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4 th Grade leadership positions

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4 th Grade leadership positions. What is a leadership position?. Opportunities to show leadership in the classroom A way to earn $$$ Leadership positions are rotated on a 2 week schedule Must complete leadership role completely and daily to earn $$$

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what is a leadership position
What is a leadership position?
  • Opportunities to show leadership in the classroom
  • A way to earn $$$
  • Leadership positions are rotated on a 2 week schedule
  • Must complete leadership role completely and daily to earn $$$
  • At any time, your teacher may choose to fire you. If this happens, you need to show leadership qualities in order to be hired again
  • You must submit a leadership application on time to be considered for a position. Some applications require a letter of recommendation . Your letter of application will be kept on file throughout the year. You may make changes if needed.
  • $50.00 every 2 weeks
  • Turn off lights when exiting classroom and when teacher needs lights turned on or off
  • Turn on /off lamp each day
  • $50.00 every 2 weeks
  • In charge of completing leadership roles that are filled by students who are absent
  • $100.00 every 2 weeks
  • Takes attendance and lunch count every morning and takes it to the office and cafeteria
  • Gets folder from the office promptly at 3:00
  • Runs errands for teacher that are needed
  • Answer the phone, “Hello, this is ____________’s classroom, _________ speaking, how may I help you?”
  • Listen to directions and take notes if needed.
  • Find out who is calling. Ex. “May I ask who is calling?”
  • Give phone to person who is being asked for.
  • Good listening skills, communication, and manners are a MUST for this job.
paper filer 2 positions needed
Paper filer – 2 positions needed
  • $100.00 every 2 weeks
  • Must file papers in student cubbies DAILY
  • This student must be able to multi-task and work in a fast paced environment. At times, papers will need to be filed quickly so students can have them before they go home.
  • $200.00 every two weeks, letter of recommendation REQUIRED
  • Complete tasks for teacher when needed
  • Pass out papers, pens, and whatever is needed by teacher
  • This role will require a lot of trust and responsibility because they will be working as the teacher’s assistant.
door holder
Door holder
  • $50.00 every 2 weeks
  • Walks second in line and holds the door for classmates
  • Must exhibit good behavior and manners
line leader
Line leader
  • $50.00 every 2 weeks
  • This student leads the class to specials, lunch, recess, assemblies, and any other events.
  • This student must walk at a consistent pace, stop at appropriate spots, and exhibit positive hallway behavior.
  • $50.00 every 2 weeks
  • Organize books in classroom library
  • Make sure all shelves in the classroom are organized and tidy
  • Make sure students do not place classroom books in desk , lockers, or take home
  • Make sure students return books in a timely manner and are keeping up with checking in and checking out books in classroom library notebook
  • $50.00 every 2 weeks
  • Last student in line
  • Make sure you are always the last in line and inform teacher if anyone is not in line with the class
  • $50.00 every two weeks
  • Turn off all computers at the end of the day, and make sure all computers are turned on every morning
custodian 2 positions needed
Custodian- 2 positions needed
  • $50.00 every 2 weeks
  • Make sure room is clean and tidy
  • Pick up any mess that is necessary, clean boards, dust, and clean tops of desks and bookshelves.
banker 1 2 positions needed
Banker 1- (2 positions needed)
  • Letter or recommendation required
  • $200.00 every two weeks
  • Daily responsibilities
  • Must exhibit strong math and organizational skills
  • Must be trustworthy and responsible when dealing with money
  • Pay students promptly at 8:30 for having their planner signed
  • Show teacher any notes that are in the planner
  • Pay students at the end of the day who stay on the happy side
  • Collect money from students who owe taxes for various reasons
banker 2
Banker 2
  • Letter or recommendation required
  • $150. 00 every 2 weeks
  • Not a daily position, but a very busy job on pay day and when students are purchasing incentives
  • Write checks to students who have leadership roles on pay day
  • Must know how to write a check (we will teach you one time and provide an example, then you will be in charge of teaching the next banker).
  • Must exhibit strong math and organization skills
  • Must be responsible and trustworthy when dealing with money
  • Collect money and give change when students purchase classroom incentives
hall monitor
Hall monitor
  • Letter of recommendation required
  • $200.00 every 2 weeks
  • In charge of making sure students are in line properly and following voice levels while walking in the hallway and when lined up after lunch
  • This also includes carrying a notebook to keep track of anyone not showing leadership qualities
  • This role requires trust, honesty, and responsibility therefore a letter of recommendation is required.