the market for phone situations is substantial n.
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The ΑΞΕΣΟΥΑΡ IPHONE TIMES Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We've Seen PowerPoint Presentation
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The ΑΞΕΣΟΥΑΡ IPHONE TIMES Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We've Seen

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The ΑΞΕΣΟΥΑΡ IPHONE TIMES Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We've Seen - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stop Ruining Your Phone With a Stupid Case

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The ΑΞΕΣΟΥΑΡ IPHONE TIMES Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We've Seen

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    Presentation Transcript
    the market for phone situations is substantial

    The market for phone situations is substantial. Waterproof cases, natural leather cases, silicon instances, stick-on

    screen protectors, plate-glass display guards. Sufficient. It's time to shed your cover for excellent, and allow your

    phone wander cost-free, nude, as nature intended.

    There are as several factors to toss your case in the garbage as there are grains of sand on a hideous, ostentatious,

    expensive coastline. Let's just go with the huge 3:

    It's Unnatural

    Your phone had not been developed to be covered up. Sir Ive really did not rest in his luxurious little Apple office,

    slaving over a drawing board for you to wrap it in a horrible αξΕσΟΥαρ IPHONE

    σχΕδια synthetic natural leather folio case that you discovered on Amazon for $20. Neither did the poor

    bastard who spent the last three years pooping out a hundred million HTC phones. Or Samsung or Moto or other

    developer who offers a single damn.

    No, they spent those hrs ploding so that your phone looks gorgeous, so you 'd be honored each time you took it

    out of your pocket. The iPhone 4, specifically, is a design symbol. The same is real for a lot of other gadgets. The

    only exception I may be prepared to make is for a battery instance, since at the very least that's arguably

    functional. After that once again, it's additionally double-ugly.

    Putting a situation on your phone is a little like painting your Ferrari with rust-proofing paint, then covering it in

    burlap. Sure, you're less likely to scratch it. You obscure every gorgeous detail of the bodywork. "It's sensible," you

    state. Lies. It's not a lot more reasonable. It defeats the point of designing the phone to begin with.

    It's Not Worth It

    Okay, so yes, your phone deserves to be seen. On the other hand: It's not a work of art. Yeah, it may have cost you

    a few hundred dollars. And yes, that's a great deal of cash money. Let's encounter it you're going to upgrade as

    quickly as your two-year agreement is up. Your phone can only develop a lot of small scratches in that duration of

    time. Worried concerning the resale value? Also if you have to sell your (once more, two year old) slightly scraped

    phone for $40 much less than you would certainly a mint version, well, that's just how much you would certainly

    have invested in a case in the very first area.

    If you're an actual worrywart, the loan you save by not purchasing an instance go to guaranteeing your phone in

    case you drop it on tarmac or it obtains stolen. You can even go so far about maintain it in a pocket where you do

    not have secrets or loosened adjustment. Remember that a couple of knocks along the means add character.

    Those little scrapes will certainly remind you of points that in fact happen in your life. I have a ding in mine from

    when I strolled right into a wall intoxicated. That was a good night. I like that it advises me of it.

    Then, perhaps points don't actually happen in your life, offered you invest so much time worrying regarding

    shielding your damn phone.

    Our Official Endorsement

    : Situations are ugly. They're a bad financial investment. There's one more factor that we're distinctly anti-case,

    that we really did not realize until just this early morning.

    A fast survey reveals that every phone in the Gizmodo office is nude. That's right; we're not just speak. Our phones

    run naked and complimentary, as nature planned, as well as have not yet had event to regret it. Neither will

    certainly you.

    take place take the cover off see just how much

    Take place, take the cover off. See just how much even more natural your phone really feels in your hand. Push the

    cover in the trash bin. Allow your phone really feel the fresh air on its body; the wind on its display. You'll thank us

    for it.