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Velociraptor . By : Eric Wang PLEASE BE QUIET! . Velociraptor.

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By : Eric Wang



The Velociraptor is a fascinating dinosaur. It is pronounced Vell-oss-ee-rap-tore. Velociraptor means swift thief. The name it was given by archaeologist is Velociraptor mongolias.velociraptor also means quick hunter and swift seizer. The Velociraptor was almost named ovar rapter which sounds a lot like Velociraptor cousin ovirapter. The archaeologist who named the Velociraptor changed it to Velociraptor because If the Velociraptor was named ovaraptor people would probably mixed up ovarapter with ovirapter .

what it looked like
What it looked like

The Velociraptor was covered with feathers and because of these feathers the Velociraptor probably evolved into owls and eagles. Since it was a late cretaceous therapod it only had 1 claw. The claw was shaped like a sickle and was used to cut it’s preys throat. The Velociraptor had a long low head. It was 3 feet tall and 5.50 feet long. It weighed 30 kilograms.

habitat and prey
Habitat and prey

It lived in china, Mongolia and Russia. It had no predators. It was the top predator of where it lived. Its diet contained small lizards ,medium sized duckbills ;and carrion. Carrion is dead and decaying animals.


The Velociraptor was in the movie Jurassic park but the creators of Jurassic park made the Velociraptor much bigger and without feathers to make it more scary. The Velociraptor tail was made of hard fused bone making it inflexible. While it cannot be used as a weapon. The Velociraptor tail kept the Velociraptor balanced when it hunted. It was arm blooded. It could run at speeds up to 40 mph. It is smart for a dinosaur.


The first Velociraptor skeleton was found in the Gobi desert by a group of archaeologist. Archaeology is the study of ancient beings. Archaeology means study the ancients in Greek. To find a spot to dig, first they look for what a Velociraptor needs like water and meat. Once they find a spot to dig they have to get permission from the owner of the land to dig. Then they dig square holes to find the dinosaur. One group of archaeologist found a protoceratop and a Velociraptor fighting. In the middle of there fight a sandstorm buried them. The protoceratop was biting the Velociraptor’s arm and the Velociraptor had it’s claw in the protoceratoses throat.


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