any tips for a new cam girl someone asked n.
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Any tips for a new cam girl

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Any tips for a new cam girl - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Any tips for a new cam girl

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any tips for a new cam girl someone asked

● Any tips for a new ​​cam girl​​*?

● Someone asked me if I had any advice, figured I'd share my thoughts! I’m going to

assume you are camming in a public show space like chaturbate or something for

these! ​Visit ​​

1. ban whoever you want for whatever reason.​​ i used to feel bad for

banning or kicking people but now i just swing that fucking ban hammer

like a nano-boosted Reinhardt and ask questions later. 95% of the time if

someone says one annoying/offensive/stupid as fuck/insensitive thing

they will only get worse the next time they speak. just get rid of them.

2. don’t publicly call people names​​ if they are a massive asshole. there are

tons of people who get off on being humiliated or talked down to or just

talked to negatively. make them pay for that shit. just ban them and move


3. don’t trust anyone​​ about anything ever. no matter how nice someone

seems, never do a show before getting paid up front. people go through

insane extremes to rip off camgirls. don’t do something before someone

tips you. “show me your (insert sexy body part here) and i’ll tip you” = ​go

fuck yourself people who are actually going

fuck yourself.​​people who are actually going to tip you, will just tip you and

request things if they want to.

4. i wouldn’t recommend camming as a full time job until you’ve done it for a

long time. it can be very emotionally draining if you need to force yourself

to get online even if you don’t feel like it. ​take care of yourself and your

mental health.

5. there are an endless supply of trolls. ​ban them​​ but know that sometimes

it’s nice to use them as a way to educate the rest of your room about

things. i do that anyways.

6. people send death threats and shit occasionally, so heads up on that. ​ban

them​​ and ignore it and move on. maybe take a screenshot for your

records just in case shit gets weird.

7. don’t have like mail and shit laying around your cam space. accidentally

showing your address on stream = big no no. don’t text people with your

phone number, use kik or something. use separate email addresses for


8. clean your damn room.

9. you don’t owe anyone anything.​​ if someone wants something from you

you should both agree to it.

10.don’t do anything you aren’t 100% comfortable with.


read the rules​​ wherever you are camming so someone doesn’t trick

you into doing something that’s not allowed, screenshotting it, and try to

get you banned.


accept that people ​will​​ record your shows and ​will​​ share them and

they ​will​​ be on the internet forever and ever.


do your own thing.​​ don’t watch other successful people and measure

yourself to them, especially if you are live. do what makes you feel

comfortable. be yourself. there is an audience for everyone/every body

type/race/gender blah blah blah just find your niche and rock it.

14.don’t mod people until they’ve been around for a while and you like them.

motherfuckers love to ask to be made a mod for some reason. you should

pick them yourself if you want any at all.

15.i personally don’t allow slurs and things in my room. a lot of people seem

to cater the lowest common denominator and will just allow anything and

everything and end up with a cesspool community so nip that in the bud

early if you care about such things.

16 learn how your camera settings work white

16.learn how your camera settings work. white balance can be a bitch.

research budget lighting if ya gotta.


did i mention to ​ban​​ anyone you want? even if they’ve tipped you a

ton and suddenly become an asshole, ban that fucker. there are tons of

kind people who can take their space.

● i guess that’s it for now. you’ll figure it out, good luck! aha that ended up a bit

longer than i thought. hope it helps!