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A San Antonio Partnership

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A San Antonio Partnership - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A San Antonio Partnership
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  1. A San Antonio Partnership

  2. American Red Cross Mission The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers, provides relief to victims of disaster and helps people prepare for and respond to emergencies.

  3. A Vision Turns to Reality • Henri Dunant founded the International Red Cross Movement in 1863. • Clara Barton founded the American National Red Cross in 1881. • San Antonio Area Chapter founded in 1916.

  4. What does the American Red Cross do? Planning as part of the National Response Plan Preparedness & community disaster education provides specific tips on how to get ready for disasters, including hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, storms, man-made disasters, etc. Prompt relief to disaster victims provides shelter, food, clothing, counseling and more for victims of disasters from house fires to hurricanes

  5. American Red Cross San Antonio Area Chapter Responsibilities • Service to the Armed Forces • Disaster Services • Health and Safety Services • Volunteer and Youth Services • International Services • Collaboration with South Texas Blood and Tissue

  6. Service to the Armed Forces Communicates on behalf of family members who are facing emergencies or other important events to members of the U.S. Armed Forces serving all over the world. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Last year alone we facilitated more than 5,500 communications with families and deployed service members.

  7. Disaster Services Over the past year the San Antonio Area Chapter has responded to nearly 400 local disasters assisting more than 750 families. Times you will see the Red Cross: Large scale, national disasters such as a hurricane, regional or local floods, and home or apartment fires.

  8. Health and Safety Services Get a Kit. Make a Plan. Be Informed. Take CPR, First Aid, Lifeguarding or other classes at the local chapter. Or, have an instructor come to you! Last year over 26,000 people took classes at the local chapter.

  9. Volunteer and Youth Services The American Red Cross would not be able to complete our mission without the help of volunteers. Last year we had 1200 people go through volunteer orientation.

  10. International Services Primary health care Emergency preparedness and response Family links International Humanitarian Law