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How to Get Money

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How to Get Money - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Get Money. Where We’ve Been…Where We’re Going. So far this semester we have spent a lot of time discussing strategy How to fundraise What to think about How to get people to donate Today, we move to the actual tactics

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How to Get Money

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where we ve been where we re going
Where We’ve Been…Where We’re Going
  • So far this semester we have spent a lot of time discussing strategy
    • How to fundraise
    • What to think about
    • How to get people to donate
  • Today, we move to the actual tactics
    • This discussion will be more like what we have discussed with direct mail and appeal letters
special events
Special Events
  • Examples
  • Average: Bring in $1 for ever $1.33 spent
    • Generate 15% of total individual contributions
  • NOT all about money though
    • Raise visibility, improve relationship with public, mobilize, celebrate, thank, kickoff larger campaign
types of special events
Types of Special Events
  • Lunches, dinners, food
    • Banquet fatigue
    • Ad books
    • Combo-platter events?
  • Auctions
    • Silent v. live
    • 25 people—2 people per item—need value of items to be double your fundraising goal
    • Create packages?
  • Fairs and festivals
  • Concerts and lectures
more types of special events
More Types of Special Events
  • Walkathons, tournaments, contests
    • Can get boring
  • Home and garden tours
  • Garage sales, bake sales, used book sales
    • Pricing czar
things to think about
Things to Think About
  • Use your assets!
  • Multiply time estimate by 3!
  • Keep it green?
special event budgets and calendars
Special Event Budgets and Calendars
  • Be realistic!
  • Add 20% for unanticipated costs
  • Do NOT be cheap in the wrong places
  • Income should exceed expenses by a healthy margin
    • Run different scenarios
  • Start early…but not too early with volunteers
  • Calendars must have start AND end dates
last thoughts
Last Thoughts
  • Deal with risks and liabilities
  • Delegate shamelessly if you are in charge!
  • MUST send thank yous to EVERYONE
  • Compare final budget to original budget…this will help so much in future years!
switching gears business and sales
Switching Gears…Business and Sales
  • Over 50% of nonprofits are taking plunge into commercial enterprises
  • No clear rules here regarding likelihood for success
  • Advantage is that the money comes in with NO strings
  • IRS involvement:
    • 501(c)3 status is important
    • Activities within your mission, activities not part of an ongoing business, many exceptions as well (p. 299)
    • Will pay tax otherwise (even if all proceeds go back to charitable activities)
    • No way to tell clearly when IRS will tank your 501(c)3
two main options
Two Main Options
  • Client-bases business
    • Low worker efficiency and high turnover
    • Difficulty in finding good managers
    • Conflicts in goals
    • Risk that business failure will harm client lives
  • Sales of goods and services
    • Outside expertise of staff
    • Conflict in goals
  • What goods and services you can offer
  • What customers want or need
    • Gaps?
    • Different source?
  • Brainstorm with others
  • Measure our ideas with reality
    • Talk to owners of similar businesses
    • Observe customers
    • Survey likely customers
    • Research demographics
    • Closed businesses that are similar
  • Check on price and competition
  • Three year business plan
    • Best, break-even, worst
printed communications
Printed Communications
  • Brochures
    • What do we want to include?
    • Why make them fairly general?
  • Newsletters
    • What to include?
    • Do we have to do this?
  • Annual reports
    • What to include?
    • Do we have to do this?
    • When to start?
  • Checklist on p. 407 is the key!
    • What do we want a website to do?
  • Contact info
  • Personality
  • Freshness
    • This can hurt you!!!
  • Content
    • Your agency v. more general stuff
  • Donation info and ease is a key!
    • Tell them how, how you have protected them, that it’s confidential, and that they don’t have to give online!
  • What makes a good story
    • Must present a hook
    • People or animals = advantage
  • Presentation of stories
    • Breaking news, features, arts/other events
  • Who to approach
    • Print, Radio, TV
more media
More Media
  • Know those around you
    • Give them stories that you know fit
    • Background research
    • Have experts available
  • How to pitch
    • Press release
      • Know where, when, and how to send
    • Publicity for special events
    • Stunts
    • Phone calls
    • Op-eds
other thoughts
Other Thoughts
  • Protect yourself!!!
    • Lots of time for little reward?
    • What if the piece is unflattering?
    • You won’t get a copy
    • May be surprised by side the journalist is on
    • May get stuck defending your organization
social media
Social Media
  • Fastest growing Facebook demographics
  • Say goodbye to control
  • Do not be less than genuine with social media
  • This will NOT be a replacement!
  • Mobile text message donations