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CERBA. Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association. Prepared in Toronto, 2011. Eco- and Sustainable Tourism. CANADA-RUSSIA NORTHERN TRADE AND THE ROLE OF ECOTOURISM ROUNDTABLE REPORT. John Gunter, President, Frontiers North. Mathew Swan, CEO, Adventure Canada, Cruise North.

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Canada Eurasia Russia

Business Association

Prepared in Toronto, 2011


John Gunter, President, Frontiers North

Mathew Swan, CEO, Adventure Canada,

Cruise North

Graham Dickson, CEO, Arctic Kingdom

  • lack of security and infrastructure

  • inadequate logistics

  • permits


Need to define Authentic Aboriginal Cultural Tourism products

Nathalie Gagnon, Senior Analyst, Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat, Parks Canada

Dr. Sonya Graci, Asstant

Professor, Ryerson University, Director,

Accommodating Green

  • Aboriginal Ecotourism Activities

  • Cooking traditional Aboriginal food (100%)

  • Handicrafts (89%)

  • Songs/storytelling (89%)

  • Aboriginal language education (83%)

  • Traditional accommodations (78%)

  • Wildlife viewing tours (72%)

  • Traditional canoe route tours (72%)


The development of tourism in Siberia requires governmental support

  • Ways of support:

  • To build necessary infrastructures (transportation, logistics and etc.)

  • To establish and support national parks

  • A “touristic block” should be necessarily included into the social and environmental protection policies shaped at the federal and regional levels

  • To shape necessary financial resources in regions, including those received through implementation of a new model for localization of economic and social effects obtained by the use of natural resources, and

  • To support small and medium business providing touristic services.

Dr. VyacheslavSeliverstov, Institute of

Economics and Industrial Engineering, Siberian

Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences


  • Tourism is a ‘locomotive’ of modern day development. We have some transportation and logistical power; we also try to organize tourist groups to avoid accidents and dangerous events. Ecotourism has a multiplier effect that creates jobs and allows for locals to maintain a traditional lifestyle.

Mr. Sergey Tevonyan, First Deputy Chairman,

Government of Altai Republic

  • From an economic development perspective tourism is business.

  • Once the economy turns around our traditional markets will come back and we also need to focus on emerging markets such as India and China. While business development is still our tourism focus there are a wide range of issues that we could possibly work on which will assist us in making evidence-based investment decisions.

Mr. Barry Parker, Industry Advisor, Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC)


  • Define and develop the services offered to tourists

  • Develop new routes and tours

  • Maintain and develop the authenticity of eco-tourism


  • Customer

  • Needs

  • Convenience

  • Exchange best practices with local communities and international partners

  • Establish clear strategy and marketing mechanism

  • Need for government andprivate sector investment to support :

  • small and medium enterprises

  • and infrastructure projects

  • Cost

  • Communication

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