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Business Plan Preparation. Frank Moyes Leeds College of Business University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado. Tonight. Marketing Strategy Revenue Model Customer Surveys In the Fire – Industry Analysis & Model Company Hand-in 10 Call Reports Competitive matrix. Next Week.

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Business plan preparation l.jpg

Business Plan Preparation

Frank MoyesLeeds College of Business

University of ColoradoBoulder, Colorado

Marketing Strategy

Tonight l.jpg

Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Revenue Model

  • Customer Surveys

  • In the Fire – Industry Analysis & Model Company

  • Hand-in

    • 10 Call Reports

    • Competitive matrix

Next week l.jpg
Next Week

Marketing Strategy

  • Business Analysis Assignment

    • Present Mar 5

    • PowerPoint 10 minutes, 6-8 slides

  • Market Analysis

  • Industry Analysis

  • Product/Service Description

  • Profitability

Business analysis assignment cont l.jpg
Business Analysis Assignment (cont)

Marketing Strategy

  • Hand-in 3 ring binder

    • Market Analysis - draft

    • Industry Analysis - draft

    • Product/Service Description - draft

    • Value Chain analysis

    • Competitive matrix

    • Financial COMP’s

    • Revenue Model

    • 20 interview Call Reports

Business plan elements l.jpg
Business Plan Elements

Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary

Company Overview

Market & Industry Analysis

Product/Service Description

Marketing Plan

Operations Plan

Development Plan


Competitive Advantage

Financial Plan


Marketing plan objectives l.jpg
Marketing Plan Objectives

Marketing Strategy

Build on Market & Industry Analysis

Define the strategies & key actions to exploit the opportunity

Marketing plan outline l.jpg
Marketing Plan Outline

Marketing Strategy

Customer Research

Target Market Strategy

Channel Strategy


Product/Service Strategy

Pricing Strategy


Communications Strategy

Sales Strategy

Revenue Model

Customer research l.jpg
Customer Research

Marketing Strategy

  • Show your results

    • George’s Questionnaire - qualitative 20 people

    • Surveys – walk-up, mailed, email, on-line

  • Prove

    • You solve a problem

    • Features are wanted

    • Customer understands the benefits

    • Customer will pay your price

    • You know how customer decides

  • Don’t cook the books

How do customers make decisions l.jpg


How Do Customers Make Decisions?

Marketing Strategy

  • Decision making process – where, when & how

  • Initiator, Influencer, Decider, Purchaser & User

  • Identify criteria used to make decisions

    • Criteria may be different than your features

  • Customers buy benefits

Target market strategy l.jpg
Target Market Strategy

Marketing Strategy

  • Consumers vs. purchasers

  • Profile of the customers you will serve

    • Consumer: demographics, psychographics & values

    • Business: industry, size, location, purchase decision

  • How will you overcome brand loyalty? What will cause customers to switch?

  • Future markets

Channel l.jpg

Marketing Strategy

  • Describe and justify the distribution channels

  • Potential channels

    • Distributors, wholesalers, retailers

    • OEM’s & VAR’s

    • E-commerce

  • Describe how you will gain access to the channels

    • Identify specific companies

    • Decision making process

  • Delivery to your customers, e.g. UPS is not the channel

Positioning l.jpg

Marketing Strategy

  • Positioning is in the mind of the customer, relative to the competition

  • What must target customer believe about you

    • “perceptions, impressions and feelings”

  • How are you unique & different?

  • Other considerations

    • Name of your company

    • Company characteristics – essence of personality, tone & manner

Attribute map l.jpg
Attribute Map

Attribute 1

Competitor 3


Competitor 1

Competitor 2

Attribute 2

Marketing Strategy

Hot chocolate l.jpg
Hot Chocolate


Brown Palace


Ski Resort





Marketing Strategy

Hot chocolate15 l.jpg
Hot Chocolate



Ski Resort





Brown Palace

Marketing Strategy

Product service strategy l.jpg
Product/Service Strategy

Marketing Strategy

  • Not the description

  • Product/service roll out

    • Initial product/services

    • Future product/services

  • Enhance the product/service with operations & service

  • Actions to sustain competitive advantage

    • New features & benefits

    • New technology

    • New process

  • What features & benefits are most persuasive to get the customer to act?

Pricing strategy l.jpg
Pricing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Describe and justify your pricing strategy

Provide evidence that your target market will accept your price

Position your pricing relative to current and potential competition

Low price usually is NOT a good strategy!

Measure of management

What are the pricing methods l.jpg


What Are the Pricing Methods?

Marketing Strategy

  • Value pricing - how much is customer willing to pay?

  • Commodity pricing

    • Set by the market

    • Supply and demand

    • Seasonality & perishability

  • Competition

  • Payback period – depends on impact on company profit

  • Rule of thumb – Keystone

  • Introductory low price to get customers to use

  • Cost plus – markup

  • Transaction fee

  • Razor & razor blade

  • A la carte

Communications l.jpg

Marketing Strategy

  • How you will communicate with current and potential customers?

    • Advertising – paid advertising newspapers, magazines, TV, internet

    • Public relations – articles in paper, journals, blogs, websites

    • Printed materials – flyers, brochures

    • Performances, concerts, exhibitions

    • Exhibitions

  • Why is this the most effective strategy?

  • Be imaginative! Be a guerilla!

Guerilla examples i l.jpg


Guerilla Examples I

Mike Morris, Syracuse University

Marketing Strategy

  • New restaurant invites local hairdressers for free meal just after opening

  • Mattress retailer has sleep over advertising on the ceiling of a retail store

  • News is created so it will be covered in local newspaper

    • Computer store does computer training for underprivileged kids

    • Owner makes bold predictions, does something unusual

  • Articles are written by the entrepreneur for newspapers

More guerilla examples ii l.jpg

Reciprocal advertising: two businesses mention one another in their ads

Store offers discount card/coupon that appreciates in value each time it is used

Coupon that is worth something different each time it is used

Theatre places speakers outside front of facility with movies soundtracks playing; bakery purposely lets smells waft into customer passageway of mall


More Guerilla Examples II

Mike Morris, Syracuse University

Marketing Strategy

More examples iii l.jpg

0 in their ads

More Examples III

Mike Morris, Syracuse University

Marketing Strategy

  • Bowling alley charges based on number of bowling pins customer knocks down

  • Bicycle retailer puts promotional tags on bike racks around town

  • Day care center adds cameras and streaming videos so parents can see how children are treated

  • Flower shop with lack of visibility at their location decorates popular park and some small cafes in the area with creative and simple flower arrangements

Sales strategy l.jpg
Sales Strategy in their ads

  • How will you get orders?

    • Personal selling

    • Online purchasing

    • TV infomercials

    • Direct mail

    • 800 telephone

  • Who will do the selling?

    • An internal sales force

    • Field sales force

    • Manufacturer's reps

    • Telephone solicitors

  • How will you recruit, train, and compensate our sales force?

  • How will you support the sales effort?  

    • Internal staff

    • Service operations

Marketing Strategy

Revenue model l.jpg

Revenue Model in their ads

Marketing Strategy

Two approaches l.jpg
Two Approaches in their ads

Marketing Strategy

Top down – market penetration & timing

Bottom up – pipeline, revenue by customer

Slide26 l.jpg

Revenue in their adsModel

Marketing Strategy

Slide27 l.jpg

Revenue in their adsModel

Marketing Strategy

Slide28 l.jpg

Revenue in their adsModel

Marketing Strategy

Slide29 l.jpg

Revenue in their adsModel

Marketing Strategy

Slide30 l.jpg

Revenue in their adsModel

Marketing Strategy

Slide31 l.jpg

Revenue in their adsModel

Marketing Strategy

Slide32 l.jpg

Revenue in their adsModel

Marketing Strategy

Slide33 l.jpg

Revenue in their adsModel

Marketing Strategy

Revenue model variables l.jpg
Revenue Model Variables in their ads

Marketing Strategy

  • Market potential - number of customers, transactions or units, purchases

    • Size & growth

  • Market share - penetration rate

  • Product/Services offered

    • Roll-out strategy

    • Range & mix

    • New Products/Services

    • Obsolescence

  • Frequency of purchase – per day/week/month

  • Capacity Utilization – per time period, event

  • Prices

    • Price per customer, transaction or unit

    • Average revenue per customer or transaction

  • Channel strategy - discount

Revenue model bottom up l.jpg
Revenue Model (Bottom-up) in their ads

  • Identify specific customers

    • Identify decision maker

  • Determine

    • Annual purchases today & future

    • Who purchase from & level of satisfaction

  • What do you need to do to get an order?

    • If you meet the criteria, how much business can you expect?

Marketing Strategy