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Region 1 Senior Member Elevation Program Concurrent with the Region 1 Board of Governor’s Meeting August 18, 2012

Learn about the Region 1 Senior Member Elevation Program and the qualifications and requirements for elevation to the Senior Member grade in IEEE. Get insights from the Admission and Advancement Committee on the review process and panel instructions.

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Region 1 Senior Member Elevation Program Concurrent with the Region 1 Board of Governor’s Meeting August 18, 2012

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  1. Region 1 Senior Member Elevation ProgramConcurrent with the Region 1Board of Governor’s MeetingAugust 18, 2012 Harold Belson IEEE A & A Committee Member Presentation Slides: Courtesy of Denise Maestri IEEE Membership Program Manager

  2. Today’s Meeting • Early arrivals: Meet Prospective References. • Welcome – 9:30 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. • Introductions • Presentation: Senior Member Selection Panel Instructions • Questions • Meet Prospective References • No formal closing. Depart when you are finished.

  3. IEEE Admission & Advancement Committee:Senior Member Review Panel Francisco Martinez 2012 IEEE A & A Chair Denise Maestri Membership Program Manager

  4. IEEE Admission & Advancement(A&A) Committee • The Admission and Advancement Committee is a standing committee of the Member and Geographic Activities Board. • Implements IEEE policies, rules and procedures for admission and transfer to all grades of membership except Honorary Member and Fellow grades

  5. Admission and AdvancementProcedures A&A panels composed of Senior Members and Fellows meet periodically as working groups in sites rotated among the Regions. • Panel reviews all completed applications for Senior Member grade since the last meeting • From Regions 1-10 • Staff is delegated the authority to admit or transfer to Student, Associate, or Member grade upon evidence that qualifications and application requirements have been fulfilled

  6. Membership Qualifications Pertain to the IEEE-Designated Fields: • Engineering; • Computer sciences & information technology; • Physical sciences; • Biological and medical sciences; • Mathematics; • Technical communications, education, management, law and policy

  7. Requirements for SM Elevation • 10 years of Professional Experience • Education plus work experience • 5 years of Significant Performance • Need not be consecutive years • References • Senior Member or Fellow grade

  8. References • If an applicant was nominated, the nomination serves as one (1) reference and two (2) additional references are required. Assumption – the nominator believes the nominee is well qualified and therefore does not submit a reference form. • If an applicant nominates him/herself, three (3) references forms are requiredand are included in the application package.

  9. Professional Experience Calculation Education: • 3 years for a BS in an IEEE-designated field or • 4 years for a Masters or • 5 years for a Doctorate Work Experience: • Additional 7, 6 or 5 years of professional practice depending on years credited for degree. • Education total not to exceed 5 years • Education + Work must total 10 years or more

  10. Significant Performance Indicators • Teaching • Research • Industry • Practitioners, Consultants and Entrepreneurs • Other Contributions within the IEEE designated fields

  11. Significant Performance Indicator Examples Teaching • Faculty developing courses within the IEEE designated fields that are innovative and unique • Undergraduate teachers demonstrating excellence and dedication that might exceptional student accomplishments or include coaching in Lego League or Robotics. ( teachers who are engineers and computer scientists) • Performing research with some measure of success (e.g. refereed papers) • Publishing in high level recognized journals • Publication of technical papers, books or inventions/patents • Department Chair title • Supervising successful PhD students

  12. Significant Performance Indicator Examples Research • Performing research with some measure of success (e.g. refereed papers) • Responsible for invention(s)/patent(s) advancing technologies • Significant contributions related to standards development (e.g., chair, project editor)

  13. Significant Performance Indicator Examples Industry(Practitioners, Consultants and Entrepreneurs) • Patents issued • Technical direction or leadership of important technical work with evidence of accomplishment • Team leader, supervisor, program manager, project manager or director titles • Substantial design, development or project responsibility, or achievement • Significant contributions related to standards development (e.g., chair, project editor)

  14. Significant Performance Indicator Examples Other Contributions within the IEEE designated fields • Professional awards, licenses may be considered as substantiation of professional experience and performance • Recognized contributions to the welfare of technical profession (e.g. IEEE Volunteer efforts especially positions of leadership on major IEEE boards and societies) • Contributes significant technical content, not within the scope of the IEEE fields of interest, to IEEE standards, e.g., medical content to an IEEE standard for medical equipment.

  15. Significant Performance Indicator Examples Other Contributions within the IEEE designated fields • Technical Editing - generally of recognized journals, etc. • Patent Prosecution or Patent Law or Intellectual Property– provided these contributions serve to advance progress substantially in IEEE designated fields

  16. Examples for Discussion: (Inadequate) • …”I am actually the chief IT person and critical employee of the department of Radiation Oncology – a Clinic, Academic, and Research cancer center in NC Cancer Hospital.” • …:”I have developed my technical leadership and led a team of technical staffs to construct two ground based radars.” • “2003-2010 – Five peer reviewed journal articles, three peer-reviewed conference papers and three conference papers published.” • “Published a book chapter”

  17. Examples for Discussion: (Adequate) • An applicant/nominee has no degree and has worked for many years in the electric industry as a technician. Ten years ago, he accepted an engineering level position and continued with it since that time. Included was a period of at least five years with demonstrated significant performance. • An applicant/nominee retired some years ago and has not been active recently in the profession. Prior to retirement, the applicant/nominee had at least ten years of professional experience, including five years of significant performance.

  18. Reviewers Decision:Qualified, Pending, Unqualified • Qualified: The applicant meets the requirements and is approved by the reviewer. • Reviewers comments are not necessary. • Pending: The applicant is close to meeting the requirements. Additional information is needed for another review panel to reconsider. • The reviewer should provide helpful comments for resubmission • Unqualified: The requirements for at least 10 years of professional experience and 5 years of significant performance have not been met. Additional information is not likely to change that result. • The reviewer should provide explanatory comments. NOTE: Comments are shared with the applicant

  19. Deferred or Denied Applications • Applicant and/or nominator receive an email requesting additional information – per review panels comments • Application will be reviewed a second time at an upcoming meeting • New information received is added to current application package

  20. Questions ? Open Discussion

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