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Careers in Economics, Finance, and Accounting PowerPoint Presentation
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Careers in Economics, Finance, and Accounting

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Careers in Economics, Finance, and Accounting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Careers in Economics, Finance, and Accounting. Thursday February 12, 2009 4-7pm UCLA Career Center, Third Floor, Conference Room. Where is the Career Center? 501 Westwood Plaza Also known as the “Strathmore Building” Corner of Westwood and Strathmore Across from Engineering (Boelter Hall)

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careers in economics finance and accounting

Careers in Economics, Finance, and Accounting

Thursday February 12, 2009


UCLA Career Center, Third Floor, Conference Room

Where is the Career Center?

501 Westwood PlazaAlso known as the “Strathmore Building”Corner of Westwood and Strathmore

Across from Engineering (Boelter Hall)

Adjacent to Parking Structure eight

what does the career center offer
Drop-In Counseling (Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm)

Career counseling by appointment

Career planning workshops

Internship and international opportunities

Graduate or professional school preparation

Online services at

Career fairs

What does the Career Center offer?
workshops career ucla edu workshops
Career Planning

Values Assessment

Job and Internship Search

Resume Writing


Graduate School, Pre-Professional Planning

Skills Assessment

Special Topics by major, field, season, discipline, employment trends…

internship employment opportunities
BruinView™ jobs, internships, & on campus interviews

Apply for full and part time jobs online

Apply for internships online

Register for BruinView™ on campus interviews online

Recruiting for full time positions typically begin in the Fall and run throughout the year

Recruiting for summer internships typically begin in the Winter and continues through Spring.

employer information sessions
Sign up online through the BruinView™ Campus Interview system.

Employers conduct presentations on positions within their company, how to interview, and what their company or industry is like.

Take the opportunity to network with employers and learn about companies and industries.

Employer Information Sessions
ethics and professionalism during the job search
Review and follow BruinView™ policies and procedures

Research company prior to be sure you are interested in them

Do not accept more than one offer at a time; Negotiate for more time

Do not falsify any information on your resume or during interviews (GPA, coursework, experience, etc.)

Do not copy or plagiarize resume, company info etc.

Show up on time for your interviews and first day of job; dress appropriately

Send Thank you notes

Meet with a counselor or advisor to discuss any questions and issues. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Ethics and Professionalism during the Job Search
tips for economic finance and accounting applicants
Very competitive fields to get into

Apply to several firms and note the differences

Evaluate each firm’s culture to find the best fit

Attend any and all presentations to show your initiative and interest

Dress appropriately for each event

Use Career Lab, employer and web resources to learn about the different fields and industries

Consider how the career you have chosen fits with your goals, interests, personal style

Utilize all of your experience on your resume and polish your interviewing skills

Tips for Economic, Finance, and Accounting Applicants
industry specific information

Economics is the study of the allocation of resources and the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services.

A large majority or economics graduates work in the private, for-profit sector of the economy for business and corporations or in their own business or consulting practice as self-employed workers.

64% are employed business and corporations in the private, for-profit sector, and nearly one-fifth are self-employed.

Economics graduates also work in areas such as: the Labor Department, the Commerce Department, the Treasury, and federal banks.

A large number of economics graduates are employed in managerial, finance, insurance, real estate, marketing, and sales sectors of the economy.

Industry Specific Information
industry specific information1

Finance is the study of how to create and maintain wealth. It is the art of administering and managing money that is crucial to the success of every business.

Various careers available in finance

Corporate and Public Finance

Investment Banking

Portfolio Management



Insurance Agent and Broker

Claims Representative

Computer Programmer

Industry Specific Information
industry specific information2

Accounting is the set or rules and methods by which financial and economic data are collected, processed and summarized into reports into reports that then can be used to make decisions.

Accounts can work in all kinds of businesses and industries, accommodating diverse personal interests.

A large proportion of accounting majors work as wage and salary employees in private, for-profit business and corporations.

Frequently, graduates with degrees in accounting are self-employed; 15 percent of graduates in the major own their own businesses or provide consulting services on a self-employed basis.

Most accounting majors work in jobs that are related to their undergraduate major field of study.

Industry Specific Information
kevin arnold director graduate admissions michelle chamberlain director of employer relations

Kevin ArnoldDirector, Graduate AdmissionsMichelle ChamberlainDirector of Employer Relations

Robert Day School of Economics and Finance

Claremont McKenna College

chris hall sales management gina marotta director of recruitment

Chris HallSales ManagementGina MarottaDirector of Recruitment

Strategic Financial Group

Northwestern Mutual

orly mohaber actuary

Orly MohaberActuary

Transamerica Life Insurance

deloitte consulting llp

Deloitte Consulting LLP

Ibrahim Elbouchikhi, Senior Consultant

Braden Weinstock, Business Technology Analyst

Sam Sayigh, Business Technology Analyst

Jason J. Xu, Business Technology Analyst


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