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  1. WANDERUS A Platform for Locative Narratives

  2. OUTLINE Brief History Our Project Proposal Remote Viewing and Spatial Experiences Narrative and Games Mobility and Social Networking Tagging, UI/UX Design and Adaptability

  3. BRIEF HISTORY Locative Storytelling Predates Mobile Technology Technological Liberation of Locative Narratives Blast Theory

  4. OUR PROJECT PROPOSAL The Name “Wanderus” Dérive as Inspiration Our Goal with Wanderus What is Wanderus? SOURCES: Debord

  5. REMOTE VIEWING AND SPATIAL EXPERIENCE Why Do We Need to Leave the Home? E.M. Forster’s The Machine Stops (1909) Participatory Enhancement Authenticity and Experience “Every society has its diagram(s)” -Gilles Deleuze

  6. NARRATIVE AND GAMES Is Wanderus a Game? Aspects of a Gamified Experience Incentivization Narrative vs. Game SOURCES: Carr, “Game On,” Montola

  7. MOBILITY What is the Purpose of Mobility? Alteration of Urban Space Blast Theory's "Can You See Me Now" Working Within Protocological Governing How Do We Utilize Mobility?

  8. SOCIAL NETWORKING What Does Social Networking Mean for Locative Narrative? Social Networking and Connection Protocological Engagement Narrative Communities

  9. TAGGING What Do We Mean By Tagging? Nodes vs. Paths Tagging and Hybrid Spaces How Do We Utilize Tagging? SOURCES: De Silva

  10. UI/UX DESIGN What is UI/UX Design? Augmented or Mixed-Reality How Do We Utilize UI/UX Design? SOURCES: De Silva, Montola, Chartrand and Leroux.

  11. ADAPTABILITY Role of Adaptability User-generated Content Geographic Spread Longevity SOURCES: Montola, Stenros.

  12. CONCLUSIONS Locative Narrative Possesses the Ability to Subvert, Alter, and Inform Space and Place Remote Viewing Reduces Authenticity of Experience Gamified Experience Wanderus builds off of locative storytelling's transformative capability through: Mobility Adaptibility Social Networking Tagging Augmented Reality