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Journal Responses. 9/4. Write back! Please make sure your response is 3 solid paragraphs of 5 – 7 sentences each. . Dear Students,

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write back please make sure your response is 3 solid paragraphs of 5 7 sentences each


Write back! Please make sure your response is 3 solid paragraphs of 5 – 7 sentences each.

Dear Students,

I’m looking forward to getting to know you this year. Please tell me a little about you as a reader. Do you like to read? What are some of your reading strengths, and what kinds of things cause you to struggle?

One of my goals this year is to find a good match between you and books. Tell me some of your favorite genres, books and authors and why you like them. If you can’t think of many, share things you like to do; that will give me an idea of books you might enjoy.

Lastly, share the book you’re reading right now. What made you choose it? What do you think about it so far?

Happy Reading,

Mrs. Patterson



Write 5 comparisons of people to foods:_____________________ is _______________________, (person) (food)because ________________________________________ (explanation)Make one about a character from the book you’re reading.

  • Examples:
  • Mr. Aronson is chicken noodle soup, because he’s hearty, comforting and always good for you.
  • Bailey is an M&M, because you’ve got to crack through her quiet shell to get to the sweet, fun inside!
  • Marlee from The Lions of Little Rock is a nine-layer dip, because she starts out meek and mild in the story, but ends up a little spicy.


Describe a character from your novel – (6 sentences). Find two quotes from your book that help describe the character.
  • Example: The Name of this Book is Secret
    • Max-Ernest is a small eleven-year-old boy who likes puzzles and word games. He is a very logical thinker. He seems to get on people’s nerves because he talks so much. Others see him as kind of annoying, although he is very smart. He dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian and tries out jokes on everyone in his class. Max-Ernest doesn’t have a lot of friends.
    • “Despite his diminutive stature, Max-Ernest attracted attention wherever he went.” (page 28)
    • “They were obviously very excited to meet their son’s first-ever friend and they treated her like visiting royalty.” (page 56)
plan your book talk


Plan your book talk!
  • What excerpt are you planning to share? Why did you choose it?
  • Who might enjoy this book?
  • Complete an informal outline for what you liked or disliked about the book with at least 3 reasons and an explanation or example for each:
    • R/D/F _______________________________________________
      • e/e/e __________________________________________________
    • R/D/F _______________________________________________
      • e/e/e __________________________________________________
    • R/D/F _______________________________________________
      • e/e/e __________________________________________________


Questions you have about the characters and what’s happening to themPredictions of what will happen nextConflicts occurring in the storyWOW words and phrases that help you visualize the story betterSketches of what you visualize as you readInferences you have about the characters, plot and mood

make connections write at least 2 connections 5 sentences each


Make Connections: Write at least 2 connections – 5 sentences each.
  • Briefly summarize a part of your novel.
  • Write about a connection you have with the text – real-life association, things it reminds you of, something else you’ve seen or read . . .
example red kayak
Example: Red Kayak
  • J.T. is worried about his dad. Something is wrong with his kidneys, and J.T. is considering giving his dad one of his.
    • My mother had a liver transplant about 18 years ago. It was a stressful time for our family, and I was constantly worried about her. She had to fly to Nebraska where the surgery would take place once they found a donor. Her recovery took months, but she survived and is still with us today.
  • Brady finds out that J.T. and Digger drilled holes in the red kayak that resulted in Ben’s death.
  • J.T. acknowledges that drilling the holes was a mistake, and he seems to feel regret over it.
write a summary of your novel 5 7 sentences


Write a summary of your novel. (5-7 sentences)
  • Moon Over Manifest weaves a story within a story. Abilene Tucker spends the summer in Manifest when her dad goes off to the railroad. With the help of a diviner and some old letters from World War I, Abilene learns about the town’s history, as well as her father’s. She discovers a spy called the “Rattler” and how the town worked together to save the well from greedy minors. Abilene helps the townspeople of Manifest remember who they are and where they came from, while learning these things about herself.
reflect on your independent reading during 1 st quarter 7 sentence paragraph


Reflect on your independent reading during 1st quarter. (7-sentence paragraph.)
  • Was your goal challenging yet achievable? Did you spend about an hour each week reading outside of class?
  • Did you consistently meet your goal? Why or why not?
  • Are you reading more or less than you have in previous years? Why?
  • What are your goals for next quarter?
    • Increase number of pages read?
    • Diversify kinds of reading – variety of genres?
    • Maintain consistency of pages read?
brown bag response


Brown Bag Response
  • Identify what is in your envelope.
  • Brainstorm as many connections between your item and the novel as you can think of.
  • Find a passage from the book that relates to your item – copy at least one sentence and include the page number.
nonfiction books write at least one paragraph 5 7 sentences answering these questions


Nonfiction Books – Write at least one paragraph (5-7 sentences) answering these questions:
  • What book did you choose to read?
  • Why did you choose it?
  • What have you learned so far?
  • How is reading a nonfiction book different than reading a fiction one?
  • What progress have you made on your note-taking?

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(pg. )

  • __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(pg. )
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(pg. )
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(pg. )
  • ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________(pg. )
write a review of a book you ve read this semester


Write a review of a book you’ve read this semester.

Ninth Ward

By Jewell Parker Rhodes

Twelve-year-old Lanesha lives in New Orleans with her Mama Ya-Ya, her caretaker, who is a grandmotherly figure with rosary beads and voodoo protection charms. When hurricane Katrina roars ashore, Lanesha is challenged to survive. Ninth Ward is an absolutely exquisite children’s debut by Jewell Parker Rhodes. Jewell’s vivid writing brings the setting to life, in a story that is both timely and unforgettable.

Mrs. Patterson

pre write
  • Make a list of the characters.
  • Pick out what you think is the main idea of the book.
  • Make a list of the themes you notice.
  • Write your evaluation of the book.


  • Choose one statement from the opinionnaire you completed on Monday to write a complete paragraph explaining your thoughts. Justify why you agree or disagree, and use examples to support your position. (5-7 complete sentences)
nonfiction summary


Nonfiction Summary
  • Summarize your nonfiction book in a solid paragraph on Edmodo. Remember to use the IVF format for your topic sentence:

Identify – Verb – Finish the Thought

  • Include at least 3 facts in your article. Cite the page number where you found the information.
  • Use transitions to link your sentences together. (See poster)
  • End with an appropriate conclusion.
  • Type the citation at the bottom of your paragraph.

Insects written by Kids Discover highlights interesting facts about insects. Did you know that there are over three million insect species worldwide(2)? According to the text, not all bugs are insects. Insects have bodies with three segments. One section is the head, which includes two eyes and two antennae. The thorax is where the legs and wings are attached, and the third section is the abdomen(4). It said on page 5 that most insects breathe through their skin. They have a series of tubes called tracheae that carry air to all parts of their body. There are several interesting insects. One example is the Herculean beetle. It measures almost seven inches long(16). I enjoyed this magazine because I learned some fascinating facts about a variety of insects.

Sands, Stella. Insects. Kids Discover: New York. 2006.

book ladders


Book Ladders
  • Think about what makes a book difficult.
  • Create a list of the books you’ve read this semester in order of difficulty: easiest to most difficult.
  • Write a solid paragraph response sharing the reasoning behind your choices. (5-7 Sentences)
action plan reflections


Action Plan Reflections
  • Write a solid 1-paragraph (5-7 sentences) reflection answering the following questions:
    • What was your action plan to lighten another’s burdens?
    • Were you able to accomplish your plan? Why or why not?
    • How did it make you feel?
    • How did it make the “other” person/people feel?
    • What else can you do to lighten others’ burdens?