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convergence and co existence n.
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Convergence and Co-existence PowerPoint Presentation
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Convergence and Co-existence

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Convergence and Co-existence
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Convergence and Co-existence

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  1. Convergence and Co-existence

  2. Why Convergence? • From saving money ... • Single communications infrastructure • Voice/data convergence over IP networks • Staffing and simplified management • . . . to making money • E-commerce and B2B applications • Productivity enhancements with unified messaging and collaboration • Revenue-generating customer service applications • Expand and enable e-business

  3. What IP Brings to Voice • Standard Protocols • TCP/IP and related protocols (H.323, MGCP, SIP) • More product choice • Multivendor interoperability • Ubiquitous Access • Internet access from virtually anywhere • Enterprise networks now based on IP • Scalability • Public Internet scales to global proportions • Small businesses also use IP networks • Resiliency • Additional redundancy, alternate paths, improved protocols can help • While not yet “five 9s,” networks getting better

  4. 2003/5 - PCX, Pure Software Solution standard IT platform - customer choice multivendor interoperability - H.323, SIP, MGCP wireless - 3G/broadband/location-based 2000 - 2003/5 IP- PCX, Hybrid Robust Solutions IP telephony client/server architecture call control integrated w/ OS/hardware platform modular applications - open protocols and APIs hybrid networks - circuit & packet 1980s - 1990s PBX, Proprietary All-in-One platforms single vendor solution, feature-rich embedded applications, call control, circuit switching - PSTN/ISDN IP Telephony Traditional PBX Voice Communication Evolution

  5. System Architecture Evolution Future Legacy PBX Communication Applications PSTN ISDN Application Server Open APIs/Standard Protocols Voice Applications Call Handling &Processing Call Control Signaling Call Server Open APIs/Standard Protocols Circuit Switching IP Network IP Network Infrastructure Open APIs/Standard Protocols ProprietaryTelephones H.323, SIP, MGCP

  6. Main site VoIP implementation: LAN & WAN Remote Branch VoIP in the WAN VoIP in the LAN Phase 1: Implementation of VoIP in the WAN for toll bypass - IP trunking or trunking over IP Phase 2: Implementation of VoIP in the LAN for cabling simplification (a single cable for voice and data) - IP telephony or Telephony over IP

  7. IP Call Server Converged Mgmt IP enabler Single communications infrastructure IP enabler PSTN Multimedia PC RBS PBX Architecture Evolution Convergence & Co-existence Mobility Call Handling Routing ACD Mgmt Voicemail ... Applications Enterprise communications infrastructure CTI Desktop FeaturePhones RBS Analog PC

  8. H.323 Call server Application servers Enterprise IP network Multimedia workstation IP phone Digital phones OmniPCX 4400,True IP-PCX IP Communications • Fault-tolerant UNIX call server • IP in the core • application interconnection • VoIP transport • QoS • 802.1p/Q, DiffServ • phones, gateways • Full-featured telephony • analog, digital • IP phones, softphones • IP at your own pace • software, IP enablers • migrate and scale in steps

  9. Simplified access to powerful features The Alcatel ReflexesTM family • Natural communications • save time - call by name • easy feature access: navigator, soft keys • advanced services for everybody: voice guidance • integration in user interface: voicemail, fax… • full services supported on TDM or 10/100 IP Phones • DHCP and TFTP client • G711 & G723.1 voice format • QoS: 802.1p/q & DiffServ • SNMP agent (MIB 2) • DC power pack or centralized PSU • Voice recognition

  10. Application integration Call-me button for voice and data interaction Operator-pushed Web page Enhanced customer experience data voice Internet data voice Standard multimedia PC IP-PCX Contact Center Customer Call Center agent Enabling e-Business

  11. Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 Platform IP-PCX Industry • Voice performance • 500+ PBX features • 99.999% reliability • Telco connectivity • IP networking performance • native IP support • IP enabler plug-in • adaptable OS • Unified messaging & mobility • Web-based call center • Scalability to 50K+ users • QoS monitoring & rerouting • Global performance • support of hybrid networks • APIs for application integration Most Alcatel OmniPCX 4400 Voice Performance PBX Vendors Data Vendors Least Least Most IP Networking performance “As IP as you want to be…”

  12. IP Telephony without Compromise Old PBX’s OmniPCX 4400 IP Only PBX’s Pros: 99.999% 500 + features Cons: Old Technology Limited & expensive migration to IP Pros: It’s IP! Cons: Questionable reliability - primitive features • Best of both worlds-Today! • “As IP as you want to be” • 99.999% availability • Fully featured • Addresses both markets

  13. Next generation network architecture Mobility Telephony & Routing Contact Center Suite End User Directory CTI & PC Telephony Unified Messaging Middleware Network-wide Applications Security Firewall Carriers Policy Mgmt LDAP server/QoS Network- wide services Voice-enabled IP Network Switches Internet IP Address Management Privatenetworks DHCP server Network Management Mobile User CTI- enabled Desktop IP Phone Office Worker Nomadic Worker Contact Center

  14. VoIP Convergence Benefits • Cost savings • Efficiency of statistical multiplexing vs. TDM • Regulatory arbitrage -- decrease reliance on regulated or monopoly carriers • Low marginal cost of voice over pre-existing data network: voice “rides for free” • Simplification • Manage one infrastructure instead of two • Fewer network components • Staffing and organizational convergence • Forces voice and data staff to work together • Improved productivity and service delivery • New applications and ease of integration

  15. OmniPCX 4400 is the most awarded IP voice system in the world Solutions for e-Business Convergence • Leading edge IP-based voice communications with Alcatel OmniPCX 4400, for business-quality IP Telephony and VoIP • IP-based convergence-ready switching/routing products with Alcatel Omni family for mission-critical networking • Security, mobility, and integrated solution products

  16. Weather and road conditions • GPS-based directions • Service and car option information Peugeot Solution • Peugeot’s challenge: improving the luxury car experience • The solution: a call-me button on dashboard – connects to call center using Alcatel, Genesys, and SAP technology

  17. Conclusion • Market is clearly going towards IP communications and open, converged network infrastructures • e-Business applications are relying on a common set of open communication technologies • Voice evolving to IP and software-based platforms • IP network infrastructures ready for voice • Co-existence allows migration at own pace and leverages investment legacy equipment The evolution is happening now . . Convergence and IP Communications are the opportunity!

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