social development in qatar 2030 n.
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Social Development In Qatar 2030 PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Development In Qatar 2030

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Social Development In Qatar 2030 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Social Development In Qatar 2030. By: Amal Al Kuwari Class: 8D Teacher: Mr. Sweeny. The Three Characteristics. social care sound social structure international cooperation. Social Care.

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social development in qatar 2030

Social DevelopmentIn Qatar 2030

By: Amal Al Kuwari

Class: 8D

Teacher: Mr. Sweeny

the three characteristics
The Three Characteristics
  • social care
  • sound social structure
  • international cooperation
social care
Social Care

It's all about moral and religious values and humanitarian ideals, which I thought was very interesting. It also talks about social protection system for all Qataris.

s ound social structure
Sound social structure

It is about Effective public institutions and strong and active civil society organization. Whichis Preserve Qatar’s national heritage and enhance Arab and Islamic values and identity. It was also that Provide high quality services that respond to the needs and the desires of individuals and businesses.

i nternational cooperation
International cooperation

It talked about Qatar will continue to build upon its role in the international community. It also says that they will do this in An increased regional role economically, politically and culturally, particularly within the framework of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Conference, in this area.

international cooperation
International Cooperation

Intensification of cultural exchange with the Arab peoples in particular and with other nations in general, also in this area and 2 more other areas.

why i chose this pillar
Why I chose this Pillar?

I chose this pillar, because it interested me a lot. I also liked the characteristics it had. I also thought that it was easy and simple to understand and to write about it.

education in 2022
Education In 2022

The education in Qatar would improve. There will be very good universities and schools around. More people will come to study in Qatar, and Qatari people would want to study in Qatar. The education would also be more about foot ball.

health in 2022
Health in 2022

There will be more hospitals in Qatar, and there will be more medicines and doctors around. Qatar will become into a safer place. There will be many more types of hospitals. For example: a hospital for skin, bones, heart, diabetes, dental, and many more.

modern workforce in 2022
Modern Workforce in 2022

The modern workforce in 2022 in Qatar will be very improved and easier. I think it would be easier for people to get jobs. I also think that there will be more people that want to work for the World Cup in Qatar. I also think that the jobs will be more cultural.

my opinion in the future
My Opinion in the future

I think that it will improve in the future by many ways. I think that there will be new and improved cultural places. Where there are cultural clothes to buy, and cultural restaurants. Now in Qatar there is SouqWaqif, & the Cultural Village to express Qatari culture, and they are very nice and cultural. I’m pretty sure there will be many new enjoyable cultural places in Qatar in the future.