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  2. US Citizenship Podcast • N-400 Practice Interviews • Three Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced • By N-400 section • USCIS 96 Questions (coming soon!) • English/English Set/Single (for shuffle) • English/Mandarin English/Cantonese • English Vietnamese English/Spanish • Blog: uscitizenpod.blogspot.com • RSS blog uscitizenship.blogspot.com/rss • Host: uscitizenpod.libsyn.com • RSSaudio uscitizenpod.libsyn.com/rss

  3. Task 1 • Record Mock USCIS Interview • Good stuff: • Many volunteers • Audacity is easy to use. • Google audacity & download. It’s free. • Problem: • Good/bad microphones • Recording level set too low • Must rewrite the script • Creating pdf of scripts

  4. Task 2 • Put the Audio & pdf files on the Internet • Create gmail account at mail.google.com • Create Blog at blogger.com • Create host site at libsyn.com • Create rss feed at Feedburner.com • Notify Itunes about the new podcast. • Problems • Which blog: blogger.com or libsyn.com? • Creating links between blogger & libsyn

  5. PM-Citizenship Class Hours Monday and Wednesday 6:15-9:30pm 6:00-6:30 Watch Citizenship Videos Success at your INS Interview or Citizenship Today (100 ?s) 6:30-6:45 Vocabulary Review: Alphabet, Numbers, Dates, Addresses, New Citizenship Vocabulary words, etc. 6:45-7:30 Read and Discuss Citizenship Textbook: Citizenship: Ready for the Interview by Lynn Weintraub Citizenship Now by Aliza Becker 7:30-7:45 Break 7:45-8:15 Discussion about the Citizenship Textbook reading 8:15-8:30 Dictation and Quiz 8:30-9:00 Practice INS Interviews 9:00-9:15 Final Questions

  6. AM-Citizenship Class Hours Monday-Friday 8:00-8:30 7:45-8:00 Watch Citizenship Videos Success at your INS Interview or Citizenship Today 8:00-8:10 Review 2-5 96 Questions (US History & Politics) • What are the colors of our flag? • What do the stars on the flag mean? 8:00-8:20 Read and Discuss Citizenship Textbook: Citizenship: Ready for the Interview by Lynn Weintraub Citizenship Now by Aliza Becker 8:20-8:25 Practice N-400 Questions 8:25-8:30 Dictation or Oral Quiz

  7. Class Requirements • Attend class • Participate in class activities. • Take an ESL Placement Test • ESL Placement test are given every 3 weeks. (Plan ahead!) • Call 408-945-2392 for test dates. • Take two CASAS ESL tests. • Current ESL students must take their CASAS test in their class. • Citizenship-only students will take their CASAS tests in the Citizenship class. • Take two U.S. History & Government CASAS Tests. • Pass one oral Interview (based on the N-400).

  8. Citizenship & ESL Classes • The INS interview will test your ability to understand, speak, read, and write English. • Some students need extra help with English. • Ask the teacher about English classes • AM ESL Classes M-F 8:45am-12 noon • PM ESL Classes M/W or T/Th 6:15-9:30 • Extra hours for ESL Computer hours and borrowing CBET videotapes & books.

  9. Citizenship Resources Books • Citizenship Now by Aliza Becker 0-07-282607-X • Citizenship: Ready for the Interview by Lynne Weintraub 1-56420-226-7 • Citizenship: Passing the Test by Lynne Weintraub 1-56420-281-X • Entry into Citizenship by Aliza Becker 08092-0642-0 • Voices of Freedom by Bill Bliss 0-13-045266-1 Videos • Citizenship: Success at your INS Interview (with Ann McDowell) http://www.citizenadproject.org/ • Citizenship Today (with Kelly Raphael) http://www.videolanguage.com/citizen.raphael.html) • American History for Children Video Series (Schlessinger Media) • United States History Video Series (Schlessinger Media)

  10. Handouts • Students will receive many, many handouts. Please keep these handouts in a binder and bring the binder to every class. • Handouts include: • N-400 • USCIS 96 Questions (different languages) • History and political articles • Puzzles • Quizzes and dictations • Save paper--take only one copy of a handout. • Sometimes we run out of handouts or the copy machine is broken. Please be patient—the teacher will make more for the next class as needed.

  11. 96 Questions Flash Cards http://www.immigration.com/frame/civicflashcardsfr.html English Self Test http://uscis.gov/graphics/exec/natz/natztest.asp English http://uscis.gov/graphics/services/natz/100q.pdfHmong English (with some audio files) http://www.otan.us/webfarm/ESUHSDCitizenship/Citizen/prac.html Hmong http://uscis.gov/graphics/services/natz/CitiizenshipHmong.pdf Spanish (last 10 pages of the guide) http://uscis.gov/graphics/services/natz/Spanish.pdf Tagalog (last 10 pages of the guide) http://uscis.gov/graphics/services/natz/Tagalog.pdf Chinese (last 10 pages of the guide) http://uscis.gov/graphics/services/natz/Chinese.pdf Vietnamese (last 10 pages of the guide) http://uscis.gov/graphics/services/natz/Vietnamese.pdf

  12. HOW TO STUDY FOR YOUR U.S. CITIZENSHIP TEST When you are not in class!

  13. A Anthem • Sing our anthem, The Star Spangled Banner. The more you sing, the better you will become. • See americanhistory.si.edu/ssb/6_thestory/6b_osay/fs6b.html

  14. B Biography • Read biographies of US Presidents and Politicians. • Watch A & E’s Biography on television or check out the videos from the library. • See Biography.com.

  15. C Children • Read books about US History and Politics with your children. For booklists, see Abookintime.com/america1700s.html (separate links for each period).

  16. D Dollars • Think of all the INS 100 questions that you can ask and answer using the dollar bills (and coins) in your wallet. • See Moneyfactory.com/section.cfm/4

  17. E ESL • Improve your English—checkout ESL books, tapes, and videos from the library. • Go to ESL classes at MUSD.org or KQED.org/w/alrg/county/santaclara.html

  18. F Flag • Display the US Flag. • See pueblo.gsa.gov/cic_text/misc/ourflag/titlepage.htm

  19. G Golden State • Gum Shan.49ers. Learn why California is called the “Golden State.” • See CA.gov and go to “History and Culture of California” link.

  20. H History Channel • Watch the History Channel with your family. • See Historychannel.com.

  21. I Internet • Firstgov.gov is the U.S. government’s official info website. • For Interview practice, seeAenet.esuhsd.org/Citizenship_lessons/cit_menu.html

  22. J Jobs • Search for federal jobs and build your portfolio before you become a US citizen. • Update with your new Citizenship status and apply for your dream job as soon as you come home from your Oath ceremony. • See USAjobs.gov.

  23. K Ken Burns • Ken Burns has created the finest documentaries about America. • Watch them on television Ch 9 KQED or check them out of the library. • See Pbs.org/kenburns.

  24. L Lewis and Clark Bicentennial (2004-2006) • When Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase, he doubled the size the US. • Learn about the expedition at Lewisandclark200.org. • Collect the 2004 L & C silver dollar, the Sacagawea golden dollar, and the Westward Journey Nickels.

  25. M Missions • Visit the California Missions. • See Missionscalifornia.com or CA-missions.org.

  26. N Newspaper • Read the headlines of the front page and local section of an English-language newspaper everyday. • Note new words or idioms. • See Mercurynews.com.

  27. O Oakland Museum of California • Visit the museum devoted to CA art, history, & natural sciences. • See Museumca.org.

  28. Podcast • Listen to US Citizenship Podcast Uscitizenpod.blogspot.com • N-400 Practice Interviews • Three Levels: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced • By N-400 section • USCIS 96 Questions • English/English • English/Mandarin • English/Cantonese • English Vietnamese • English/Spanish

  29. Q Quarters • Collect the new State Quarters. • Learn more about the state symbols at Usmint.gov/mint_programs/index.cfm?action=50_state_quarters_program • For fun with kids, see Hip Pocket Change Usmint.gov/kids/flashIndex.cfm

  30. R Recycle • Recycle—it is good for everyone! • See Gomilpitas.com/recycle.htm

  31. S The Smithsonian • Visit the Smithsonian Museums and traveling exhibits. • Read its books & monthly magazine. • Listen to its CD collections of traditional American music. • See Si.edu & Smithsonianeducation.org

  32. T Taxes • Pay your taxes! • Learn about taxes at IRS.gov or Taxes.ca.gov/yourtaxes.html

  33. U USCIS • Formerly known as the INS, the US Immigration and Naturalization Services can be contacted at 1-800-375-5283. • Forms can be downloaded from USCIS.gov.

  34. V Volunteer • Be a good citizen—volunteer! • See Gomilpitas.com/volunteer.htm

  35. W The White Pages • The White Pages (or Blue Pages) of the phone book contains the names and contact info of local government offices and officials.

  36. eXercise and sports • Exercise every day. • Locate sports teams’ cities on a US map. • Learn the history of the teams’ names (ex: SF 49ers or NY Yankees). • Start at SI.com & follow the links to the team sites.

  37. Y “Yes!” • Say “Yes!” to every opportunity to learn about American culture. • Go to festivals, make new friends, sing, dance, eat, work, play, participate in your children’s education and activities. • Each “Yes!” will bring you closer to your goal of US Citizenship.

  38. Z National Geographic’s Zip USA • Every month, National Geographic magazine’s “Zip USA” features the local customs of a unique, yet normal US town. • For the online version, see magma.Nationalgeographic.com/ngm/archives.html

  39. Thank you for studying US Citizenship!