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Starting Wright. Getting Ready Now for College and Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Jeff Vernooy Director of Disability Services. Coming up tonight:. GEOLOGY What is Geology? Careers for people who study Geology Meet a Geologist More Features Katherine’s Tech Tips

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Starting wright

Starting Wright

Getting Ready Now for College and Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Jeff vernooy director of disability services
Jeff VernooyDirector of Disability Services

Coming up tonight
Coming up tonight:


  • What is Geology?

  • Careers for people who study Geology

  • Meet a Geologist

  • More Features

    • Katherine’s Tech Tips

    • Hints from Miss Hannah

    • Great Minds in STEMM

  • Homework winners and a new contest

  • Paleontologist

    A dinosaur named Sue: Thanks to fossils such as this T. rex, scientists have learned volumes about the life of dinosaurs.

    Bear River Range, Cache Co., Utah

    A paleontologist marks dinosaur tracks on the surface of a desert.


    Seismologists study earthquakes and other seismicphenomena, including volcanoes and even explosions resulting from nuclear testing.

    Guatemala City, 1976 Shattered bridge

    Arthur Rodgers checks on a seismic station erected at Al Hayl, United Arab Emirates. The enclosure contains seismic equipment powered by the solar cell.

    Earthquake in Japan

    Environmental geologist

    Polluted land showing rusty old oil cans

    Impact of human activities on the physical environment

    A sea bird killed by an oil spill

    Oiled beach at Herring Bay – Exxon Valdez

    Starting wright


    Mount Rainer

    Volcanologists monitor volcanoes, measure temperatures, and collect samples of lava rock or gases or other small objects that might help them solve the mystery that they are trying to solve.

    Starting wright



    Today s tech tip

    Today’s Tech Tip


    Raised maps
    Raised Maps

    Truckee River Site Model

    Truckee, Nevada

    Colorado Landform Model

    Technology resources
    Technology Resources

    • Raised maps


    • Geological microscopes


    • Hand lenses


    • Geological models


    Starting wright





    Starting wright


    Chris Atchison


    Starting wright

    Ohio Caverns -- Ohio Borders

    Mammoth Cave -- Kentucky

    Lakawana Coal Mine -- Pennsylvania

    San Salvador, Bahamas

    Pike’s Peak -- Colorado

    Great minds in stemm

    Great Minds Bordersin STEMM

    John wesley powell 1834 1902
    John Wesley Powell Borders1834-1902

    The civil war
    The Civil War Borders

    Was first to enlist in Illinois when Lincoln’s call to arms rang out

    Shot in wrist, lost arm in surgery

    Never lost sight of his love for nature

    Professor Borders

    Professor and Department Chair at

    Wesleyan University in Bloomington, Illinois

    Exploration Borders

    Attracted by the west and began making expeditions

    to the Colorado Territory with students and colleagues.

    The u s geological survey established 1879
    The U.S.Geological Survey Bordersestablished - 1879

    Director - 1881

    Among heroes

    Died in 1902 at his summer home in Haven, Maine Borders

    (Honorary) degrees awarded:

    BA, MA from Illinois Wesleyan University Ph.D from Heidelberg, Germany, Law from Harvard University

    Among Heroes

    Buried in Arlington National Cemetery

    Geology resources
    Geology Resources Borders

    Geology games, jokes and trivia for kids

    Games Galore! Word searches, matching, crossword puzzles, interactive quizzes.

    Humor, games, jokes, quizzes and trivia for geology and earth science.

    Review Game Zone: review games for several earth science topics covering most grades in several state academic content standards.

     Informational website on rocks and minerals including quizzes, games and experiments.

    Geology resources1
    Geology Resources Borders

    Discovery Channel EXTREME Geology Challenge. Very fun interactive game designed to learn the science about some of the most notable locations on the globe.

    The U.S. Geological Survey Science Education website provides scientific information intended to help educate the public about natural resources, natural hazards, and issues of special interest that affect our quality of life.

    GeologyRocks is the place for geology on the web. The mission of this site is to promote the Earth Sciences and provide a trustworthy source of geological information, media and resources for the beginner or seasoned professional.

    Starting wright

    Learning Outside the Classroom Borders

    Newport Aquarium

    Newport , KY

    Homework answers
    Homework Answers!! Borders

    • Name and describe one biology specialization that was not mentioned during last web cast.

      Matthew and Anthony from Granville, OH:Microbiologists: study microorganisms and how they affect humans.

      William from Beavercreek, OH: A specialization that was not mentioned is zoology.  This is the study of animals.  This even includes insects.

    Homework answers1
    Homework Answers!! Borders

    2.) Choose one of the resource links and describe what you learned/found from it.

    Wayne from Orange Village, OH: Choose  He found a concept that he was currently reviewing for exams, Mitosis. 

    He also found a page which includes an animated explanation of Mitosis.

    Questions for starting wright
    Questions for Starting Wright…. Borders

    Wayne from Orange Village, OH:

    Is a general biology degree the most common degree for graduates seeking entry to medical school?

    Congratulations… Borders

    Paul - Dayton, Ohio

    Wayne III - Orange Village, Ohio

    Matthew and Anthony - Granville, OH

    Homework Borders

    • Who developed the theory that the continents were moving?

    • What does a paleo-climatologist do, and why is it important?

      3. Send a question for our Starting Wright Team!

    Send us your answers

    Email us at with your homework answers by Tuesday

    March 17, 2009

    A chance to win one of four

    geological specimens collected by Chris Atchison!

    Upcoming program
    Upcoming Program! Borders

    Featured STEMM Field:COMPUTER


    Starting wright

    Starting Wright Borders

    NEXT PROGRAM: TuesdayMarch 24

    7:00 p.m.

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