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Bank of America.

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Bank of america

Bank of America

“2003: Our best year. We served our 28,000,000 customers better than ever before. Investors entrusted us with $474,000,000,000 of their assets. We served 25,000 midsized companies – more than any other bank. 2,000,000 small businesses made us the nation’s number-one small business bank. Customers opened 1,240,000 net new checking accounts. We made loans to more than 1,000,000 homeowners. We helped more than 452,000 low- and moderate-income families obtain affordable new homes. We delivered more than $300,000,000,000 in investment banking solutions for our clients. And we continue to raise the bar.”

- 2003 Annual Report

Financial services industry

Depository Institutions

Commercial Banks


Credit Unions

Capital Markets Firms

Investment Banks

Brokerage Firms

Investment Managers

Insurance Companies

Bank of America = Depository Institution + Capital Markets Firm

Financial Services Industry

Corporate finance vs investment banking vs public accounting
Corporate Finance vs. Investment Banking vs. Public Accounting

Corporate Finance

  • Analyze our own company’s financials (Internal)

  • Prepare financial statements for our own company (Internal)

  • Business Finance Officers advise the company’s business divisions on financial issues related to running their business (Internal)

  • Prepare tax returns and provide tax advise for their company (Internal)

    Investment Banking

  • Analyze other Corporations financials (External)

  • Provide creative capital raising solutions to Corporations (External)

  • Provide advisory services to Corporations (External)

    Public Accounting

  • Audit clients financials (External)

  • Advise clients on Accounting matters (External)

  • Prepare tax returns and provide tax advise to clients (External)

Finance Group Structure

Corporate Finance Functions

Accounting Policy

Corp Treasury Finance

Corporate Tax

Decision Systems

External Reporting

Financial Analysis

General Accounting

Management Accounting

Risk Management Finance

Supply Chain Management

Strategic Planning

Business Unit Support Functions

Consumer Banking Finance

Commercial Bank Finance

Global Corporate and Investment Bank Finance

Wealth & Investment Management Finance









Staff Unit Support Functions

Staff Support Finance

Technology, Service and Fulfillment Finance

Corporate Marketing Finance

Skill Set Requirements

  • Leadership ability

  • Adapts well to change

  • Team Player

  • Process orientation

  • Communication/active listening skills

  • Time management

  • Critical thinking/analytical skills

  • Business relationship skills

  • Strong knowledge of the business

  • Technical accounting knowledge

  • Management accounting knowledge

  • Technical skills (excel/access)

Typical assignments
Typical Assignments

  • Rotation #1: Corporate Finance (Accounting Policy)

  • Primary Responsibilities

  • Research accounting literature to determine appropriate treatment of new and unusual transactions

  • Provide updates on emerging accounting issues and regulation

  • Assist in preparing written communications to regulatory and standard-setting bodies, including the FASB and SEC

  • Provide analysis for external auditors

  • Provide support on implementation and communication of new accounting rules

  • Rotation #2: Staff Unit Support (Technology and Operations Finance Support)

  • Primary Responsibilities

  • Produce initiative spending reports for all lines of business

  • Conduct variance analysis on initiative spending at the business level

  • Update In$ight with initiative forecast and plan numbers at the business level

  • Discuss project/programming allocations with relationship managers for each line of business

  • Create ad-hoc processing support reports for relationship managers to discuss with their business partners

  • Develop and maintain buyer-seller template

Typical assignments1
Typical Assignments

  • Rotation #3: Business Unit Support (Small Business Finance)

  • Primary Responsibilities

  • Support Government Lending Products (GLP) Executive in all financial matters, becoming a true business partner

  • Develop financial plan and earnings forecast

  • Weekly and monthly sales and pipeline reporting

  • Support GLP Management By Fact initiatives

  • Develop/assist in developing financially sound business cases for all new initiatives

  • Prepare ad hoc analysis and information requests

Finance management associate program map
Finance Management Associate Program (MAP)

  • Primary entry point into Corporate Finance at Bank of America at the undergraduate level

  • 2 year program

  • 2 –3 rotation opportunities allowing associates to see different areas of Corporate Finance

  • Focuses on development of future leaders in Corporate Finance through:

    • Experiential learning

    • Networking

    • Training

    • Coaching/mentoring

Advancement opportunities

Tremendous amount of advancement opportunities

Based on performance

Advancement Opportunities

Finance Analyst (FA)

Finance MAP

Intermediate Finance Analyst (IFA)

Senior Finance Analyst (SFA)

Manager (Mgr)

Senior Manager (Sr Mgr)

Executive (Exec)

  • Finance MAP entry: 5 – 7 yrs to reach Manager level

  • Other entry: 7 – 10 yrs to reach Manager level

Success stories

Hedrick Ellis

Finance MAP (1996 – 1999)

Senior Finance Analyst, Consumer Banking Finance (1999 – 2000)

Senior Finance Analyst, Technology & Operations Finance (2000 – 2001)

Manager, Technology & Operations Finance (2001 – 2003)

Senior Manager, Technology & Operations Finance (current)

Jason Collins

Finance Analyst, Mortgage Finance (1995 – 1998)

Finance MAP (1998 – 2001)

Senior Finance Analyst, Cash Management (2001 – 2002)

Manager, Corporate Treasury Finance - Cash Management (2002 - 2003)

Manager, Consumer Bank Finance – Staffing Solutions (current)

Julie Harris

Finance MAP (2000 – 2002)

Senior Finance Analyst, Strategic Cost Services (2002 – 2003)

Senior Finance Analyst, Corporate Planning & Forecasting (2003)

Manager, Finance Core Transition Team (current)

Success Stories