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Real returns

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Real returns. What matters most in digital advertising. The EVOLUTION OF THE media landscape. #Consumer360. Presentation speakers. Kathy French Nielsen Advertiser Solutions. Ross Link Nielsen Global MROI Solutions. Scott McKinley Nielsen Advertiser Solutions. Bob Rupczynski

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Real returns

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Real returns What matters most in digital advertising

    2. The EVOLUTION OF THE media landscape #Consumer360

    3. Presentation speakers Kathy French Nielsen Advertiser Solutions Ross Link Nielsen Global MROI Solutions Scott McKinley Nielsen Advertiser Solutions Bob Rupczynski Kraft Foods Group #Consumer360

    4. More precise media creating more granular data SMALL DATA NATIONAL TV, Radio, Print MARKET MEDIUM DATA STORE In-store Merchandising BIG DATA HOUSEHOLD INDIVIDUAL Direct Mail, Digital, Social & Mobile #Consumer360

    5. BRIDGE TRADITIONAL & NEW MARKETING REALITIES FUTURE CURRENT EMERGING Enhanced Marketing Mix Modeling Next Generation Marketing Mix Model Multi-touch Attribution Modeling Enhanced Marketing Mix Model Full outlet & touchpoint CONTEXTwith enhanced digital inputs Full outlet & touchpoint CONTEXTwithDEEP DIGITAL GRANULARITY ONE VERSION OF TRUTH Full outlet & touchpoint context Deep digital granularity INTELLIGENT PRIORS CALIBRATION DIGITAL MEDIA CONSORTIUM MULTI-TOUCH ATTRIBUTION MODELING #Consumer360

    6. Digital media consortium THE MOST COMPREHENSIVE STUDIES OF THEIR KIND MORE ACCURATE BETTER METHODOLOGY OUTCOMES 3.79 Billion Facebook Impressions 12 Brands 536 Million Google Impressions 2.4 Billion Total Sales 132 Mix Models 11.3 Million Data Observations GREATER EFFICIENCY #Consumer360

    7. Network path illuminates path to purchase THE INFLUENCE OF ONE ACTIVITY ON ANOTHER NETWORK PATH EXAMPLE TV FACEBOOK GOOGLE SALES TV GRPs Drive Facebook Impressions Facebook Impressions Drive Search Clicks Google Search Clicks Drive Sales #Consumer360

    8. A sampling of what we learned Direction of arrows indicates how volume shifted from one node to another as a result of Network Analysis #Consumer360

    9. A sampling of what we learned other digital online video sampling 14% 4% 13% 4% 15% 15% 2% 67% 87% 80% a d f other digital broadband halo tv PR 5% 6% 3% 1% 60% 7% 4% 93% 37% 84% g h j online video PR 3% 5% 4% 2% 40% 3% 47% 2% 0% 50% 58% 93% 93% k l m n Direction of arrows indicates how volume shifted from one node to another as a result of Network Analysis #Consumer360

    10. Recommended methods yield better models & greater contributions Mean Relative Contributions* Recommended vs. Other Variants 31% UNDERESTIMATION OF ROI FROM VARIOUS METHODS AVAILABLE TODAY OUTCOME 16% Facebook Google * Brands that could not be read using recommended method are excluded #Consumer360

    11. The basics of attribution modeling WHAT IS IT? OUTCOMES • ROI • What’s working or not • Path to purchase • Predictive optimization • 1:1 precision • Big data • Connects person-level exposure to purchase • Real time #Consumer360

    12. The promise of mta MAPPING THE NEW CONSUMER JOURNEY FROM THE IMMENSE MEDIA LANDSCAPE MEDIA TOUCHPOINTS SHOPPING BEHAVIORS PURCHASE BEHAVIOR Search E-commerce Purchase Out of Home Mobile Online Tablet Store Website In-store Purchase TV Direct Mail #Consumer360

    13. New tools are accelerating the speed with which we can acquire, process & analyze data Panels PPTs Manual Machine learning Big data Dashboards Aggregate Insights Weekly/Monthly Granular Real-time Action #Consumer360

    14. Making sense of the new wealth of information Identified new opportunities Partnered with the best modelers Created the solution #Consumer360

    15. MTA attributes sales to causes, going deep on digital Intended customer Display ad Video ad Social Email Search Brand web site E-commerce store Physicalstore Purchase $88 $134 $48 $93 $32 $60 $57 $51 $0 $9 $30 $64 Real-time Analytics: Attribution Value (incremental sales) #Consumer360

    16. Marketing intelligence platform CLIENT DATA MARKETING DATABASE DASHBOARDS MTA PLATFORM Remove Personal Identifying Information • Marketing ROI • Attribution by touchpoint • Allocation recommendation • “What if” scenario planning Media Cost Exposure Data Sales Data Marketing Mix Model Buying Instructions MMM INTEGRATION PROGRAMMATIC BUYING #Consumer360

    17. roi summary $#.##M $#.##M +10k% #.##k% -1k% #.##m ###k $$$ $$ $ #Consumer360 Masked for example purposes

    18. Roi by Display site & device Digital Source 1 Digital Source 3 Digital Source 5 Digital Source 7 Digital Source 9 Digital Source 2 Digital Source 4 Digital Source 6 Digital Source 8 Digital Source 10 PPC brand/ Device 1 PPC brand/ Device 2 PPC brand/ Device 3 Video-com…/ Device 4 Video-com…/ Device 5 Video-com…/ Device 6 #Consumer360 Masked for example purposes

    19. Roi of Search ##,### $0.## $##,### keyword combination1 keyword combination2 ##,### $0.## $##,### keyword combination3 ##,### $0.## $##,### keyword combination4 ##,### $0.## $##,### #Consumer360 Masked for example purposes

    20. Projected roi +##.#% +$###,### #Consumer360 Masked for example purposes

    21. What this means for kraft Revenue contribution for every touchpoint Total ROI, Channel, Device & Exposure Synergy Predictive optimization Programmatic, rules-based precision #Consumer360

    22. WHERE WE’RE HEADED ROI FOR EVERY TOUCHPOINT FORWARD-LOOKING OPTIMIZATION OUTCOMES Integration with mix modeling for non-digital touch points Experimentation with set-top box, over-the-top & addressable TV data Addition of other variables Integration of Online Campaign Ratings, brand equity & others RULES-BASED PRECISION MARKETING #Consumer360

    23. Kraft: revolutionizing marketing MISSION JOURNEY OUTCOME #Consumer360

    24. AUDIENCE Q&A