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Extend our World of Service: How to Start New C l ubs and Invite New Members Sunday, July 7, 2013 Hamburg, Germany. Starting a New Club. Club Types.

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Starting a new club

Extend our World of Service: How to Start New Clubs and Invite New MembersSunday, July 7, 2013Hamburg, Germany

Club types
Club Types

  • Traditional Lions clubs are ideal for bringing together a group of community-minded people to serve the needs of their community in any way – and can be formed anywhere.

  • Club branches enable a small group of people to form a Lions club and start making a difference in their community sooner. Members become part of an existing "parent" Lions club, but select their own projects and activities.

  • Campus Lions clubs are designed for college and university students, administrators, faculty, alumni and other community-minded individuals. Members serve the campus community while developing valuable leadership and organizational skills.

  • Leo Lions clubs provide an easy transition for graduating Leos by offering a charter/entrance fee waiver and half international dues to qualifying Leos and peers, through age of 30.

  • Lioness Lions clubs enable former Lionesses to honor and acknowledge their proud past while enjoying the benefits of the Lioness Bridge Program and Lions membership.

How to charter a new club
How to Charter a New Club

  • To charter a new club, you will need:

    • 20 or more charter members

    • A sponsoring club, zone, region, district cabinet or district committee

    • Completed charter application and report of charter members

    • Your current district governor's approval

    • Appropriate charter fees and certification forms

What new members bring to your club
What New Members Bring to Your Club

  • More hands to serve your community

  • Fresh ideas

  • New energy and diverse skills

  • Ensure your club’s legacy

Think beyond your current member profile
Think Beyond Your Current Member Profile

  • Consider Recruiting:

    • Women

    • Family Members

    • Students

    • Former Leos

    • Young Adults

Membership programs
Membership Programs

  • Family Membership Program

    • Creates a greater visibility of Lions in the community.

    • Inspires a variety of service activities.

  • Lions Family Cub Program

    • Encourages Lions through the generations.

    • Teaches children the importance of community service.

Membership programs1
Membership Programs

  • Student Member

    • Bring alternative ideas to meeting community needs.

    • Promotes development of community minded individuals

    • Provides a healthy community for students

  • Leo Lion Member

    • Have knowledge about LCI

    • Have a proven desire to volunteer

    • Fosters the continuance of Lionism through generations

Recruiting young adults
Recruiting Young Adults

  • Young adult members will provide your club with:

    • Fresh ideas for service projects/activities

    • Increased hands for more service

    • Membership that better reflects the community

How to recruit young adults
How to Recruit Young Adults

  • Start a committee

    • Listen to the young adults you already have

  • Explain where the dues go

  • Use technology

  • Make changes to meetings

  • Promote your club’s mission

  • Involve young adults in leadership

Consider a club branch
Consider a Club Branch

  • Club branches enable a small group of five or more people to form a Lions club and start making a difference in their community sooner.

  • Members become a part of an existing “parent” Lions club, but select their own projects and activities.

  • Consider a club branch to aid in the recruitment of new members.

Benefits of women in lions
Benefits of Women in Lions

  • Adds needed perspective to club activities and community service

  • Known to increase hands-on projects for clubs

  • Instills a dedication to volunteerism in the family

  • Grows women leaders

  • Grows membership

History of women in lions
History of Women in Lions

1917: Lions Clubs International was founded

1975: The Lioness Program began

1987: Women were approved for Lions membership

2003: The women’s initiative began

2006: Introduction of the Family & Women’s Chairperson (renamed "specialist" under GMT district)

2007: Initiation of dues concession for family units began

2010: Lions Family Cub Program was developed to encourage families to volunteer together

Growth of women in lions worldwide
Growth of Women in Lions Worldwide

  • The population of women in Lions continues to grow

Currently 24.64%

Fiscal Year Ending

Women family membership development task force
Women & Family Membership Development Task Force

  • The Task Force was created to chart our road ahead in growing women and family membership in Lions, and more importantly, to be sure we are engaging them as key members.

  • Last fiscal year, the Task Force focused on gaining a new understanding of the opportunities and challenges with women and family membership in order to develop recommendations to further engage these key groups. This fiscal year, the Task Force continues to collect ideas, in addition to reporting on the results and recommendations of last year’s Task Force.

  • The 2012-13 Task Force is comprised of the current five female international directors, two male international directors and a female board appointee. Throughout the fiscal year, these leaders attended and participated in women’s workshop events, focus groups and symposiums worldwide.

  • The Task Force will continue in the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Ratio of men to women members
Ratio of men to women members

  • There is a variance between areas

Women in leadership
Women in Leadership

  • Currently reported there are:

  • 5 Current International Directors

  • 17 Past International Directors

  • 18 Council Chairpersons

  • 46 District Governors

  • 10,029 Club Presidents