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American Icon. By: Myles King. Artist Background.

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American icon

American Icon

By: Myles King

Artist background
Artist Background

  • A lifelong lover of sports as well as a passion for history have driven Chris Speakman to create "Sports Propaganda" limited edition prints. Conceptually inspired by the various war-like rivalries around sports as well as propaganda art from the 1940's, Chris's goal is to recruit fans to support their favorite team. Chris's work has been featured in the Boston Sunday Globe, and on CBS-Boston TV.

Look closely
Look Closely

  • Why do you think that the artist used blue as the main color?

  • Why are there flags of different countries in front of the stadium?

Look closely1
Look Closely

  • Why is Yankee Stadium synonymous with the phrase “American Icon”?

My conclusions
My Conclusions

  • I think that the artist chose blue because it is also a color that represents the United States.

  • With there being the different flags I think the artist intends on showing that the Yankee name and franchise is world wide.

My conclusions1
My Conclusions

  • I think the reason Yankee Stadium and the American Phrase are so closely related is because Yankee Stadium has endured so many things throughout the history of the United States. For example the roaring 20’s, the great depression, WWII, and Vietnam war.


  • Who do you think the audience is?

  • I think the audience is any one who likes baseball, sports and things that have historical importance.

Composition and technique
Composition and Technique

  • The technique used is screen printing.

  • I think that the colors of blue and metallic silver contrast well and make it ok that there are only two colors within the work of art.


  • I think this has the appeals of ethos and pathos. I think it has ethical appeal because the artist is very credible. He has been featured by many very respectable businesses. He also is contracted through Major League baseball, which is a big accomplishment in itself.

  • I also think it has pathos because it appeals to your sense of nationalism. It makes you think of it as a national landmark.