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GOOD EVENING. Dear Children. Can you guess me. who I am ?. I am an animal. I have four legs. I live in the forest. I have mane. My kids are called cubs. I am the king of the forest. Can you tell me now. Who am I ?. Guess ?. Tiger ?. Panther ?. Lion ?. sorry, Try Again.

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Dear Children

Guess ?

Tiger ?

Panther ?

Lion ?

I am a Lion.

King of the forest.

You may be interested to know about me.

Well, I will tell you my story.

People call me lion. I live in the forest.I eat meat. I kill animals.I kill animals only when I am hungry.But human beings kill the animals without any purpose .Nowadays forests are being cut.So my house is being destroyed.And that is why I am running towards villages.I can be your friends but only if you love me.

I told you something about myself.

Now I ask you what you have known about me.

Where do I live ?

I live in the ……………

What do I eat ?

I eat………

When can I be your friends ?

I can be your friends when you ………me.

When do I kill animals ?

I kill animals when I am……….

But human beings kill animals without any …………………

Now a days my home is being destroyed.

Why do people destroy my home ?

I hope i shall see you tomorrow and talk more
I hope I shall see you tomorrow and talk more. and play with my children.

Thank You

Good Night.

I am going to the forest again.

The End and play with my children.