The abc book of kenya
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The ABC Book of Kenya. Told By Brian. Meet Brain. Dear Students,

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The abc book of kenya
The ABC Book of Kenya

  • Told By

  • Brian

Meet brain
Meet Brain

  • Dear Students,

  • My name is Brian and I live in Kenya, Africa. I am very proud of my country and cannot wait to share it with you. In Kenya, we have to pay for school after the eighth grade. I am lucky enough to have been chosen as a scholarship student by Education For All Children. You all are helping me go to school. When I grow up I want to be a pilot. It is my dream to see the world from an airplane. You are helping make my dream come true. I hope you enjoy learning about Kenya. I am looking forward to learning about your country

  • Brian

  • B

Is for africa


is for Africa

  • The Earth has 7 continents. Africa is one of those continents. Click on Africa to see all 7 continents.

Is for baobab tree
is for Baobab tree


  • These unique trees in Kenya work like huge rain barrels. They catch and store rain from the rainy season to feed the tree during the dry season. What type of tress do you have in your state?

C is for climate
C is for climate

  • Kenya enjoys a tropical climate. There is plenty of sunshine all year. What clothes would you bring when traveling to Kenya?

Is for dancing


is for dancing

The Masai people welcome the rainy season with celebrations that last several days.

Click here

to see a video.

They dance and sing for rain and healthy animals.

Is for education


is for Education

School is free in Kenya from first grade to seventh grade. After seventh grade many kids are forced to drop out because school is too expensive. What would life be like without an education?

Click on the picture to learn more about schools in Africa.

The abc book of kenya


is for the flag of Kenya.

The black represents the people of Kenya.

The red stands for their fight for freedom.

The red shield means they will always protect their freedom.

The green stands for the land.

Is for geography


is for geography.

  • Kenya has mountains, beaches and lakes.What is the geography like in where you live?

Is for hut


is for hut.

  • Some people in Kenya live in huts made of sticks and dried grass. What is your house like?

Is for ivory


is for ivory.

Kenya is famous for its carved wood and ivory. Ivory is hard like bones and comes from an elephant tusk.

Is for journey
is for journey


  • A journey across Kenya is called a safari. People take a safari to experience Kenya’s amazing wildlife and breathtaking countryside.

Is for kanga
is for Kanga


  • Kanga is a beautiful cloth that is wrapped around the body as a skirt or a shawl.

The abc book of kenya


is for language

In Kenya people often speak 3 languages. They speak Swahili, their tribal language and English. “Hello, friend” in Swahili is, “Jambo, bwana.” Click on the picture to learn how to count to ten in Swahili.

Is for mount kenya


is for Mount Kenya.

  • Mount Kenya is the tallest mountain in Kenya. Do you have mountains where you live?

N is for nairobi
N is for Nairobi.

  • Nairobi is the largest city is Kenya and it is the state capitol. What is the largest city in your state?

Is for ocean


is for ocean.

  • The Indian Ocean is on the eastern border of Kenya. Fishing is a major industry in Kenya. Can you find the Indian Ocean on a map?

Is for president


is for president.

  • The President ofKenya is Mwai Kibaki. He helped make elementary school free for students.

Is for quelea


is for Quelea.

  • A Quelea is a bird that lives in Kenya. Quelea’s live in grasslands and woodlands. Hundreds of thousands of quelea live together in nomadic flocks.

The abc book of kenya

R is for rules.

We have school rules to keep us safe.

One rule is to show respect by standing when an adult enters the classroom.

Is for season


is for season.

  • Kenya has two seasons, a dry season and a rainy season. For the last few years Kenya has not gotten a lot of rain. Lack of rain has caused a drought.

Is for tribe


is for tribe.

  • Many people in Kenya belong to a tribe. Tribes live together in a region and share common customs and beliefs. People are very loyal to their tribe.

U is for university
U is for university.

  • There are 8 universities in Kenya.Every summer Brian and the other EFAC students go to African Nazarene University for a mentor workshop. Here they learn skills that will help them for a lifetime.

V is for lake vitoria
V is for Lake Vitoria.

  • Lake Victoria is the largest lake in Kenya and is the second largest fresh water lake in the world.

W is for wildlife
W is for wildlife.

  • Kenya is full of beautiful wildlife. Elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, and wilde beast herds roam the country-side looking for food.

Click here to see Kenyan wildlife.

X is not a letter in swahili
X is not a letter in swahili.

  • Click on the picture, type an english word and learn the same word in swahili.

Y is for young
Y is for young.

  • The people of Kenya care very deeply for their young children. The Masai start each day by asking, “How are the children today?”

Z is for zulu
Z is for zulu.


Zulu is a tribe in Kenya. Members of the Zulu tribe make beautiful baskets woven from dried grass.