My favorite paintings
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My favorite paintings. By: Lexi Kuzemchak. The Flower Of Life. Frida Kahlo is the artist. It was made in 1944 It was made in the Surrealism era. Why I like The Flower Of Life.

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My favorite paintings

My favorite paintings

By: Lexi Kuzemchak

My favorite paintings

The Flower Of Life

  • Frida Kahlo is the artist.

  • It was made in 1944

  • It was made in the Surrealism era.

My favorite paintings

Why I like The Flower Of Life

I enjoy this painting because the flower looks strong, yet very delicate and beautiful at the same time. I also love the warm red/orange colors Frida Kahlo included in this painting. When I look at the flower, my eye immediately goes to the center of the flower. The middle of the flower looks like a firework, and I really like fireworks. The flower could also look like a person, if you interpret it that way. That's another reason why I like this painting. Frida really lets your imagination really go wild when you examine the painting.

My favorite paintings

African Beach

  • Mariano Fortuny is the artist of this paining.

  • African Beach was painted around 1867.

  • This painting was a part of the realism era.

My favorite paintings

Why I like African Beach

There’s just something about this painting that brings a sense of relaxation over me. I really like how the artist used very muted colors to bring that calming sense. I also love this painting because it brings back a bunch of memories from my past vacations to the beach. I really enjoy how everything in the painting is not perfect and precise, because at the beach the sand isn’t perfectly flat. I also like how the artist put a few people in a boat it catches your eye.

My favorite paintings

Saint Francis Receiving

the Stigmata

  • The artist of this painting is El Greco.

  • It was composed in 1585-1590.

  • The era of this painting is the Renaissance.

  • The story behind this painting is about when St. Francis of Assisi got a vision of a seraph.

My favorite paintings

Why I like this painting

I mainly like this painting because it ties my religion into it. I also like it because I feel emotionally attatched to it. When I look at this painting it seems very mysterious and I cant help not to feel curious. The dark colors make the painting very ominous and serious. I also like it because St. Francis brings back memories of me going to St. Francis University for volleyball camp.