microsoft operations framework mof 4 0 a comprehensive it service lifecycle l.
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Microsoft Operations Framework MOF 4.0 A Comprehensive IT Service Lifecycle PowerPoint Presentation
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Microsoft Operations Framework MOF 4.0 A Comprehensive IT Service Lifecycle

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Microsoft Operations Framework MOF 4.0 A Comprehensive IT Service Lifecycle - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Microsoft Operations Framework MOF 4.0 A Comprehensive IT Service Lifecycle. Clare Henry Group Program Manager Microsoft Operations Framework Microsoft Corporation. MOF 4.0 – Session Goals. Demonstrate the need to think and act as a Service Provider

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microsoft operations framework mof 4 0 a comprehensive it service lifecycle

Microsoft Operations FrameworkMOF 4.0A Comprehensive IT Service Lifecycle

Clare Henry

Group Program Manager

Microsoft Operations Framework

Microsoft Corporation

mof 4 0 session goals
MOF 4.0 –Session Goals
  • Demonstrate the need to think and act as a Service Provider
  • Explain the core content of MOF and how it supports the delivery of IT services
  • Call to Action -- what to do?
mof 4 0 is brought to you by the solution accelerators team
MOF 4.0 is Brought to You by The Solution Accelerators Team


  • Help Customers and Partners:
    • Identify and solve service management problems
    • Reach deployment, assessment, security and operations goals more quickly
  • Focus on:
    • Customer and partner satisfaction
    • Product improvement and evolution

Scripts and Code

Community Driven



it needs to be rock solid to deliver quality services
IT needs to be "Rock Solid" to deliver quality services
  • IT needs to think and act as a “Service Provider”
  • IT needs to accept and embrace “Ubiquitous Computing”
    • Consumer-driven demands
    • Social Computing
    • Commoditization of IT Services
  • IT needs to run effectively and efficiently
    • Remove complexity
    • Increase discretionary spend
    • Practice good governance

* Source Open Compliance & Ethics Group

* Source AMR Research Mar, 2008

mof 4 0 c onnects service management concepts to practical tasks and activities
MOF 4.0 Connects service management concepts to practical tasks and activities
  • Encompasses the entire IT service lifecycle
  • Integrates governance, risk, and compliance
  • Provides concise and meaningful guidance
  • Delivers a platform for ongoing community engagement

A common framework for the entire organization

  • Clear outcomes to ensure organizational focus
  • Baked-in support for Governance, Risk, and Compliance

MOF 4.0 Supports the IT Organization to Deliver Efficient and Effective IT ServicesThe IT pro breathes easier, the organization gains an edge

  • IT Directors and CIOs
  • Question format facilitates focused decision making
  • Accountabilities and controls ensure quality
  • Explicit examples and best practices quicken adoption
  • IT Managers
  • Activity tables ease implementation and provide consistency
  • Complimented by Solution Accelerators for specific scenarios
  • Community to support relevant and emerging needs
  • IT Professionals
mof 4 0 connects service management standards to practical application for th e community
MOF 4.0 Connects Service Management Standards to Practical Application for the Community
  • Processes + Guidance + Tools
  • (for Specific Scenarios)
  • Infrastructure Automation
  • Community
mof 4 0 is designed to be practical understandable concise
MOF 4.0 is Designed to be Practical, Understandable, Concise
  • Phases describe goals, activities, accountabilities
    • What should the phase accomplish?
    • What general objectives and controls should be considered?
    • Who is involved?
  • Service Manage Functions, (SMFs) offer the details
    • SMFs map to major activities in phases
    • Focus on what to do and how
  • Management Reviews are integrated in the phases
    • Provide checkpoints
    • Identify areas for improvement

IT Deploys VirtualizationVirtualization supports Service Management improvement by making it easier and cost effective to achieve higher levels of capacity, availability and continuity but sometimes there are challenges…

    • IT deploys virtual servers to improve
    • Cost savings through consolidation
    • Better recovery, performance
  • Two months go by and problems start to appear….
    • Business applications are unavailable
      • Application servers not aligned on physical server, too many applications requiring heavy IO
    • Virtual servers are everywhere
      • Service desk cannot accurately determine impact analysis
      • Business is looking for the ROI evidence
plan smfs the plan phase provides guidance on how to plan for and optimize an it service strategy
Plan SMFsThe Plan Phase provides guidance on how to plan for and optimize an IT service strategy
  • Business/IT Alignment Includes:
    • Service Strategy
    • Service Mapping
    • Demand Management
    • Portfolio Management
    • Service Level Management
  • Reliability Includes:
    • Capacity Management
    • Continuity Management
    • Confidentiality Management
    • Integrity Management
    • Availability Management
  • Policy Includes:
    • Security
    • Privacy
    • Appropriate Use
    • Partner
    • Asset Protection

Deliver SMFsThe Deliver Phase helps IT professionals more effectively design and deliver IT services, infrastructure projects, or packaged product deployments.


Operate SMFsThe Operate Phase helps IT professionals efficiently operate, monitor, and support deployed services in line with agreed-to service level agreement (SLA) targets.

  • Customer Service Includes:
    • Service Desk
    • Incident Management

Manage SMFs The Manage Layer establishes decision-making processes and the use of risk management, change management, and controlsthroughout the IT service lifecycle

management reviews drive clarity
Management Reviews Drive Clarity
  • Provide checkpoints and connections between phases
  • Ensure business objectives are being met and the service is on track
governance risk and compliance
Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Deliverable
    • IT objectives achieved, change and risk managed and documented
  • Purpose
    • Support, sustain, and grow the organization while managing risks and constraints
  • Outcome
    • IT services are managed to achieve the business strategy and objectives
change and configuration
Change and Configuration
  • Deliverable
    • Known configurations and predictable adaptations
  • Purpose
    • Ensure that changes are planned, that unplanned changes are minimal, and that IT services are robust
  • Outcome
    • IT services are predictable, reliable, and trustworthy
  • Deliverable
    • Clear accountabilities, roles, and work assignments
  • Purpose
    • Agile, flexible, and scalable teams doing required work
  • Outcomes
    • IT solutions are delivered within specified constraints, with no unplanned service degradation
    • Service operation that is trusted by the business


mof 4 0 solution accelerators
MOF 4.0 + Solution Accelerators
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Assessment + Planning
  • Terminal Services Guide
  • SCVMM Guide


Assessment Platform

Planning and Design


  • Windows Server 2008, WSUS 3.0 SP1 SCCM SP1, Vnext
  • Hyper-V and NAP

Hyper-V Security Guide

SCVMM Security Guide

Security Guides

  • LOB Monitoring
  • Hyper-V

Service Level Dashboard

  • Backup & Restore

Offline VM Servicing V2

Run Book Automation


Deployment Toolkit

microsoft assessment and planning map assessment tools
Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP)Assessment Tools
  • Collects inventory of existing servers, desktops and applications agentlessly
  • Offers recommendations of server/application virtualization candidates
  • Works with the ROI Tool to generate customer-specific ROI calculations

microsoft it compliance management guide
Microsoft IT Compliance Management Guide

Review Authority Documents

GRC Authority Docs

Subject Matter Experts

  • IT Compliance Management Guide
    • Determine GRC applicability
    • Plan for GRC control requirements
    • Manage GRC life cycle using MOF SMFs.
  • IT Compliance Management Resources
    • Configuration guidance links

Plan Controls

Management Guide

IT Manager

Deploy Controls

Job Aids

IT Pro

what s next for mof
What's Next for MOF


Guidance for key IT scenarios

Integrate architecture and development

Training and Certification

EXIN certification

Training materials for partners

Content rating, tagging, webcasts

Contributions  MOF & SA


getting started
Getting Started
  • Think and act like a service provider
  • Read the GRC SMF
  • Implement change control
  • Identify and implement the right set of accountabilities
  • “What’s next”

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