sustainability and the port of brisbane n.
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Sustainability and the Port of Brisbane

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Sustainability and the Port of Brisbane - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sustainability and the Port of Brisbane. 13 February 2008. What is “Sustainability” . Economic progress whilst protecting the environment and being socially responsible (it’s a balance) Minimising environmental impacts is only one aspect of sustainability

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What is “Sustainability”

  • Economic progress whilst protecting the environment and being socially responsible (it’s a balance)
  • Minimising environmental impacts is only one aspect of sustainability
  • Many resource efficiency projects save money, thus help to offset costs of broader sustainability initiatives
  • But…how do we gauge how sustainable we are?

… or should we reduce emissions …

Arnie’s hydrogen powered Hummer

Shifting from a subjective reflection of people’s values and “green-ness”

Climate change will modify how business is done.

Carbon metrics and financial metrics will be linked: carbon (phrased as equivalent tonnes of carbon, or T C02-e) will be the common currency

Businesses will be expected to account for, and reduce, their impacts on the environment.

Leaders will leverage their market position to make a material change through their supply chain

Changing perception of sustainability


What is the Corporation doing?

  • Part of our business for the past 5-6 years
  • We have voluntarily reported our emissions via the Commonwealth’s Greenhouse Challenge Programme since 2003
  • Evolving from an environmental focus to both resource conservation and emission reduction
  • Link sustainability outcomes with financial ones (eg, vehicle policy includes lifecycle cost not solely purchase price)
  • Broader strategic context to be supported through employment of Sustainable Business Manager
  • Strong push towards a port community approach leverage greater gains


  • To make a positive, measurable difference to our natural environment, our people, our community and our finances.
  • To maintain community’s and legislator’s trust in us doing the right thing: our license to operate.
  • To understand and mange our own climate change risks.


  • Site Development
  • Water Conservation
  • Materials
  • Stormwater
  • Transport
  • Energy
  • Waste
  • Healthy Buildings
  • Operation and Management

Greenhouse emission reductions are a

common metric across many of the above areas


Indicative greenhouse gas emissions

* equivalent to the emissions (home + vehicles) of around 1000 families.


What is the Corporation doing?

  • Pursuing ways to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, or “carbon footprint” by:
    • Introducing an environmental standard for
    • new port vehicles
    • New light control technology being trialled on
    • lamp towers
    • Investigating renewable power options
    • Offset our vehicles’ emissions through the
    • purchase of BP Ultimate petrol
  • Planning an inventory of air emissions at the port from which further strategies can be prioritised

Port Central 1

  • New flagship office building at the Port of Brisbane
  • 5 star design rating from the Green Building Council
  • Port Central 2 to build on Port Central 1 initiatives and be PBC new Corporate Office

Port Approach to Development

  • Development guidelines take into account sustainability and aesthetic issues
  • Fact sheets to assist tenants and their consultants
  • Opportunity to influence design

Staff Engagement

  • PBC has an internal and tenant (yet to meet) Sustainability Committee
  • Internal advisory group has representatives of most Corporation Divisions
  • CEO addresses staff quarterly
  • Internal newsletters, Environment Day