traders decided that it is safe to participate. But, in the reality of Penny Stock trading, the moment that everything seems safe, the opportunity is already gone. In order to avoid this, you should stick to newer recommendations and buy the limits that come with it.

  6. Rule #4 Always buy and sell stocks for a reason. As an investor, you should know your reasons on why you are buying and what is it that they are buying the stock. If the stock has already increased its value and you have a good reason for owning it, it is ok to own the stock.

  7. More info: http://www.affordablestock.com/buy-penny-stocks.php