le avventure di pinocchio carlo collodi 1883 l.
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Le avventure di PINOCCHIO Carlo Collodi 1883 PowerPoint Presentation
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Le avventure di PINOCCHIO Carlo Collodi 1883

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Le avventure di PINOCCHIO Carlo Collodi 1883 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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School Partnership Project 2008-2010 Good behaviour – a rainbow that colours our life. Le avventure di PINOCCHIO Carlo Collodi 1883. Istituto Comprensivo Lonate Pozzolo (Va) - ITALY . Class 1 A-B-C-D. Age : 11/12 Students involved : 100 Lessons per week : 1

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le avventure di pinocchio carlo collodi 1883

School Partnership Project 2008-2010

Good behaviour – a rainbow that colours our life

Le avventure di PINOCCHIOCarlo Collodi 1883

Istituto Comprensivo Lonate Pozzolo (Va) - ITALY

class 1 a b c d
Class 1 A-B-C-D
  • Age:11/12
  • Students involved:100
  • Lessons per week:1
  • Subjects:Italian, English, French


  • To analyze good and bad behaviour through traditional stories or classic novels of the literary tradition
  • Products
  • Written analysis and comments
  • Drawings and book covers
  • Table of Pinocchio’s behaviour and consequences
  • Exhibition
  • Comic strips and albums
who is pinocchio
Who is Pinocchio?

We have chosen “The adventures of Pinocchio” because Pinocchio is very much like us ... He is a stubborn and naughty marionette that never follows the good advise of his affectionate father Geppetto, of the loving Fairy or the wise Talking Cricket.

He doesn’t like studying and prefers joining the Marionettes theatre or having fun with his friends at Toy Land.

who is pinocchio5
Who is Pinocchio?

He follows his sudden wishes and tells lies but the consequences are a disaster: he loses all his money and is hanged to a oak tree; he sees his nose getting longer and longer; he turns into a donkey; he is swallowed by a shark...

who is pinocchio6
Who is Pinocchio?

... But Pinocchio learns from his own mistakes and eventually he understands that Geppetto, the Fairy and the Cricket were right.

After riscking his life so many times he takes care of his father, goes to school and works hard to buy him a new house.

One fine day he wakes up and realizes he has become a real child!.


Step 1

We have learnt something about the author, the period and the setting

We have read the whole book

Step 2

We have discussed Pinocchio’s behaviour and we have found out examples of similar behaviour in our own experience

Step 3

We have watched the film “Le avventure di Pinocchio”(L. Comencini - 1972)


Step 4

We have singled out examples of good and bad behaviour. We have filled in a table about Pinocchio’s behaviour and its consequences

Step 5

We have found proverbs, sayings and metaphors about behaviour


Step 6

We have selected and illustrated a significant episode

Step 7

We have looked for a suitable quotation or summary to match our drawings. We have translated the sentences in English

Step 8

We have selected the best drawings and set an exhibition in the hall of the school


And now let’s have a look at our work…

Pinocchio and the consequences of his behaviour


“Geppetto wants to make himself a Marionette that will dance, fence and turn somersaults. He fashions it and calls it Pinocchio.”

He made the mouth…

No sooner was it finished than it began to laugh and poke fun at him.


Pinocchio falls asleep by the fire…

…He wakes up with all his feet burned off


Instead of going home, he follows the Fox and the Cat and buries his gold coinsin the Field of Wonders

He loses all his money


The Talking Cricket suggests Pinocchio to return home and give his coins to his poor old father...

but Pinocchio doesn’t listen to him...

... the fox and the cat hang him at a branch of the great oak tree


Any time Pinocchio tells a lie ...

... his nose grows longer and longer


Pinocchio is very hungry and steals some grapes in a field...

He is caught in a trap and a farmer forces him to be the watchdog to his henhouse


He helps catch the thieves ...

As a reward for his faithfulness, he is given his freedom back


In the shark’s body he finds his father Geppetto…

…and he is filled with a great and sudden happiness


Pinocchio takes his father by the hand and tries to save him

A tuna fish helps them to reach the shore


Pinocchio has learned an important lesson

“…in this world of ours we must be kind and courteous to others, if we want to find kindness and courtesy in our own days of trouble”

The Talking Cricket