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ExcitingAds! Inc.

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ExcitingAds! Inc. ExcitingAds.com. Navaid I. Syed. CEO. Company Purpose:. To build the world's best brand in information, affiliate marketing, advertising, entertainment and social networking. Customer is in a lot of pain!. Current painful choices and us!. Current choices.

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excitingads inc

ExcitingAds! Inc.


company purpose
Company Purpose:

To build the world's

best brand in

information, affiliate

marketing, advertising,

entertainment and

social networking.

current painful choices and us
Current painful choices and us!

Current choices


Pre-paid advertising: Insanly risky and expensive.

Pay-per-click: Getting more and more expensive and un-affordable. Self defeating model. Showing early signs of failure.

Offline advertising: Redundent and demishing returns.

TV: With DVRs and other advanced technologies available, specially the customers with better buying power are not even watching ads.

Evolving and future 'The Model' for advertising.

Affiliate marketing is lot more affordable for the companies of all sizes.

Provides guaranteed results.

Because of the availability of companies of all sizes, consumer has a wide range of choices and deals available.

Growing market with global appeal.

we will make the lives better all around the world
We will make the lives better, all around the world!
  • Even with Google and all it's affiliated apps, it is impossible to get the best value.
  • In social networking like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, etc., most of the content is junk. Hard to find, and get what you want or need.
  • Only big and rich businesses have access to TV.
  • Less and less people are reading newspapers and magazines.
  • Affiliate marketing based sales provide the best value for dollars to sellers, as well as buyers.
  • Cuts the creppe and provides targetted products and services to highly targeted buyers.
  • Businesses of all size can afford and benefit from this cost effective marketing and sales.
  • Markets growing at a record pace, exponentially, and will continue to grow for a very long period of time.
the right time is right now
The right time is right now
  • Businesses are getting fed up with skyrocketing prices of high quality pay-per-click. Consumer is now realizing the limitations of it and technology is well set for highly scalable, large size, affiliate marketing products.
  • Increasingly global nature of Internet and faster pace of globalization are screaming for a high value affiliate marketing product.
  • We are, and will supplement this with a very high value, high standard, different and contemporary information and entertainment product to catch, trap and retain highly targeted customers.
  • We are, and will connect these businesses and customers with a highly interactive social networking product.
  • Evidence is increasing that customers do not like separate commerce, information and social networking applications. They want to raise the value of their experiences with a highly integrated application.
income and expenses
Income and Expenses
  • Income:
  • 1) Pre-paid advertising
  • 2) Affiliate Marketing Commissions
  • 3) Memberships.
  • Expenses:
  • 1) Working Capital
  • 2) Marketing
  • 3) Customer Service and Advertiser Relations.
net investment needed 6 000 000 00
Net Investment Needed: $6,000,000.00

Working Capital

Advertising and Marketing


Salaries and benefits



Applications and software

Taxes and insurance


PPC advertising

Social networking


Premium banner advertising

Radio, TV, magazines, newspapers, mail and email advertising