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Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education V. G. Belinsky Penza State Pedagogical University. Founded in 1939 as a teacher training institute In 1941 it was reformed as the Institute of Pedagogy

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Federal State-Funded Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education V. G. Belinsky Penza State Pedagogical University

  • Founded in 1939 as a teacher training institute

  • In 1941 it was reformed as the Institute of Pedagogy

  • In 1948 it was awarded the name of critic and writer V. G. Belinsky

  • In 1994 it was reformed as a university

Penza State Pedagogical University is a modern multi-department higher education institution providing instruction for professionals in the following areas:

  • PhysicsandMathematics,

  • Technicaldisciplines,

  • Humanities,

  • NaturalScience,

  • SocialSciences,

  • PedagogyandEducation,

  • Managerial Economics


    VladimirIvanovich KOROTOV

    Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate

    Professor, Meritorious Worker of Higher

    Professional Education of the Russian


The University offers all educational programs available in the system of higher professional education:

  • Specialistdegrees,

  • Bachelor’s degrees,

  • Master’sdegreeprograms,

  • Graduateprograms,

  • Secondhighereducation,

  • Additionaleducation,  

  • Retraining, refresher and extension courses.

For the system of higher professional educationBachelor’s degrees, instruction is given in the following fields:

  • Jurisprudence(Law)

  • Journalism

  • Socialwork

  • Sociology

  • NaturalSciences

  • PhysicsandMathematics

  • Philology

  • SocialStudiesandEconomics

  • Technology

  • Art

  • Pedagogy

  • Economics

  • Management

  • AppliedInformation Science

For the system of higher professional educationMaster’s degrees, instruction is given in the following 7 fields:

  • Applied Mathematics and Information Science;

  • Biology;

  • Socialwork;

  • Pedagogy;

  • Economics:

  • Management;

  • AppliedInformation Science.

The graduate program
The the system of higher professional educationGraduateProgram:

  • Our graduate students are instructed in 28 specialties, many of which are unique in the oblast to our university;

  • The University has

    five thesis certifi-

    cation councils for

    the presentation of

    Doctoral andCandidate

    of Sciences theses.

Teaching staff
Teaching the system of higher professional educationStaff:

  • 681 staff members in total, including 612 staff teachers and 69 part-time workers

  • 449 Instructors with a scientific degree and/or academic title(65.9%),


  • 74 Doctors of Sciences,

    Professors (10.9%)

  • 375 Candidates of

  • Sciences, Associate

  • Professors (55%)

The the system of higher professional educationUniversity has 10 faculties:

  • 1) Faculty of Natural Sciences and Geography,

  • 2) Faculty of Foreign Languages,

  • 3)Faculty of History,

  • 4) Faculty of Primary and Special Education,

  • 5) Faculty of Psychology,

  • 6) Faculty of Russian Language and Literature,

  • 7) Faculty of Sociology and Social Work,

  • 8) Faculty of Physics and Mathematics,

  • 9) Faculty of Physical Culture,

  • 10) Faculty of Economics, Management and Law.

    There are around 10,000 students currently studying at the University.

Science and innovations
SCIENCE AND INNOVATIONS the system of higher professional education

The University carries out research in a wide range of fields related to:

  • Psychology and Pedagogy

  • SocialSciences

  • Humanities

  • Natural Sciences

  • ExactSciences


    scientificschoolsare renowned

    both within Russia and abroad.

    Our students also play an active

    role in the research activity of

    the University.

INFRASTRUCTURE the system of higher professional education::

  • Eight buildings, three student halls of residence

  • lecture halls, including lecture halls equipped with modern multimedia equipment

  • auditoriums and rooms for workshops and seminars, some of which are equipped with interactive whiteboards

  • specialized laboratories: molecular biology, biochemistry, plant physiology, microscopic research methods, general and inorganic chemistry, general physics, etc.

  • 20 computerizedclassrooms

  • threesportshalls

  • a swimming pool

  • a stadium

  • a library with lending access consisting of 8 reading halls, including a reading hall equipped with computers with internet access and access to electronic library resources.

Our the system of higher professional educationUniversitypossesses:

  • a University museum,

  • a Museum of Zoology, which holds a collection that was entered into the Unified State Registry of Zoological Collections of the Russian


  • a scientificherbarium,

  • abotanicalgarden.

Student life
STUDENT LIFE the system of higher professional education

To help our students fulfill their creative potential, the following groups, clubs and ensembles play an active role in the university:

  • dancegroups

  • folksongensemble

  • variety singing groups and academic choirs

  • ensembles of singers and musicians

  • drama studio

  • KVN (Club of the Funny and Inventive) school

  • pedagogicalgroupsandclubs

  • a large number of sports groups

The following cultural events have become part of university tradition:

  • The “Hello, we're looking for talent!” show

  • KVN

  • “Mr. and Miss University”

  • “Student Spring”

  • Student Sporting Games, etc.

Proposals for international cooperation
Proposals tradition:forinternationalcooperation:

  • Student exchange under bilateral programs:

    Instruction for a semester in various programs, as well asgainingpractical pedagogical experience in one of the leading school and gymnasiums (preparatory secondary schools) of Penza over an academic year

  • Intensive Russian language courses shall be organized at the beginning of the semester for international students and exchange program participants

  • A diverse cultural program is also proposed

  • An exchange of instructors for taking both short-term seminars and long-term courses (in English and German)

  • Carrying out joint research projects;

  • Holding joint seminars, conferences and meetings;

  • Information exchange relating to holding congresses, interviews, scientific conferences, as well as an exchange of corresponding materials and documents.

Center for work with international students
Center for Work with International Students: tradition:

  • presents information to foreign students about available educational programs,

  • offers visa assistance

  • is responsible for arranging agreements

  • is in charge of international students studying in our University,

  • organizes and carries out Russian language testing for foreign citizens and stateless persons

  • Contact:

    Russia, Penza, 440026, 37 Lermontov St, Main Building, Room 356

    Telephone (fax): (007-841-2) 54-83-86.

    E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

    Coordinator for Cooperation, Rector’s Assistant for International Relations

    Tatiana AleksandrovnaRazuvaeva

    (e-mail: [email protected])

Contact information
Contact Information: tradition:

University address: Russia, 440026, Penza, 37 Lermontov St.

  • Tel: (007-8412) 54-83-62

  • Fax: (007-8412) 56-25-66

  • E-mail: [email protected]

  • Official Website: www.spu-penza.ru