recent research in canadian tech transfer n.
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Recent Research in Canadian Tech Transfer

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Recent Research in Canadian Tech Transfer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Under the Microscope:. Recent Research in Canadian Tech Transfer. Kate Hoye, University of Waterloo Diane Isabelle, NRC, Carleton University Fred Pries, University of Waterloo. S&T Commercialization of Federal Research Laboratories and University Research. Diane A. Isabelle

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recent research in canadian tech transfer

Under the Microscope:

Recent Research in Canadian Tech Transfer

Kate Hoye, University of Waterloo

Diane Isabelle, NRC, Carleton University

Fred Pries, University of Waterloo

s t commercialization of federal research laboratories and university research
S&T Commercialization of Federal Research Laboratories and University Research

Diane A. Isabelle

Doctoral comprehensive exam and research for NRC’s commercialization efforts

research framework
Research framework
  • Major contributions/contributors to the field of commercialization
  • North American and selected international commercialization models and practices
  • Issues/challenges/avenues of solution identified by academics, practitioners and government
  • Gaps, trends, and future areas of research
innovation commercialization from minds to markets
Innovation & commercialization: ‘From minds to markets’
  • Broad agreement in the literature
    • Both important for competitiveness of a nation
    • Market place is the end point of commercialization
    • Commercialization is recognized as an important element of innovation
    • Metaphors: journey across valley/chasm/Darwinian sea
  • Lack of consensus
    • Commercialization as part of innovation or not
    • Start point of commercialization in innovation spectrum
    • Concept of marketplace success
  • Key constructs
    • Knowledge, knowledge spillovers
    • Absorptive capacity
    • Connectedness
    • National innovation systems, National innovative capacity
    • Process
integrating key concepts my definition of commercialization
Integrating key concepts: My definition of commercialization

‘An important part of the innovation ecosystem, commercialization is the process of translating research knowledge into new or improved products, process and services, and introducing them into the marketplace to generate economic benefits’

selected commercialization strategies new technology based firms ntbfs
Selected commercialization strategies: New Technology Based Firms (NTBFs)
  • NTBFs include spin-offs
  • 1-3% of all firms
  • Commercialization of disruptive technologies
  • Science entrepreneurships e.g. in biotech sector
  • Challenges faced by NTBFs
selected commercialization strategy spatial concentration
Selected commercialization strategy: Spatial concentration
  • Explosion of interest in clusters
  • Various views in the literature
  • Consensus on top 5 critical factors:
    • Highly skilled workforce
    • Pillar companies
    • Knowledge/innovation technologies
    • Networks
    • Physical infrastructure
  • Others factors:
    • Entrepreneurial culture
    • Sources of financing
    • Supportive policy environment
strategic commercialization issues
Strategic commercialization issues
  • Culture
    • National, institutional cultures, industrial attitudes
  • Technologies
    • Awareness, state of development, access, evaluation
  • Organizational issues
    • Structure, processes, skills, incentives
  • Intellectual Property
    • Policies, negotiation, management, ownership
  • Capital
  • Government Environment
convergence in the literature on the role of government
Convergence in the literature on the role of government
  • Focused national strategy
  • R&D Infrastructure (facilities, equipment, education, training)
  • Environment for business and R&D
  • Regulatory environment
  • Financial incentives for R&D
  • Linkages
  • Bundling of technologies
important areas of future research particularly for canada
Important areas of future research, particularly for Canada
  • Commerce adverse culture
  • Receptor capacity and NTBFs
  • University-entrepreneurial interactions
  • Clusters
  • Policies & programs
some canadian researchers in the field
Some Canadian researchers in the field
  • Doug Barber
  • Alan Cornford, GPT Mngt Ltd
  • Paul Dufour, IC, IDRC
  • David Large, U of O
  • Jorge Niosi, U du Québec
  • David Wolfe, M Gertler, ISRN, U of T
  • Several others
  • PhD students...
global trends
  • UK
  • Finland
  • The Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Australia
  • Relatively recent field of research
  • Broad underlying themes
  • Challenging issues but increased awareness
  • Climate of sharing globally

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