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Disability Center. New Student Orientation. What is covered in the New Student Orientation (NSO)?. This NSO will provide you with instructions on how to start using accommodations, including: Information to discuss with instructors when requesting accommodations

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Disability Center

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  1. Disability Center New Student Orientation

  2. What is covered in the New Student Orientation (NSO)? • This NSO will provide you with instructions on how to start using accommodations, including: • Information to discuss with instructors when requesting accommodations • How to implement exam and notetaking assistance accommodations • And, the process to renew accommodations for future semesters • Also covered in this NSO: • How to apply for tutoring by appointment • Help sessions offered by the Disability Center to answer your questions about accommodations

  3. Initiating your accommodations

  4. Step One: Generate your Accommodation Notification Letters • Log into myAccess and generate your Accommodation Notification Letters for the class(es) in which you are requiring accommodations • A separate tutorial is available for you to assist in this process • Save a copy of your Accommodation Notification Letter(s) to your desktop for your reference and print a copy for your instructor(s) • NOTE: Once you have requested your accommodations via myAccess, your instructor will be able to see your requests when they log in. However, you must proceed to step two to initiate your accommodations.

  5. Step Two: Meet With Your Instructors • Schedule an appointment or go to their office hours so that you can talk privately • Give them your Accommodation Notification Letter • Do not give the letter to instructors before or after class • Discuss details and make plans for each accommodation you wish to use in their class • A thorough conversation is important • The following slides provide some suggested talking points for exam and notetaking accommodations…

  6. Discussing Exam Accommodations

  7. Discussing Exam Accommodations with Instructors… • Ask instructors: • Are you providing me the exam accommodations? • Or do I need to schedule my exams at the Disability Center? • If the instructor will be providing your exam accommodations, discuss details on how your instructor will implement. • If the instructor will not be providing your exam accommodations, you will submit an exam request onlineusing myAccess.

  8. Discussing Exam Accommodations with Instructors (cont’d)… • Discuss potential time conflicts due to extended time accommodations. • Back-to-back classes • Example: You have a class at 9am and a class at 10am. • You have a 9am exam and your instructor says you will have 50 minutes for your exam. • If you have “time and a half extended time” as an accommodation, this means you have 1 hour and 15 minutes for your exam. • If you start your exam at 9am, that means your exam will run potentially to 10:15am, causing you to miss part of your class. • This means you will need to discuss with your instructor a different start time for your exam.

  9. Discuss Scheduling Exams with Your Instructors … • You will take your exam at the same date and time as your class, except for a time conflict as explained in the previous slide. • If you have scheduling conflicts, ask your instructor: • Can I start my exam earlier in the day? Later in the day? • Come up with an agreeable time. • Discuss all exams for the semester, including your final. • It is important that you resolve any exam schedule conflicts before you submit an exam request with the Disability Center.

  10. Exam Policies and Procedures • Seven (7) days’ notice is required for all non-final exams and quizzes. Four (4) days’ notice for all non-final exams during summer semesters. • A little over three weeks’ notice is required for scheduling during final exams week • The office will send out reminders for the deadline for finals requests • Need some help with the Exam Access portal? Visit the myAccess Guides webpage for a tutorial. ADVICE: Schedule them all at once, if you can!

  11. When Can I Take My Exam? • Monday-Thursday • Exams can be scheduled to start between 8am-8pm. • Friday • Exams can be scheduled as early as 8am with the last exam start time at 3pm. All exams must end by 5pm. • Finals Week • Monday-Thursday: 7:30am, 10am, 12:30pm, 3pm, 5:30pm, 8pm • Friday: 7:30am

  12. What if an exam needs to be rescheduled? • If it is more than seven (7) days’ notice, log into myAccess and submit a modified request with the updated information. • If an instructor has rescheduled the date/time of an exam with less than seven (7) days’ notice to the Disability Center… • Email mudcexams@missouri.edu and copy your instructor to the email notifying us of the date change as soon as possible. We are not allowed to change your exam date without instructor approval! • Modification requests can be denied at the discretion of the Exams Coordinator due to lack of notice and insufficient availability of exam locations and proctors.

  13. Policies regarding your exam… • Exam Cancellations: • Please email mudcexams@missouri.edu as soon as possible to cancel your exam. • If you do not cancel the exam before your scheduled exam time, it will be considered a no show. • No Shows = Do not arrive for exam + no communication • If you have two (2) no shows for a course, all other scheduled exams for that course for the remainder of the semester will be removed from our schedule. • On the day of your exam you will check in at the Disability Center. You will not go to class beforehand. • We advise you to check in at least 15 minutes before your scheduled exam. • If you are 5 or more minutes late, we will not administer your exam and you will have to take it with your class. • Bring a non-smart watch! • Clocks are not provided. • Time reminders are not provided.

  14. Policies regarding your exam… • Turn off cell phones • Put phones and all other materials not allowed on your exam away • You will leave your backpack with your proctor • You are not allowed to leave the room once the exam has started • If you look at your cell phone, look at a fellow classmate’s exam, or use any materials that are not allowed on your exam, you have violated academic integrity. • If academic integrity is violated… • Your proctor will stop your exam immediately. • We will confiscate any non-allowable materials used on the exam. • We will report this information to your instructor. • At this point, it will be up to your instructor on what action will be taken.

  15. If you have more questions about exams or exam scheduling… • You are welcome to meet with one of our exam staff members for a Help Session • Just ask at the front desk for availability for Help Sessions or email the Exams Office: mudcexams@missouri.edu.

  16. Discussing Notetaking Assistance

  17. If you have Notetaking Assistance as an accommodation… Meet and discuss with your instructors the need for the Notetaking Assistance accommodation. • If you have more than one method option for Notetaking Assistance, let your instructor know your preferred method (i.e. peer notetaker or copies of slides/PowerPoints). • You and your instructor will decide together which notetaking method(s) will work best for the class • If you’ll be using a Peer Notetaker, here’s a few details on that accommodation…

  18. Using your Peer Notetaker Accommodation • Confirm the need for a Notetaker within the Notetaking Assistance portal in myAccess. • Please only confirm those classes where a Notetaker is necessary. Some course structures do not have notes to be taken in (i.e. lab sections, online self-paced, discussion sections) • The Accommodations Coordinator will work with you and your instructors to recruit a Notetaker. • You will receive email notifications once a Notetaker has been assigned as well as when notes have been uploaded. • You can then login and download the notes that are available. • Need some help with the Notetaking Assistance portal? Visit the myAccess Guides webpage for a tutorial.

  19. A few last notes on peer notetaking… • Notetaking is intended as assistance with notes on days you are present in class • It is NOT a substitute for attending class • You should still take your own notes (if you are able) use the Notetaker's notes as a supplement • Remember to communicate with the Accommodations Coordinator if there are issues with your notes and/or the Notetaker.

  20. Qualifying/Comprehensive Exams and Graduate Assistantships

  21. Requesting Accommodations for Qualifying and/or Comprehensive Exams • If you require accommodations for a qualifying or comprehensive exam, please contact your Access Advisor to discuss your request further. • Depending on the structure of the exam, the type of accommodation(s) you are eligible for may change • Once your eligibility has been finalized, your Access Advisor will provide you with an Accommodation Notification Letter to take to your faculty advisor • Similar to your other academic accommodations, please discuss the details of your accommodation(s) with your faculty advisor and review the process to implement your accommodation(s) for the exam.

  22. Graduate Assistantships • Please contact your Access Advisor to discuss your need for accommodation in your graduate/research/teaching assistantship as soon as you are aware of your needs • Your Access Advisor will work with you and your supervisor to determine accommodations specific to your needs and the tasks of your assistantship

  23. How do I get accommodations for next semester? • If you are requesting thesame accommodations for next semester, you will simply renew using myAccess. • You will not need to meet with your Access Advisor to renew, unless you are requesting to change/add accommodations.

  24. Questions? Please feel free to contact the office Monday-Friday between 8am and 5pm. (573) 882-4696 / disabilitycenter@missouri.edu

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