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Elkhorn Midget Cowboys 2009

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Elkhorn Midget Cowboys 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elkhorn Midget Cowboys 2009. Parents Guide. Kids need to have fun Remember its just a game Keep practice to a defined time Learn and develop skills Learn from experience Develop with practice Balance the playing time and ensure everyone gets more than minimum plays. Positive work ethic

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basic philosophy

Kids need to have fun

  • Remember its just a game
  • Keep practice to a defined time
  • Learn and develop skills
    • Learn from experience
    • Develop with practice
  • Balance the playing time and ensure everyone

gets more than minimum plays.

  • Positive work ethic
  • Learn team work
  • Practice Sportsmanship
  • No superstars
Basic Philosophy


  • Head Coach: Todd Jakopovic (Offensive Coordinator & Backs)
    • 763-9059 Home
    • 740-0739 Cell
    • todd.jakopovic@evwfootball.com
  • Assistant Coach – Robb Jacobi (Defensive Coordinator / LB’s)
  • Assistant Coach – Michael Hasty (Special Teams & Receivers / DB’s)
  • Assistant Coach – Terry Reeg (Offensive & Defensive Lines)
parents guide

Be on time to practice and to games

    • 10 minutes early to practice is perfect
    • Be on time to pick up after practice!
    • If your son is habitually late for practice, it will effect their playing time and opportunities in games.
    • If your son misses one practice in a week, the minimum play rule for that week is only 4 plays per half, per game.
    • If your son misses both practices in a week, there is no obligation or requirement for them to play in the game that weekend.
    • I will always go over and above to give every player a ton of opportunities, but I must also look out for the best interests of the team and those that are at practice.
  • Sign the Parent Consent Form
  • Bring a water jug to practice – please label
  • Communication / Email
    • Please get in the habit of checking your email every day for practice or game updates and information. I cannot call everyone with every change or update, so it is your responsibility as parents to make sure you are in the loop by checking your emails.
Parents Guide

If you have an issue, a question or a concern about anything related to the team, the players, the parents, or your son…I am the only contact person. Do not contact assistant coaches. I will handle all issues and concerns.

  • If you have an issue or concern, please contact me first by email. Do not approach me immediately after a game or practice, but rather email me and I will respond to you by phone or in-person, once I have had a chance to look into the issue.
  • All issues will be addressed professionally, promptly and fairly. I have coached youth football for many years and youth sports for even more. My philosophy is that I will listen to all concerns and be fair to everyone, but at the end of the day, I have to always do what is best for the entire group of kids and parents, and all in accordance with league rules. Please be respectful of that.
  • If a concern or issue is in the interests of a childs’ health or well-being, then those issues can and should be brought to my attention immediately.

Issues / Concerns

football gear

Have all your gear with you – label everything!

  • Mouthpiece – have an extra (we provide 2)
    • Give it to coach with name on it in a zip lock bag
  • Cleats - Player provides
  • Socks - Player provides
  • Helmet/Chin Strap - Player provides
  • All Pads - Provided
  • Pants - Provided
  • Cup/Slider Shorts - Player provides
Football Gear
game days

Home Games

  • Arrive 1 hour early for walk-thru
  • Need 3 parent volunteers to run chain and down markers.
    • It’s the best seat in the house to watch a game

Away Games

  • Directions will be provided
  • Arrive 1 hour early for walk-thru
Game Days
games practices

Home games will be at E-1 in Elkhorn

    • Where draft/tryouts were
    • Away games are TBD
    • Walk-thru on game days 1 hour prior to kick-off
    • Schedule, Team Roster, Standings will be posted on EVW Website www.evwfootball.com
  • Practice will be at The Grove (188th & Pacific)
    • Times and dates will be sent via email
  • Please let coaches know if you are going to miss a practice or a game
Games & Practices
team roster
Team Roster

7th Graders

8th Graders

thanks for all your help this year let s make it memorable for the kids go cowboys
Thanks for all your help this year! Let’s make it memorable for the kids!Go Cowboys!!!