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“ Public finance ” course

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“ Public finance ” course. First term 2010/2011 Instructor Dr. Mo’een Rajab E.mail: Palestine University Finance and business college. Question for Revision (I). 25/12/2010. Section I Mention whether the below statements are true or false:.

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public finance course

“Public finance” course

First term 2010/2011


Dr. Mo’een Rajab


Palestine University

Finance and business college

section i mention whether the below statements are true or false
Section I Mention whether the below statements are true or false:

1- Income redistribution to the poor can be viewed as a public good.

2- When we prevent personal income from falling under certain levels, then we provide them with insurance

3- The period of recession in 1991 and 1992, in the United States was a high growth period.

4- Income redistribution also can’t provide collective benefits through social stability.

5- Government action to redistribute income can’t establish uniform standards of eligibility for aid.

6- The major welfare programs for the poor in the United States mainly assist those who cannot work.

7- Tagging poor children who are not expected to work as eligible for government assistance means that their parents also, will receive assistance.

8- Under the reframed system of income support for the poor in the United States, the status test for eligibility has been revised.

9- Economists usually classify taxes- in developed countries only- into Direct taxes and Indirect taxes.

10- According to Mill, a Direct tax is really a tax which is paid by a person on whom it is legally imposed and the burden of which cannot be shifted to any other person is called a direct tax.

11- In the case of indirect taxes, the tax payer is not the tax bearer.

12- Unless we know whether a tax shifted from the immediate tax payer to someone else, we cannot categories it as direct or indirect.

section ii answer the following questions
Section IIAnswer the following questions:

1- Many persons who support government efforts to redistribute income do so. Why?

2- What are the result of poverty breeds?

3- why we rely ingovernment rather than an private charity to provide assistance to the poor?

4- What status test provides?

5-What arethe conditions of eligibility for cash and other forms of assistance?

6- Define direct tax according to Dalton?

7- When the tax payer will be the tax bearer?

8- What is the concept of indirect tax?