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Surgical Medical Equipments PowerPoint Presentation
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Surgical Medical Equipments

Surgical Medical Equipments

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Surgical Medical Equipments

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  1. Surgical Medical Equipments Supplier in Singapore

  2. Think of a time when a doctor would have had to perform a surgery with his hands and not use any medical equipment at all. The result of such a surgery would be a foregone conclusion, actually even before the surgery could start.

  3. Going under the knife is a popular phrase associated with surgeries, and this phrase came into existence when the surgical knife was probably the most important bit of medical equipment in the surgical room.

  4. As on date, you would find a surgery room resembling the looks of a technological war-room, what with all the latest medical devices donning the landscape of the room. Here are the 4 most popular surgical medical equipments, which you would find in a surgery room.

  5. Shadow less lamp - Ask any doctor and he would tell you, why precision visibility is so critical for him to complete the surgery. The shadow less surgical lamp shines right above the surgeon's head and into the patient's body, without producing a shadow that could impair the vision of the surgeon.

  6. LCD Monitor - In the normal course of life, you would find that a LCD monitor is used for entertainment purpose, and there are no problem with that. But, in a surgical room, you would find that LCD monitor is probably helpful equipment for the doctor.

  7. The LCD Monitor throws up high quality and high resolution images of the surgery performed by the doctor. The LCD monitor allows the doctor, the flexibility to move the monitor in a way that he could see the images clearly.

  8. Sputum Suction Devices - The LCD Monitors could be new and jazzy additions to the surgery room, but the sputum suction devices have been around for a long time now. Surgeons claim that phlegm, sputum are unnecessary obstructions to the process of a surgery and they should be removed from the path of the operating conditions.

  9. Thus, the sputum suction devices form a critical set of components for a surgery process. Vital Signs Monitor - Apart from the LCD Monitor, the Vital Signs Monitor is monitor-based equipment in the surgery room. That said, the function of this equipment is completely different than that of a LCD Monitor.

  10. The patient's body is connected to this monitor with the help of electrodes and the monitor screens continuously provide updates on vital health information about the patient. This information also allows the doctor to see how the patient is doing with his health when the surgery is in progress, and make changes accordingly.

  11. The end outcome of a surgical process is definitely based on the skills of the doctor. But, that being said, you would find that these medical devices come in very handy to ensure they provide all the help necessary for a doctor; to carry out the surgery process, with absolute ease.

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