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Clean Room Environment

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Clean Room Environment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The cleanroom is defined as a room that is maintained virtually free of contaminants such as dust or bacteria which are used in laboratory work and in the production of electronic or aerospace equipments which may have precision parts need to be maintained sterile. You may also hear it referred to as a clean room or a white room.
But labs and aeronautical facilities aren't the only industries that need cleanroom systems to accomplish their business aims. Manufacturers and scientific researchers (for example, in biotechnology and the life sciences) also require them. Hospitals, pharmacies, electronics manufacturers, and food industry professionals also have a strong need for them.
Wikipedia fine tunes the previously cited dictionary explanation by adding, more accurately a cleanroom generally has a restricted level of contamination and that is generally specified by the number of particles per cubic meter. HEPA and ULPA filters help cleanroom systems maintain particulate-free air.
In addition, PVC walls and panels enable these rooms to stay free of contaminants by preventing the spread of germs during the normal course of operations. Many factors go into the design of cleanroom systems. In addition to the aforementioned filters and wall panels, size should be your first consideration when designing a cleanroom.
Do you need to dedicate just a portion of your facility or do your require the entire building to be "clean"?Next, consider how your staff will enter and exit your cleanroom. Airlocks and air shower stages may be vital components of your system design. Furnishings are also important elements. Wikipedia cautions that they must be designed to produce less number of particles and easy to clean.
Will your employees need to wear cleanroom suits? How about protective clothing like face masks, gloves, hoods, boots, coveralls and special shoes? What kind of control methods will you implement to ensure particulate, pressure and humidity levels are kept within your target levels? Particle counters, air leak chambers and ionizers may be necessary to guarantee achievement of these goals.
Controlled Environments generally teach tips for maintaining a cleanroom. The publication broke the design process down into four steps to achieve the performance being sought from cleanroom systems. Those pointers included: Assess your temperature, humidity and pressurization for cleanliness requirements which needs to determine exactly what you need from a cleanroom system.
Employ the services of an architectural expert to develop a dimensioned layout drawing of the cleanroom area you'll be using and decide on things you prefer for providing conditioned air to your cleanroom. Finalize your user requirement specification (URS) before getting started with the cleanroom contractor who will install your cleanroom system.
But what if you need something more customized? In that case you'll want to consult with a professional company that specializes in cleanroom systems. And when selecting a partner, make sure that they use quality wall systems and panels that are 1/A flame spread, clean room Class 10, flame retardant, chemical resistant and durable.
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