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International Programme at BHS

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International Programme at BHS. Overview, Rationale, and Detailed Mapping. Outline. General description of our two different programmes and rationale behind this Benefits of taking AS/A2 exams and university admission criteria SAT I and SAT II matters How Grades 7/8 transition into Grade 9

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International Programme at BHS

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international programme at bhs

International Programme at BHS

Overview, Rationale, and Detailed Mapping

  • General description of our two different programmes and rationale behind this
  • Benefits of taking AS/A2 exams and university admission criteria
  • SAT I and SAT II matters
  • How Grades 7/8 transition into Grade 9
  • What happens in Grade 10?
  • Grade 11/12 curriculum
  • Your questions?!
two curricula followed
Two curricula followed:
  • British curriculum leading to the IGCSE/AS and A2 exams.
  • American curriculum aiming to prepare students for university freshman courses and SAT II exams where required.
  • In some cases in Grades 11/12 students take a combination of courses from both the British and the American programme.
why two curricula
Why two curricula?
  • Beyond the IGCSE level, the AS/A2 courses are very challenging and only students with a true interest in the subject and excellent IGCSE results can handle them.
  • Some students are heading only for American universities and need more emphasis on SAT II preparation.
  • All students are prepared for the SAT reasoning test (SAT I) which most American universities require students to take.
benefits of pursuing as a2 programme and taking the exams
Benefits of pursuing AS/A2 programme and taking the exams:
  • Excellent preparation for university
  • Good results in AS and A2 exams exempt students from certain freshman-level courses at the American University of Beirut.
  • Good results enhance students’ chances of admission to the top universities in the United States and exempt them from many freshman-level courses (case by case basis).
  • Good results in 2-3 subjects admit a student to British , Australian, and Canadian universities (and exempt them for certain credit requirements).
example of how this works
Example of how this works;

From McGill University’s website:

“Advanced Standing or Transfer Credits

  • You must complete a minimum of four years of study in order to be eligible for a degree from McGill University
  • If you have completed any Advanced Subsidiary (AS), Advanced Level (A-Level)…….you may be awarded up to 30 credits of advanced standing, subject to faculty and program requirements.”

From McGill university’s website- Conditions for exemption for TOEFL requirements or other proofs of proficiency in the English language:

  • “Have you or will you complete the British Curriculum A-Level English with a final grade of C or better?
  • Have you completed the British Curriculum ….IGCSE … English, English Language, English First Language, or English as a Second Language with a final grade of 'B' or better?”
admission to british universities
Admission to British Universities:

Admission to King’s College, London:

  • “Applicants to degree programmes who are taking AS/A-levels in the UK will normally be expected to pass four subjects at AS-level and pursue and pass three of these at A-level.”
  • “AS/A Levels taken outside the UK: In light of the changes in the UK, applicants are now normally expected to offer an extra AS-level to accompany their three A-levels.”
the all important question admission to aub freshman or sophomore
The all important question- admission to AUB: freshman or sophomore?

From AUB’s admission pages:

  • If a student has completed a minimum of 12 years of schooling, he/she could apply directly to sophomore year (2nd year of university education) if he/she completes a Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalence (2 A-levels excluding Arabic).
aub cont

“General Certificate of Education (GCE) and Oxford or Cambridge Higher Certificate

  • A total of five different subjects are required, at least two of which are at advanced level (4 Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level subjects may replace the 2 required A levels depending on the program applied for).
  • Arabic at advanced level is not counted as one of the two required subjects at Advanced Level.
  • Holders of the GCE certificate with subjects as specified above may apply for admission to the freshman class. If they choose to do so, they may be given freshman credits for courses equivalent to A-level subjects in which they received high scores (usually B’s and A’s).”
aub admission requirements cont
AUB Admission Requirements (cont)

• “Holders of the GCE certificate as specified above may apply for admission to the sophomore class in FAS, and to the equivalent classes in other faculties.”

However, AUB has not been able to pursue these requirements for students graduating from schools in Lebanon, due to restrictions from the Lebanese government, and thus has been admitting all our students as freshman students.

who needs to take the sat ii exams
Who needs to take the SAT II exams?
  • “All applicants, Lebanese or non Lebanese, to the High School Programme which allows entry to the freshman level at university, must obtain an official statement of permission to pursue a foreign programme from the Equivalence Committee of the Lebanese Ministry of Education (at UNESCO).

The reason for this is that the Lebanese government requires all freshman entrants to universities in Lebanon to take the SAT Reasoning and three SAT Subject Tests before they leave school, or during their freshman year in order to gain equivalence for the Lebanese Baccalaureate.”

(This is important for students who want their university degrees accredited by the Lebanese government for purposes of joining professional associations and working in Lebanon.)

sat subject tests sat ii
SAT Subject Tests (SAT II)

The SAT Subject Tests requirements are:

  • Equivalence for Literary Baccalaureate: SAT Subject Test Math Level 1, plus any other two subject tests.
  • Equivalence for Scientific Baccalaureate: SAT Subject Test Level 2, plus two sciences (Physics, Chemistry or Biology).
  • The question is: will your child need the equivalence for the Lebanse Baccalaureate?
how we prepare students for sat ii tests
How we prepare students for SAT II tests
  • Many of our Grade 11/12IP courses are specifically designed with the SAT II requirements in mind.
  • Our students should be well prepared for the SAT II in:

a. Maths (either Level I or Level II)

b. Physics, chemistry, and biology

c. English literature

d. US history (for those who opt to take the course)

  • We offer SAT II trial exams in March.
sat i reasoning test minimum scores required for admission to aub
SAT I (reasoning test)- minimum scores required for admission to AUB:

“SAT I scores, Mathematical reasoning and Critical Reading….as follows:

  • 1,100 for sophomore arts (except Economics) or nursing II
  • 1,200 for sophomore sciences (and Economics) or business, first year in the Faculties of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Health Sciences, and first year graphic design
  • 1,250 for first year engineering and architecture”
students at bhs are prepared for the sat i exam in a variety of ways
Students at BHS are prepared for the SAT I exam in a variety of ways:
  • In their regular maths and English classes, especially in Grades 10 and 11.
  • By attending our trial exams (scheduled for this Saturday) and receiving feedback on their performance.
  • By taking our Saturday courses and summer courses in SAT preparation offered in conjunction with AMIDEAST.
transitioning from grades 7 8 ip into grade 9 ip
Transitioning from Grades 7/8 IP into Grade 9 IP
  • In 9IP students begin actual preparation for the IGCSE exams usually taken in May/June of their 10 IP year.
  • BHS requires IP students to take at least 5 IGCSE exams as a graduation requirement. (These exams are taken on campus as BHS is a CIE testing centre).
  • In grades 7/8 IP students are streamed in Arabic and French only.
  • In 9IP, students are streamed in maths and sciences as well, to provide better preparation for the IGCSE exams.
  • Students are not streamed in English till they reach Grade 10.
  • Grade 9IP subjects prepare students for the IGCSE exams, including ICT and art.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with your questions or comments. I can be reached