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The Sacred Name YHVH

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The Sacred Name YHVH
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The Sacred Name YHVH

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  1. The Sacred Name YHVH

  2. Part 3 Context, Context, Context “Text without Context is Pretext.”

  3. Handout To “Call Upon the Name of the Lord”

  4. “Call upon the name of the Lord” • Appears 5 times in Scripture: • Genesis 4:26 • Psalm 116:13 • Psalm 116:17 • Zephaniah 3:9 • Romans 10:13

  5. “Call on the name of the Lord” • Occurs 4 Times in Scripture: • 1 Kings 18:24 • 2 Kings 5:11 • Joel 2:32 • Acts 2:21

  6. “Called on the name of the Lord” • Occurs 1 Time in Scripture: • Genesis 13:4

  7. “Called upon the name of the Lord” • Occurs 3 times in Scripture: • Genesis 12:8 • Genesis 26:25 • Psalm 116:4

  8. “Calling on the name of the Lord” • Occurs 1 time in Scripture: • Acts 22:16

  9. When it comes to the TWO “Call Upon the Name of the Lord” Propheciesthat the Sacred Name Adherents cite in the TaNaKh: If you examine them in their Context, they Are FUTUREMillennial Reign Prophecies!

  10. Joel 2:32

  11. Zephaniah 3:9 8Therefore, wait for me,” says Adonai, “for thedaywhen I rise to witness against you, when I decide to assemble nations, to gather kingdoms together, to pour on them my indignation, all my furious anger; for all the earth will be consumed in the fire of my passion.

  12. 9For then I will change the peoples, so that they will have pure lips, to call on the name of Adonai, allofthem, and serve him with one accord.

  13. Context, Context, Context We finished our Topical Study on the “Day of the Lord” and the Last Days several Shabbats ago. Question: When does the “Day of the Lord” occur? Answer: At the END of the Great Tribulation!

  14. So, What is the Contextof Joel 2? 1 "Blow the shofar in Tziyon! Sound an alarm on my holy mountain!" Let all living in the land tremble, for theDayofADONAIis coming! It'suponus! 2adayofdarknessandgloom, adayofcloudsandthickfog; a great and mighty horde is spreading like blackness over the mountains.

  15. "After this…” 28 "Afterthis, I will pour out my Spirit on all humanity. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions; 29 and also on male and female slaves in those days I will pour out my Spirit.

  16. After What??? The Day of the Lord!

  17. 30I will show wonders in the sky and on earth - blood, fire and columns of smoke. 31The sun will be turned into darkness and the moon into blood before the coming of the great and terrible Day of ADONAI."

  18. 32Atthattime, whoever calls on the name of ADONAI will be saved.For in Mount Tziyon and Yerushalayim there will be thosewhoescape, as ADONAI has promised; amongthesurvivorswill be those whom ADONAI has called.

  19. Kefa (Peter) Cited Joel 2:32(a future prophecy at the time) in Acts 2 16No, this is what was spoken about through the prophet Yo’el: 17‘Adonai says: “In the Last Days, I will pour out from my Spirit upon everyone. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

  20. 18 Even on my slaves, both men and women, will I pour out from my Spirit in those days; and they will prophesy. 19I will perform miracles in the sky above and signs on the earth below — blood, fire and thick smoke. 20The sun will become dark and the moon blood beforethe great and fearful Day of Adonai comes. 21Andthen, whoever calls on the name of Adonai will be saved.”

  21. Though Kefa uses this at the “Birthday of the Body of Messiah” (present) in Acts 2, This Prophecy is Actuallypointing to its full fulfillment (future) in Joel when duringtheMillennial (1000 year) reign of Messiah on this Earth, Men WILL Call Upon the True Name of God and Be Saved!

  22. Sha’ul (Paul) Also (like Kefa) Uses it in a Present Tense in Romans 10 12 That means that there is no difference between Jew and Gentile — Adonai is the same for everyone, rich toward everyone who calls on him, 13 since everyone who calls on the name of Adonai will be delivered.

  23. Were Peter and Paul WRONG in Using it in a Present Day Sense? NO!

  24. Biblical Prophecies The Prophet is Looking Down the Corridors of Time from Where he is Standing: Like a mountain climber on the top of a mountain looking across the peaks of a range of mountains.

  25. He Can Easily See the Peaks of the Other Mountains But he doesn’t see clearly the events occurring in the Valleys below the peaks!

  26. Though that Time BEGAN in a Present Tense in Acts 2 As Kefa (Peter) stood up to speak…it STILL HAS NOT met its fulfillment today, just as the New Covenant hasn’t met its fulfillment when Yeshua at the last Supper instituted the New Covenant with His blood (Matthew 26):

  27. 26 While they were eating, Yeshua took a piece of matzah, made the b’rakhah, broke it, gave it to the talmidim and said, “Take! Eat! This is my body!” 27 Also he took a cup of wine, made the b’rakhah, and gave it to them, saying, “All of you, drink from it! 28For this is my blood, which ratifies the New Covenant, my blood shed on behalf of many, so that they may have their sins forgiven.

  28. Matthew 26 29 I tell you, I will not drink this ‘fruit of the vine’ again until the day I drink new wine with you in my Father’s Kingdom.”

  29. There is STILL Another Cup to Be Drunk by Yeshua in the Kingdom To Complete Passover!

  30. Today, the Passover Seder is NOT Considered Complete Until the Final Cup is Drunk – the Fourth Cup!

  31. There are Four Cups in Todays Seder: • Cup of Sanctification • Cup of Plagues • Cup of Redemption • Cup of Hallel (Praise)

  32. No Certainty of How Many Cups Were Drunk at the Seder in Yeshua’s time, but the fact is: Yeshua STOPPED drinking at a certain Cup in His Seder and said that He wasn’t going to drink of the Cup again until He drank it in the Kingdom.

  33. If He Had the Same Cups as We Do Now: He likely drank cup one (sanctification) at the table. He may have drank cup two (plagues) at the table and stopped drinking after cup two. - OR – He drank Cup two on the Cross. For sure: Cup three, He drank on the Cross (Redemption) for our sins. [On Gethsemane, He asked the Father to take away this cup.]

  34. He Won’t Drink the Final Cup Until He Reigns and Rules (1000 year reign – Millennial reign) the World after the Day of the Lord!

  35. Thus, Passover is Not Yet Completely Fulfilled (Though it started at the Last Supper in 30 CE) Until Yeshua drinks that last Cup in His Kingdom!

  36. Even the New Covenant that He Inaugurated by His blood was STILL NOT yet in its Fullness by 70 CE! Hebrews 8:13 – “By using the term, “new,” he has made the first covenant “old”; and something being made old, something in the process of aging, is on its way to vanishing altogether.”

  37. So in the Case of Peter - What Began in 30 CE at Shavuot as Cited by Kefa STILL Wasn’t in its fullness by 70 CE! And it is STILL not it its fullness nearly 2000 years LATER!

  38. The SAME GOES with the Joel prophecy and the Zephaniah prophecies on calling on the Name to be saved Yeshua will totally fulfill when He comes back.

  39. When Yeshua Returns – Revelation 19 - ALL Will Know the Name 11 Next I saw heaven opened, and there before me was a white horse. Sitting on it was the one called Faithful and True, and it is in righteousness that he passes judgment and goes to battle. 12 His eyes were like a fiery flame, and on his head were many royal crowns. And he had a name written which no one knew but himself.

  40. Then when He Returns with the True Name, During the Millennial Reign: Those who call upon the Name of the Lord will be saved: Joel 2:32 “Atthattime, whoever calls on the name of ADONAI will be saved.”

  41. When He Returns with “The Name” I Will be Among the FIRST to Say It! I believe all believers will…until then – whatever you pronounce it as is just a wild guess – as we examined in Part 2 and the part 1 and 2 Review.