advanced net conference with microsoft office live meeting 2007 l.
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Advanced Net Conference with Microsoft Office ® Live Meeting 2007 PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Net Conference with Microsoft Office ® Live Meeting 2007

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Advanced Net Conference with Microsoft Office ® Live Meeting 2007 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced Net Conference with Microsoft Office ® Live Meeting 2007. Scheduling, Starting, Feature Overview and Invitations. Advanced Net Conference with Microsoft Live Meeting 2007 Agenda. Advanced Net features Logging into My Meetings

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Presentation Transcript
advanced net conference with microsoft office live meeting 2007

Advanced Net Conferencewith Microsoft Office® Live Meeting 2007

Scheduling, Starting, Feature Overview and Invitations

advanced net conference with microsoft live meeting 2007 agenda
Advanced Net Conference with Microsoft Live Meeting 2007 Agenda
  • Advanced Net features
  • Logging into My Meetings
  • Advanced Net Conference with Live Meeting 2007 features
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • Sending out invitations
  • Starting a meeting
  • Audio Integration
  • Recordings/Replays
  • Live Meeting Console features
advanced net conference integration
Advanced Net ConferenceIntegration
  • Microsoft Outlook
    • Easily schedule meetings
    • Send out invitations with quick join links
  • Audio Conference Instant Meeting
    • Single interface to control audio and web
    • View, mute and disconnect participants
advanced net conference with microsoft live meeting features
Share Content

Show Slides & other documents to provide visual interest

Share Applications

Share Desktop

Pass control*

Create and edit documents

White Boarding

Capture action items and notes

Share Websites

View online applications

Conduct online surveys


Gain immediate feedback


Draw attention to major points


Conduct side conversations without disrupting meeting

Web Cam

Event Registration

Meeting Lobby

Self-serve Replay*

Record your meeting for those you couldn’t attend

Full screen view

Expanded content view area

Floating windows

Memory of preferred window placement


Shared with audience before or during the meeting

Shared Notes

Collaboration during meeting and record keeping


Mood Indicators

Language Localization

128 bit SSL encryption

Provide secure meetings


Advanced Net Conferencewith Microsoft Live MeetingFeatures

*Unavailable on Live Meeting Standard

lm2007 outlook integration
LM2007 Outlook Integration

Install the Outlook Plug-in located at: or


  • Go to Outlook
  • Select “Conferencing”
  • Go to “User Accounts”



Enter the URL for your new LM2007 site*

Enter your Manage My Meetings username and password

*For customers with both LM2005 and LM2007,

it will be necessary to enter the URL for the service

you are using during that particular call until all of your

platforms are migrated.

logging into mymeetings
Logging into MyMeetings

my meetings tab
My Meetings Tab

Select the Net platform for your meeting

live meeting home page
Live MeetingHome Page

Immediately start a meeting




live meeting home page scheduling your meeting
Live Meeting Home PageScheduling Your Meeting
  • Complete the meeting form fields
  • Fields marked with asterisks are required fields
  • Click “Meeting Options” to change the defaults and to setup Audio Conference settings
  • Click “Save” when finished

Select the date

and time

live meeting home page audio integration setup
Live Meeting Home PageAudio Integration Setup
  • Enter Audio details
  • Will be sent to participants with the net meeting invite
  • Also presented to participants as they enter the net meeting
live meeting home page replays
Live Meeting Home PageReplays
  • Select the recording expiration time (Up to 365 days)
  • Send Invitations to those who missed the call to view the Replay.


live meeting home page public events
Live Meeting Home PagePublic Events
  • Library of communications options – create and shared with your audience in advance
  • New Public Events page
  • Conduct surveys to determine students’ needs and course satisfaction
live meeting 2007 improved access and console
Live Meeting 2007Improved Access and Console
  • Enhanced Access:
    • Support for Solaris and Mac OS
    • Improved experience for customers unable to download software
  • Improved Console:
    • Expanded content view area
    • Floating windows
    • Memory of preferred window placement
lm2007 console join net and audio conference
LM2007 ConsoleJoin – Net and Audio Conference

Toll Free: 866-555-1212

Participant code: 9876543

Call Me at: 555-234-1212

Audio Bridge will call out to leader and participants

lm2007 console share content
LM2007 ConsoleShare Content
  • Import presentations via the “Upload File” icon
    • - These documents are for presentation
    • only and cannot be edited.
  • Collaborate on and edit documents by using
  • “Share a Program” or “Share Your Desktop”
  • Share information with your audience
  • via the other tools:
    • - Whiteboards
    • - Polling
    • - Text Page
    • - Web Page
    • - Screen Snapshot
lm2007 console presentation controls
LM2007 ConsolePresentation Controls

End sharing and

Return to

Live Meeting

Give Control


Sharing Options

Presentation Title

Sharing Indicator

lm2007 console attendees voice video meeting
LM2007 ConsoleAttendees, Voice & Video, Meeting

Toll Free: 866-555-1212

Participant code: 9876543

  • Invitations may be sent
  • directly from the meeting
  • View attendees by list
  • or seating chart
  • Mute participants
  • Participants will see
  • audio bridge details in
  • several places once
  • they join the Net.

Toll Free: 866-555-1212

Participant code: 9876543

All of these panes may be “dragged” to your preferred location on the desktop or closed to maximize desktop space

lm2007 console q a
LM2007 ConsoleQ&A

Ask a Question

Retract Question

Participant’s Question

Participant’s Question:

Leader answers

the question here

lm2007 console raised hand
LM2007 Console Raised Hand

Participant clicks to raise hand

Hand icon appears in the presenter’s Q & A Manager

lm2007 console recording
LM2007 Console Recording
  • Configure the Audio
  • Enter Conference
  • Number
  • Enter Participant
  • Passcode in Dialing Keys


  • Select the storage location for your recording “To LM Service”
  • Saving “To My Computer” is not support via the audio bridge
  • Select elements you wish to record
  • Select “Record”
  • Select “Done”


lm2007 console recording22
LM2007 ConsoleRecording
  • Red Ball indicates that meeting
  • is being recorded
  • Recording may be Paused during the call
  • Select “Stop” once call is complete
  • Stop Recording Window will appear
  • Choose Save, Delete or Continue and Enter “OK”
lm2007 console home page replays
LM2007 Console & Home Page Replays
  • Live Meeting Recording Manager
  • allows you to review recent recordings
  • until they are posted on your Home page

Meet Now

Meet Now

Meet Now

Meet Now

Meet Now

  • Select the Recording to View or
  • distribute to your team
lm2007 console leader uploads handouts
LM2007 Console Leader Uploads Handouts

Share materials with your audience

Before or during your meeting

lm2007 console handouts file transfer upload
LM2007 ConsoleHandouts/File Transfer - Upload
  • Click Handouts Icon
  • Click “Upload” in the Handouts window
  • Open the file you want to upload and Click “Open”
  • File is added to Handouts folder
  • Upload other files as necessary
  • Presenters may provide editable material for participants to download
  • Hand-outs are presented in the same format as they were for the presenter
lm2007 console handouts file transfer download
LM2007 Console Handouts/File Transfer - Download
  • Click Handouts Icon
  • Click “Download” in the Handouts window
  • Select where you want to save the file

and Click “OK”

lm2007 console shared notes pane
LM2007 Console Shared Notes Pane
  • Shared Notes Pane:
    • An effective way for notes to be created during an event – available to all participants
      • Basic formatting available in the Shared Notes pane
      • Saved locally by each participant of the meeting
lm2007 console improved annotation tools
LM2007 ConsoleImproved Annotation Tools


Draw Freehand


Type Text

Color Selector

Clear Annotations

Select Annotations


lm2007 console feedback and help
LM2007 ConsoleFeedback and Help
  • Provide Feedback to the presenter
  • to help control the pace of the meeting
  • Use these on-line resources to
  • Increase your proficiency with LM2007
lm2007 console virtual break out rooms
LM2007 Console Virtual Break-Out Rooms
  • Breakout rooms:
    • Allow the presenter to create workgroups during the event
    • Participants are either automatically assigned to a room or the presenter can assign them
    • All participants return to the main room when Breakout rooms are stopped


lm2007 console virtual break out rooms31
LM2007 Console Virtual Break-Out Rooms
  • All Breakout Rooms contain a White Board by default
  • All participants are promoted to presenter status in the Breakout Rooms
  • All participants can be moved from one room to another
lm2007 console polls
LM2007 Console Polls








  • Polls provide the leader with valuable
  • feedback from the audience
  • Leader may share the poll results with audience








Right Click Poll controls to open the polling commands

or use polling icons

enhanced multi media presentations webcam video integration
Enhanced Multi-Media Presentations: WebCam Video Integration
  • WebCam Video Integration:
    • View video display of participants alongside the presentation
    • Increase your audience engagement
enhanced multi media presentations embedded media supported
Movie clips:

Windows Media® (.wmv)

Advanced streaming format (.asf)

Audio/Video Interleave (.avi)

Moving Picture Experts group (.mpg, .mpeg, .m1v)

Flash animations:

Adobe Flash format (.swf)

3-D model:

Initial Graphics Exchange Standard (.igs)

Audio files:

Windows Media audio (.swa)

Advanced Streaming format (.asf)

Audio for Microsoft®Windows® (.wav)

Musical Instrument Digital Interface (.mid, .midi)

Macintosh AIFF Resource (.aif, .aiff)

MP3- MPEG Audio Layer (.mp2, .mpv2, .mp3)

UNIX Audio (au)

Sound (.snd)

Audio Interchange File (.aif, .aiff,.aife)

Enhanced Multi-Media Presentations: Embedded Media Supported
lm2007 enhanced security
LM2007 Enhanced Security
  • Microsoft® ForefrontTM Technologies:
    • Scans meeting documents
    • Scans handouts
    • Scans recording
  • SSL encrypted:
    • Industry standard
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Thank You

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