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Professional Development for English Teachers PowerPoint Presentation
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Professional Development for English Teachers

Professional Development for English Teachers

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Professional Development for English Teachers

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  1. Professional Developmentfor English Teachers Clickoneach of thestrategiestolearn more aboutthem!

  2. TeachingJournal Teaching journals could be understood as a personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis; a diary, which not only helps you to keep conscious about your teaching but also to remind you effective strategies or procedures (Moon, 2006) Professional Developmentfor English Teachers

  3. Teaching Portfolio A portfolio is an organized, goal driven documentation of your professional growth and achieved competence in the complex act called teaching. Although it is a collection of documents, a portfolio is a tangible evidence of knowledge dispositions and skills that you possess as a growing professional. Portfolio documents are self-selected, reflecting your individuality and autonomy (Peterson, 2002). Professional Developmentfor English Teachers Source:

  4. Case Analysis Case analysis includes gathering data over time about a specific teaching circumstance in order to use that information afterwards to understand the situation observed. The aim is to develop principles from such experience. Case analysis is established on the use of accounts of how teachers carry out their practice to solve the situation they are concerned about (Richards and Farrell, 2005). Professional Developmentfor English Teachers

  5. Peer Observation Peer observation refers to a teacher or other observer monitoring or watching the way a teacher presents a lesson to his or her students. Peer observation represents the possibility to see the way others do what you usually do, as well as to be watched, analyzed and monitored on the way you do things in school. It is an easy way to improve or change procedures which are thought to be right (Schwartz & Ketz, 2005). Professional Developmentfor English Teachers

  6. Peer Coaching In peer coaching, a teacher and a colleague prospect opportunities to explore teaching collaboratively. One adopts the role of coach or “critical friend” (someone in whom one has trust and confidence and who can offer constructive feedback in a positive and supportive manner) as some aspect of teaching or of classroom life is explored. During and after the process, the coach provides feedback and suggestions to the other teacher (Richards & Farrell, 2005). Professional Developmentfor English Teachers

  7. TeamTeaching Team teaching is a process in which two or more teachers share the responsibility for teaching a class. The teachers share responsibility for planning the class or course, for teaching it, and for any follow-up work associated with the class such as evaluation and assessment. It thus involves a cycle of team planning, team teaching, and team follow-up. It allows teachers to cooperate as equals, although when teachers with differing levels of experience share the same class, some elements of a coaching relationship may also occur (Richards & Farrell, 2005). Professional Developmentfor English Teachers

  8. ActionResearch Ferrance (2000) defines action research as a reflective and collaborative process among colleagues searching for solutions to everyday, real problems experienced in the classroom, or looking for ways to improve instruction and increase student achievement. Rather than dealing just with theoretical issues, action research allows teachers to address their closest concerns, over which they can exhibit some influence and make change. Professional Developmentfor English Teachers Source:Ferrance (2000) Ref.

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