the rotary club of brisbane high rise n.
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The Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise PowerPoint Presentation
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The Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise

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The Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise
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  1. The Rotary Club of Brisbane High-Rise Vision To maintain a vibrant club with members who represent a cross section of business and community focussed on the provision of service to Board identified projects/programs and who have opportunities to network, share time together and laugh as they go about their commitment to make a difference

  2. The Rotary Club of Brisbane High - Rise2013 – 2014 Committees • Meeting Program • Community Service • Youth – Future Leaders • Fellowship • Financials • Membership • Rotary Foundation • Administration • Club Support President: Wendy P

  3. Community Service Goal : To identify opportunities and coordinate the participation of members in service Strategies: To ensure Club responsibilities are understood and undertaken in relation to service projects To coordinate the involvement of members in service projects Director: Margot B

  4. Community Service Picnic in the park Walk for a cure Art Show Clean Up Australia DIK Margo’s Team PWC Cool Nights classic Knitting for Women in Refuge Bridge to Brisbane Red Shield Appeal Christmas at street level Director: Margot B

  5. Service Director: Margot B

  6. Rotary International Goal: To maintain member awareness of and involvement in the role of the Rotary Foundation including the global priorities and humanitarian projects Strategies: • To provide information in a way that engages members • To encourage participation in district and international activities • To utilise Rotary resources to further the progress of club projects Director: Jennifer E

  7. Rotary International Jennifer's Team Raise awareness and understanding of Rotary Foundation Facilitate Global Grant Mamba Facilitate District Grant Albert Park Flexi School Director: Jennifer E

  8. Rotary International Director: Jennifer E

  9. Rotary International

  10. Speaker Program Goal: To ensure members are engaged to come to Rotary meetings through accessing interesting and topical speakers Strategies: • To engage with members to identify potential speakers • To target and invite speakers to present at club meetings • To include opportunities for Club fellowship at targeted meetings • To manage calendar of speakers that provide opportunities for public relations Director: Kym M

  11. Speaker Program Kym Organised calendar for speakers Cajoled members to speak Sought Speakers Coordinated Meeting Fellowship Days Director: Kym M

  12. Speaker Program Director: Kym M

  13. Membership Membership Committee Goal: To develop and maintain a vibrant membership base Strategies: • To attract new members through personal contact and web site connections • To ensure new members understand our Rotary Club through induction materials and discussions • To monitor current members and provide support for members at risk of separating from club due to health, work and family commitments • To involve past members in Club activities with the aim of future re-connection Director: Barbara L

  14. Membership Departures • Wendy R • Gary M • Ross G • Ken W • Caroline L • Gordanna B • Jonathan C • Tim B • Denise S

  15. Membership Arrivals High Rise members inducted in 2013-14: • Christa G - Mavis • Melanie N - James N • Stephen F - Jo A • Julie D Potential members with applications being processed: • Andrew A - John M • Lyn M - Wen Z Interested Visitors wanting to join: - Ann F - Nicole B Director: Barbara L

  16. Membership Director: Barbara L

  17. Youth – Future Leaders Future Leaders Committee Goal: To identify opportunities to support and mentor young Australians to develop leadership skills Strategies: • To promote RYLA and RYPEN projects to the club to broaden opportunities for youth nominations • To promote club nominated projects to young people • To introduce potential support recipients to the club • To monitor and support young people’s activities in club nominated activities • To coordinate presentations by recipients to the club Director: Lindsay M

  18. Youth – Future Leaders Lindsay’s Team Rotary Peace Scholar Albert Park - Scholarships National Youth Science Forum Rotary Exchange Student Director: Lindsay M

  19. Youth – Future Leaders

  20. Fellowship Fellowship Committee Goal: To provide opportunities for members to enjoy networking opportunities that will support their commitment to make a difference Strategies: • To develop a calendar of events that will provide variety by activity and cost • To identify and engage with members interested in networking and provide opportunities for them to propose activities that will meet individual family needs • To coordinate committee involvement in special event meetings Director: Yvonne R

  21. Fellowship Christmas Party Yvonne’s Team Poetry Evening Dinners e.g. China Town Buzz Amberley Visit Director: Yvonne R

  22. Fellowship Director: Yvonne R

  23. Administration Goals and Strategies for Club Committees Club Administration Committee Goal: To help the Club to function efficiently and effectively Strategies: • To receive internal and external information and distribute as necessary to enable timely and effective responses • To maintain membership records • To make required reports to RI and the district • To track attendance and manage liaison with meeting venue • To manage archiving of Club materials • To minute Board meetings and coordinate distribution of Committee Chair reports Director: Rosemary M

  24. Administration Information Distribution Archiving Membership Records - Joy Rosemary’s Team Photography Venue Organisation - Ros Reminders to President Website - Barry Mark Director: Rosemary M

  25. Treasurer • To manage Club Finances • To ensure accounting practices meet Australian standards • To process weekly funds income • To process funds distribution as determined by Board Treasurer: Deb L G

  26. Major Projects Art Show Waitangi Day Bill’s Team Vic’s Team

  27. Special Thanks also to…… Past District Governor John K Past President Angela T Steve K

  28. High Rise Being There

  29. Ayan and Dr Edna

  30. Presidents Responsibility Hatched Welcome Edison Osbourne

  31. A great club can only continue to be great if members engage Thank you