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Market America Non-Profit Organization Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Market America Non-Profit Organization Program

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Market America Non-Profit Organization Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Market America Non-Profit Organization Program. Non-Profit Organization Proposal. Current Fund Raising Landscape.

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Market America Non-Profit Organization Program

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market america non profit organization program

Market America Non-Profit Organization Program

Non-Profit Organization Proposal

current fund raising landscape
Current Fund Raising Landscape
  • Americans gave more than $307.75 billion to their favorite causes despite the economic conditions in 2009. Total giving, when adjusted for inflation, was down 3.6 percent, the steepest decline since the Giving USA annual reports started in 1956.
  • Charitable bequests made by individuals totaled $23.8 billion or 8 percent of total giving. This is a decrease of 23.9 percent from unusually high level of bequest giving in 2008.
  • Giving to foundations dropped an estimated 8 percent (-7.6 percent adjusted for inflation), according to the Foundation Center.

Source: Giving USA 2010

  • Build a more compelling case for giving in light of a more competitive fundraising environment. Charities built strong messages around the consequences of not supporting their cause (i.e. reductions in services).
  • Improve communications with donors through quarterly newsletters and regular email announcements.
  • Partner with other organizations to raise visibility and gain a broader audience.
  • Improve efforts in getting small annual gifts from members and acknowledging donor gifts within one or two days.
  • Increase advocacy work and draw attention to a need or crisis.
  • Shift priorities from fundraising for specific groups to fundraising for specific problems or needs.

Source: Giving USA 2010

Charities were able to raise awareness and ultimately contributions by implementing new development strategies that include:

what the ma npo program offers
What the MA NPO Program Offers

The ultimate online shopping destination!

Think only bigger and better with the power of people.

According to Internet Retailer, marketamerica.comis currently ranked #54 among the world’s top e-Retailers. Sales grew more than 34% from prior year.

what the ma npo program offers6
What the MA NPO Program Offers
  • Web Portal — Ultimate Online Destination
  • Comparative shopping, hot deals, online coupon codes
  • E-commerce drives traffic to your site
  • Thousands of Partner Stores (affiliate)
  • Get paid to shop ( program)
  • Entertainment Portal
  • Social Networking
transferring your buying habits
Transferring Your Buying Habits

Customers can spend the same dollars that they are already spending but choose to purchase by clicking through the NPO’s Market America web portal enabling them to earn cash back on all of their purchases while simultaneously supporting the NPO.

  • Average Consumer Units spend annually:
    • $2698 (Entertainment)
    • $2668 (Food away from home)
    • $1881 (Apparel and services)
    • $588 (Personal care)
    • $1797 (Household furnishings and equipment)
    • $639 (House keeping supplies)
    • $188 (Reading)

All categories represented in Market America branded products and/or partner store products available via the NPO’s web portal.

what does this mean for the npo
What does this mean for the NPO?
  • IF…
    • Average consumer units (consisting of conservatively 3 people) spend roughly, $10,459 annually on items that can be purchased through the NPO’s Market America Web Portal.
    • Consumers transferred 10% of their buying habits (or $1,045.90 annually)
    • Roughly 2200 people became NPO Web Portal preferred customers
long term projections
Long Term Projections

Smallest check is $300in weekly royalties

Over time, as support grows and supporters more fully transfer their buying habits, weekly royalty potential is $187,000+

  • Submit application—501(c) documentation necessary
  • Identify the main contact/decision maker within the NPO who will most closely interface with the MA customer manager
  • Gather list of supporter names and contacts
  • Prioritize names on that list
  • Identify core group of implementation volunteers/contacts (i.e. on site coordinator, on site trainer)
  • Obtain full calendar of NPO events for upcoming year
  • Draft collateral (i.e “how to business cards, fliers/emails, other promotional material)
  • Determine communication strategies (i.e. email blast, newsletter, group meetings/events, mail, information or links on the NPO’s website, etc.)
  • Plan specialized events (themed, educational, etc.) to build knowledge and market for MA branded products