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ABC book trem

ABC book trem

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ABC book trem

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  1. ABC book trem By; Chahmar Daneils

  2. A Abolitionism – movement to end slavery Abraham Lincoln – president of the united states during the civil war

  3. B Blockade- when goods are prevented from going into of out of an area Boycott- a refusal to buy certain good

  4. C Confederation- united in a league alliance or conspiracy Crisps Attack- American hero and martyr of the Boston massacre

  5. D Dawes Act – Indian policy that broke up reservation into individual laid plot Dorothem Dix – reformer who fought to improve the mentally ill

  6. E Eli Whitney – invented the cotton gin and interchangeable pars Emancipation – proclamation freed all of the slave in the southern

  7. F Federalists- supporters of the constitution Freedman – a person freed from slavery

  8. G Geory Washington- commander-in-chef of the continerital army Peru George Mason- Writinge influenced new government

  9. H Henry Patrick - patrict from Virginia, opposed ratification Hamilton Alexander- author of many of the federalist popare

  10. I Individual Right – the first to a amendment of the constriction part Import-to buy good from foreign mark

  11. J James Town is founded list permanent English setting James Madison- Father of the constitution one

  12. K King George lll- king of England during the American war Kansas Nebraska Act

  13. M Maize – an early from of can grown by NA Majority- more then half

  14. N Neutral- taking no side in accnfit Nullify- to cancel or make ineffect

  15. O Ordinance – a law or regulation Offense - position of attacking

  16. P Paterson- fevering one side of an issue Privateer – armed private ship

  17. Q Quakers William Penn to a protestant belonged group Quebec Act passed shortly after the coercive act further angered the car

  18. R Ranchero Mexican ranch owner Repels to cancel Cantu of law

  19. S Secede to leve or withdraw Segregation the separation or insulate a read class or group

  20. T Tariff a toy on imports or experts Tribule many paid for prctecte

  21. U Unalienable right a right that cannot be surern Unearstitutie not agreeing of ciansiur with

  22. V Vaquero – Hispanic ranch hand Veto to reject a bill and prevent

  23. W War hawks- republicans who forth for Madison Writ of assistance- enables officer

  24. X XYZ Act

  25. Y Yankee – union soldier Yellow journalism- a type of sensational biased

  26. Z Zenger john peter Zuni the