why infection control is so important in hospital n.
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Infection Control in Singapore

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a clean environment is not only a healthy place

A clean environment is not only a healthy place for healing but is also a healthy place for working. Infection control is so important in the medical field that it has become a separate sub discipline of epidemiology, at least in theory. Sadly, many people are unaware of its importance and neglect the basic rules of preventing infections.

even in hospitals you could see different

Even in hospitals you could see different instances where infection control is ignored and thus lead to more people turning victims to different kinds of diseases. Ironically, infection can easily be controlled today with different products that are being developed thanks to the introduction and growth of technology in medical science.

the guidelines emphasize on the importance

The guidelines emphasize on the importance of cleanliness, hand washing, disinfecting, sterilization and other related factors which can help keep the workplace and oneself clean and free from infections.

infection control is very important especially

Infection control is very important, especially in hospitals and clinics. A host of infections are present here and they should not be allowed to spread. The training program educates the staff members and the health care workers about the various infections, their symptoms and the remedial measures that can be taken.

knowledge is important as it helps in early

Knowledge is important as it helps in early detection which can help in controlling infection before it spreads. Infections can spread and propagate in many different ways. Awareness should be spread amongst the workers about infections, its types, its mode of transmission and steps to prevent it.

sterilization is very important in hospitals

Sterilization is very important in hospitals for there are sick people trying to recover, newborns that are too young to be strong and patients with very low resistance. A sterile and clean environment has to be maintained where infection causing microorganisms have no room to survive.

personal hygiene disinfecting cleaning

Personal hygiene, disinfecting, cleaning, and sterilization must be maintained and the staff should be taught about its importance and how to achieve it. The importance of hand washing has to be explained. The patients and visitors must also be encouraged to follow the steps prescribed for effective hand washing.

protective gear is a must for it acts

Protective gear is a must for it acts as the primary barrier between the infection and the human body. Gloves, aprons, gowns and other protective gear have to be worn as required. After each use, they have to be disposed off safely. What cannot be disposed off has to be disinfected properly for next use.

in spite of all care being taken

In spite of all care being taken and all the protocols in place, there may sometimes be some unfortunate situations when health care personnel may be exposed to infections. A good knowledge of infection control helps the infected person and the staff deal with the out break.

infection control guidelines help create a safe

Infection control guidelines help create a safe and clean environment in the hospitals and clinics. A clean, hygienic environment is a perfect healing place, free from infections and a perfect place of work too. One must try and follow the guidelines wherever possible to remain free from infections.

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