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How to make a Successful Risk Management Education Grant Application PowerPoint Presentation
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How to make a Successful Risk Management Education Grant Application

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How to make a Successful Risk Management Education Grant Application - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to make a Successful Risk Management Education Grant Application. National Farm Business Management Conference June 13 - 17 , 2010. Outline. Risk Management Overview Request for Applications Evaluation Criteria. Risk Management Overview. Risk Management Overview. Risk:

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How to make a Successful Risk Management Education Grant Application

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how to make a successful risk management education grant application
How to make a Successful Risk Management Education Grant Application

National Farm Business Management Conference

June 13 - 17, 2010

  • Risk Management Overview
  • Request for Applications
  • Evaluation Criteria
risk management overview1
Risk Management Overview


Possible adverse event that has the potential to interfere with:

  • Business entity’s financial stability,
  • Ability to achieve mission
risk management overview2
Risk Management Overview

Universe of Risk:

  • Production
  • Marketing
  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
risk management overview3
Risk Management Overview

Risk Management:

  • Tools and strategies reducing financial effects of risk.
  • Ability to run a business in rapidly changing business environment.
risk management overview4
Risk Management Overview

Extension Risk Management Education

  • Legislative Mandate
  • Education for producers in the “full range of risk management activities”
risk management overview5
Risk Management Overview

2008 Farm Bill - Special EmphasisGroups:

  • Beginning Farmer - one who has not operated a farm or rancher for more than 10 years

B. Legal Immigrant Farmers or Ranchers

C. Socially Disadvantaged –SDA groups include women, African Americans, American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Hispanics, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

D. Farmers or ranchers that are preparing to retire; and are using transition strategies to help new farmers or ranchers get started

E. New or established farmers or ranchers that are converting production and marketing systems to pursue new markets

risk management overview6
Risk Management Overview

Program Goal:

  • Participants in education programs achieve specified risk management results
risk management overview7
Risk Management Overview

What are Proposed Risk Management Results?

  • Measurable and verifiable risk management actions that participants learn, achieve and apply
  • Within six months to a year
risk management overview8
Risk Management Overview
  • A grant awarded isan investment made by the North Central Risk Management Education Center to help producers achieve the proposed risk management results.
risk management overview9
Risk Management Overview
  • Return on investment: changed behavior or actions taken by participants resulting in increased ability to manage risk.
request for applications1
Request for Applications

Size of Awards

  • $5,000 to $50,000
  • Regional Awards
  • No set maximum from each category
request for applications2
Request for Applications

North Central RME Grant Categories

Unrestricted Competitive Grants

  • Projects addressing production, marketing, or financial management

Human Resource

  • Farm succession, communication, labor issues

Value Added

  • Entrepreneurship and diversification

Special Emphasis Challenge Grants

  • Challenge grants are for those representing a special emphasis group to establish collaboration and educational needs to create a delivery plan for an educational program and apply for a competitive grant in the 2011 grant cycle.
request for applications3
Request for Applications

Two-Step Process

Step One

  • Pre-Proposal
    • Due 5:00 PM CST, ???
    • Applications reviewed by Advisory Council
    • Notification ???
request for applications4
Request for Applications

Two-Step Process

Step Two

  • Full Application
    • Due 5:00 PM CST, ???
    • Applications reviewed by Advisory Council
    • Funded projects announced


request for applications5
Request for Applications

Project Time Line

  • 12 Month Award
      • Start date July 1, 2011
      • End date June 30, 2012
  • 6 month Extension (if requested)
      • End date December 31, 2012
evaluation criteria1
Evaluation Criteria
  • Proposed Results 40%
  • Results Verification 20%
  • Producer Demand 20%
  • Collaboration 10%
  • Wide Application 5%
  • Innovation 5%
evaluation criteria2
Evaluation Criteria
  • Proposed Results – 40%
    • Clear identification/documentation
    • Results achieved by participants
    • Focus on participants’ actions not activities
evaluation criteria3
Evaluation Criteria

Proposed Results

  • Single most important factor in funding decisions
  • “What you anticipate participants will learn, achieve and apply”
  • Specific, measurable and verifiable
evaluation criteria4
Evaluation Criteria

Looking at Proposed Results

  • What is the risk management improvement for producers?
  • Is it a result vs. project step?
  • What is the producer action? Understand, Evaluate, Develop, Decide or Implement?
evaluation criteria5
Evaluation Criteria

These are GOOD Proposed Results

  • Workshop attendees will begin developing a written transfer plan
  • Participants will calculate breakeven prices for their farm operation to successfully market grain
  • Participants will implement farm business transfer strategies
evaluation criteria6
Evaluation Criteria

These are GOOD Proposed Results

  • Participants will implement a succession plan for their farming operation.
  • Participants will understand how to select the proper crop insurance product to match their financial need and marketing plan.
  • Attendees will develop written goals for their operation
evaluation criteria7
Evaluation Criteria

Proposed Results

These are NOT Risk Management Results:

  • Producers will attend workshop on..
  • Project will develop a workbook
  • Participants will visit our website to..
  • Final report will be submitted
  • Educators will be trained to deliver the program
  • End of workshop evaluation will be conducted
evaluation criteria8
Evaluation Criteria
  • Results Verification– 20%
    • How and when will results be measured?
    • How will you verify risk management results were achieved?
evaluation criteria9
Evaluation Criteria
  • Producer Demand - 20%
    • Risk management need and demand
    • Will producers apply strategies and tools taught?
    • Show evidence producers will participate
evaluation criteria10
Evaluation Criteria

How to improve?

  • Sell your program to the Advisory Council by:
    • Clearly stating the need for this program.
    • Explaining why participants will want to participate.
    • Explaining why the delivery methods you have chosen are the best methods to reach your audience.
    • Citing any survey or evaluation data which show producers are committed to the program.
evaluation criteria11
Evaluation Criteria
  • Collaboration – 10%
    • Collaborators provide technical expertise/knowledge
    • Collaborators provide participant access
    • Collaborators play specific role
evaluation criteria12
Evaluation Criteria
  • Wide Application – 5%
    • Can program and techniques be applied elsewhere?
    • Can materials and techniques be adapted to other situations?
    • Annie's, Winning the Game etc.
evaluation criteria13
Evaluation Criteria
  • Innovation – 5%
    • Innovative approach and materials building on existing knowledge base.
completing the pre proposal1
Completing the Pre-Proposal

Link to the Application Site

  • North Central Risk Management Education Website
completing the pre proposal2
Completing the Pre-Proposal
  • Getting Started
  • Register New Project
  • Enter Information
  • Select Grants Program (descriptions are on page 4 of the RFA)
  • After registration: Receive email with pre-proposal number and password
  • Log In to Pre-proposal
completing the pre proposal3
Completing the Pre-Proposal
  • Important Information   
  • Registration Information  
  • Proposed Results 
  • Producer Demand  
  • Audience Emphasis 
  • Review Past Projects  
  • Project Summary  
  • Additional Regions 
  • Amount Requested  
  • Project Team  
  • Final Checklist  
  • Submit Pre-proposal

-Read this section

-Update any changes

completing the pre proposal4
Completing the Pre-Proposal

Additional Regions

  • If you are applying to other regions, check the additional centers that you are applying to.
  • Applications will be shared across regions during the proposal review process.
  • In your application only include information that is pertinent to the region you are currently applying to.
completing the pre proposal5
Completing the Pre-Proposal

Helpful Suggestions

  • Use the Proposal Resources
  • Refer to the Instruction menus
  • Avoid the 5:00 deadline


North Central RME Center Staff

Doug Jose, Director

Dave Goeller, Deputy Director

Cheryl Griffith, Project Specialist

Alissa Haines, Grants Coordinator

For questions concerning the Application Process please contact Cheryl Griffith at 402-472-5740,