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Marriage, Parenthood & Family PowerPoint Presentation
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Marriage, Parenthood & Family

Marriage, Parenthood & Family

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Marriage, Parenthood & Family

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  1. Marriage, Parenthood & Family

  2. Marriage Lifelong union between two people who develop an intimate relationship

  3. Emotional Intimacy State of being emotionally connected to another person.

  4. Emotional Maturity Ability to assess a relationship and to act according to what is best for everyone involved

  5. Divorce Legal ending of a marriage

  6. What are some of the reasons couples get divorced? Abuse, addiction, unfaithfulness, emotional immaturity, conflicts with family, selfishness, lack of communication, unfulfilled expectations, financial trouble, grow apart

  7. What type or responsibilities should a couple be ready to face when starting a family?

  8. Responsibilities Before Birth Emotional Maturity Safety Financial Discipline

  9. Responsibilities Before Birth Prenatal Care, Place to live, Income Emotional Maturity Once you have a baby, their needs have to come before yours Safe environment to raise a child Safety Diapers, formula, day care, clothes …$$$ for 18 years (at least!) Financial How will you raise the child? Public vs Private school? Religion? Discipline

  10. A parent’s actions and behaviors are noticed and even picked up by their children. What are some things a parent can do to help build a healthy self-esteem in their children?

  11. Give children time and attention Establish clear rules and limits Take time to listen and communicate Praise positive behavior and good choices

  12. What are the 6 types of families?

  13. Nuclear Families mom, dad and kids

  14. Blended Families biological parent, step parent & step children

  15. Single Parent Families children live with only one parent

  16. Extended Families relatives outside the nuclear family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins)

  17. Adoptive Families parents are legal guardians over children who are not biologically theirs.

  18. Foster Families children live with a family temporarily until they are adopted or returned to their biological parents.

  19. What are 4 basic characteristics of a healthy family? Commitment LOVE Effective communication Respect

  20. Every family has problems, it’s how you deal with them that is important. What are some things that can cause problems for a family?

  21. Financial problems, trouble controlling anger, depression, grief, abuse of any form, delinquent behavior, Teen pregnancy

  22. What are some ways to deal with these problems? • Counseling • Facing the problem, no denial • Communication • Medication