Resource brokering and modeling
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Resource Brokering and Modeling. Jeroen van der Ham & Paola Grosso UvA - AIR group Our motivation. The questions from the user: - how can I reserve paths (lightpaths) and book resources to run my applications? The questions from the provider:

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Resource brokering and modeling

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Jeroen van der Ham & Paola Grosso

UvA - AIR group

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Our motivation
Our motivation

The questions from the user:

- how can I reserve paths (lightpaths) and book resources to run my applications?

The questions from the provider:

- How can we provide consistent interfaces?

- How can we keep a consistent reservation system for the resources we control?

End goal:

- Completely automate the reservation and brokering for scenarios such as SC2004.

Web services is an interesting solution to allow the users to access information on resources, their properties and services.

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Which resources
Which resources?

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Uva lighthouse
UvA LightHouse

The control and brokering of the UvA/SARA LightHouse is our first implementation.

Reason for this choice:

  • equipment we control and manage (==> single domain)

    A layer2 switch (Force10) … soon another Layer2/3 switch

    A photonic switch (GlimmerGlass)

    Computing nodes (VanGogh and Rembrandt clusters)

  • connection to NetherLight

    World-wide access from researchers

    Need for resources coordination

    The interesting difference:

    The LightHouse is about more than just network equipment control (UCLP, DRAC): computing element need to be reserved too.

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Resource brokering
Resource brokering

Client goal is simple:

two resources need to be “connected” to each other.

Main goal of a broker:

path determination

How two resources are made to communicate with each other?

resource management

How resources are assigned to users in coherent fashion?

resource monitoring

How resource usage is monitored for planning purposes, for security assessment and error recovery?

performance monitoring

How the user request, service levels are guaranteed and monitored?

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Resources and reservations
Resources and reservations

Starting point:

The definition of the basic element, such resources, reservations, paths…

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Path determination
Path determination

Second step:

Definition of the interfaces to the client…

What should the client be able to know?

The complete list of resources

The list of types of resources

The list of resources of a certain type

The list of resources available at a certain time

The possibility of creating a path between two resources

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Resource management
Resource Management

  • The client can:

  • check for availability of a path

  • reserve a path

  • - cancel/confirm

  • The broker will:

  • maintain a list of resources

  • maintain the list of reservation

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Under the hood
Under the hood….

We need a model for the underlying network elements, so that we can control them…

Resource Brokering and Modeling

Web portals
WEB portals

1. Network Element modeling:

For network element monitoring and simple configuration.

This integrated with the AAA server from UvA (you need a username and a password to use it)

2. Resource Broker portal (under development):

For reservation of resources.

Resource Brokering and Modeling


This is work in progress… aiming for complete version for use in iGrid2005 and SC05 (Sep. and Nov. 2005).

More information is available on:

Comments and questions?

Resource Brokering and Modeling