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Canaccord Enhanced Equity Mandate PowerPoint Presentation
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Canaccord Enhanced Equity Mandate

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Canaccord Enhanced Equity Mandate - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Canaccord Enhanced Equity Mandate. Member CIPF. GOAL AND MISSION STATEMENT. To build and maintain unique, specialized portfolios for Canadians, using some of the best managers in the country. A focus is on reducing risk through prudent allocation and rebalancing strategies.

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goal and mission statement

To build and maintain unique, specialized portfolios for Canadians, using some of the best managers in the country. A focus is on reducing risk through prudent allocation and rebalancing strategies.

  • Provide a unique product employing some of the best equity managers in the country, with exceptional track records as identified in “Stock Market Superstars: Secrets of Canada’s Top Stock Pickers”.
  • Give better risk adjusted returns than the respective index.
  • Returns that are less dependent on the market than traditional portfolios.
  • Through proper diversification, returns that show a lower degree of volatility than what would be expected to achieve a desired return.
what we do
  • We employ a disciplined investment process to find exceptional asset managers and build a diversified portfolio of underlying funds.
  • Our objective is to preserve and grow investor capital.
  • We build a portfolio of 7-10 funds that derive returns in a non-correlated manner to reduce risk and enhance returns.
thompson investment partners

Bob Thompson B.Sc., CIM

Chief Portfolio Manager & Alternative Investment Strategist

Bob is a graduate of Simon Fraser University (Bachelor of Science), with a special interest in the science of finance and money management. Bob has also completed the Canadian Securities Institute course on Personal Financial Planning, and an in depth course on Technical Analysis in the stock market, and an in depth course in Hedge Fund Management and has obtained the CIM designation. In addition, Bob is an Associate Portfolio Manager, allowing him to run discretionary accounts for his clientele. Bob’s work is frequently featured in the Globe and Mail; he is a regular columnist in the Financial Post and is a frequent guest on Report on Business Television.

Andy Tu BBA, B.Sc.

Research Associate

Andy is an integral part of the team. He is a graduate from Simon Fraser University, with a BBA in Finance and B.Sc. in Chemistry. Andy is currently pursuing his CFA designation and is a CFA Level III candidate. Andy is responsible for research and portfolio management. His science and business background gives him a unique expertise, and make him an extremely valuable part of the professional team.

thompson investment partners cont d

Ashley Sahota

Marketing Assistant

Ashley is currently completing dual degrees in Finance and Business Real Estate at the University of British Columbia. Ashley is currently completing her CSC designation and is responsible for all marketing duties. Her educational background and outgoing personality makes her a vital asset to the team.

Cameron Hutt MBA, CFP

Wealth Management Specialist, Research

Cameron Hutt is the Wealth Management Specialist for Canaccord Capital, specializing in financial, tax and estate planning for high net worth individuals.  He is a graduate of the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) program at the Richard Ivey Business School at the University of Western Ontario with a Finance specialization.  In addition to holding the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation, Cameron also holds the Ch.P Strategic Wealth designation.  Cameron has been in the brokerage industry since 1996 and joined Canaccord Capital in 2003.  Previously Cameron worked for eight years with major Canadian Banks in investment banking and retail banking. 

canada s best money managers

Canada’s best money managers have three things in common:

  • They have discipline,
  • They have confidence in their abilities and ,
  • They beat the market over time.

Extensively analyzing the Canadian marketplace, we have identified some of the best managers in the country. Some are top down; some are bottom up, while others are value based. They have track records that are unparalleled and have created immense wealth for their clients. After identifying, interviewing and producing a book on their strategies stock market superstars, we selectively use several of these managers as a core of our portfolio.

the following attributes have been identified as secrets to the best managers success
  • Portfolios don’t look like the index.
  • Not afraid to take chances and follow their hypothesis.
  • Think differently than others ; in an unconventional fashion.
  • Have insights that others don’t.
  • Disciplined in their style.
  • Their returns are generally more related to their skill, than to the market index.
  • This is unique among quality higher performance managers.
our investment process

Conduct Due Diligence on 100 + non-traditional equity funds through industry contacts and consultations

Manager Selection based on Alpha generation, Adherence to Discipline, and Style

Construct Portfolio to mitigate overall risk while achieving strong performance

Macro Outlook

Model Portfolio

what we look for in an exceptional manager

Quantitative Criteria

  • Increase returns compared to what would be expected from volatility.
  • We don’t mind volatility as this is how mangers generate returns.
  • Low correlation to respective markets than traditional funds.
  • r² of 0.6 or lower.
  • Low correlation to other funds in the portfolio.

Qualitative Criteria

  • Repeatable results; we analyze performance attributions.
  • Specific discipline in style.
  • Process driven strategy.
  • Aversion to overall risk through superior due diligence.
  • Have capacity to grow without impacting returns.
  • Managers have significant if not all of their personal assets in their portfolios.
model portfolio

The Portfolio is based on providing the best risk adjusted returns that we can. What makes the product unique?

  • It is managed on a discretionary basis by Chief Portfolio Manager, Bob Thompson, and assisted by Research Associate, Andy Tu. It is constructed using our unique approach in Canada, and employs many of the best portfolio managers in the country including but not limited to managers identified in Stock Market Superstars book. Realizing that styles go into and out of favor, a properly constructed portfolio that is actively rebalanced can provide strong returns over most market environments.
  • The portfolio consists of non-traditional equity managers that have exceptional track records over different market cycles. Our stringent process includes identifying managers that:
    • Have a defined and rigid process .
    • Have exceptional returns and a process that is repeatable.
    • Manage a reasonably small amount of money, to allow for maximum flexibility.
    • Allow enough transparency for us to always have a grasp of style and portfolio composition.
portfolio construction

The portfolio consists of a limited set of funds usually in the range of 7-10. This allows for a sizable allocation to the best managers, while also allowing Mr. Thompson and his team the ability to reduce risk through non-correlated strategies. Concentration with adequate diversification is the key. Some of the managers have achieved exceptional results through focusing on resource stocks, while others involve themselves with special situations in a variety of industries. Some use shorting extensively, while others short rarely. Finally, all the managers are limited in their leverage capacity, to ensure that risk controls are met.

  • Structured according to a disciplined process.
  • Unique in Canada.
  • The model portfolio gives an investor access to managers that they may not be able to get on their own, and that cannot be replicated except through the portfolio.
  • Concentrated and performance based.
  • Managed by Bob Thompson CIM, recognized as one of the foremost authorities on alternative investments in Canada, columnist for the Financial Post, and regular commentator on Canada’s business channel, BNN.
  • Employs many of the best equity managers in the country, as identified by extensive analysis and manager interviews.
  • Active rebalancing and manager selection is based on outlook, and manager allocation according to adherence to style, discipline, and risk controls.
risk management
  • We work to identify and understand individual manager risk and overall portfolio risk through correlation analysis, and other statistical measures.
  • We seek to mitigate strategy and manager risk by diversifying across a portfolio of 7 – 10 funds.
  • We have sufficient transparency from underlying managers to give us a good understanding of positions and portfolio exposures.
  • Mix manager styles, value, growth, macro top down, and monitor overall industry exposure.
portfolio rebalancing

We have a disciplined approach to selection, removal, and rebalancing of managers. We add a manager as opportunities arise, depending on the managers capacity, and adherence to style and discipline. We consider replacing a manager when one or more of the following occurs.

  • Departure of key people, or significant staff turnover.
  • Style Drift or poor performance relative to their strategy and peer group.
  • Negative change to qualitative factors.
sample fund in portfolio

*Past performance is no guarantee of future returns, all capital can be lost

Source: Sprott Asset Management

sample fund in portfolio cont d

Benchmark 1: S&P 500 Index

Benchmark 2: Credit Suisse/Tremont HFI L/S Equity

Source: Sprott Asset Management

conclusion the thompson investment partners advantage

1 .Experience

  • 12 years of focused alternative fund analysis
  • Bob Thompson is a recognized authority in Canada on alternative investments for the retail investing public

2. Unique

  • The book ‘Stock Market Superstars’, authored by Bob Thompson, profiled many of Canada’s best money managers. This allowed Mr Thompson to build a unique portfolio with a core built around these managers.
  • Only Canaccord Capital, under the guidance of Mr Thompson, gives access to Canada’s best money managers through one investment product.
  • Unparalleled access to many of Canada’s best money managers, some of which can only be accessed through this portfolio
conclusion the thompson investment partners advantage cont d

3. Concentration

  • Many fund of funds are diversified with thirty or more funds, taking away much of the chance of outsized gains.
  • This portfolio contains no more than ten funds, allowing for substantial return to the overall portfolio from the component funds.

The strategies highlighted above may not be suitable for all investors.  Several factors must be considered to determine the best method of tax minimization for an individual.  We recommend you consult a professional tax advisor prior to implementing any strategy. The indicated rates of return are based on historical annual compounded total returns. Past performance is not indicative of future performance, all capital can be lost.  

The information contained herein is drawn from sources believed to be reliable, but the accuracy and completeness of the information is not guaranteed, nor in providing it do the author or Canaccord Capital assume any liability. This information is given as of the distribution date of this material, and neither the author nor Canaccord Capital assume any obligation to update the information or advise on further developments relating to the information provided herein. This information is intended for distribution in those jurisdictions where both the author and Canaccord Capital are registered to do business in securities. Any distribution or dissemination in any other jurisdiction is strictly prohibited. The holdings of the author, Canaccord Capital, its affiliated companies and holdings of their respective directors, officers and employees and companies with which they are associated may, from time to time, include the securities mentioned.