the roanoke disaster n.
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The Roanoke Disaster

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The Roanoke Disaster - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Roanoke Disaster. Sir _________________ attempted to start a colony at Roanoke on the Outer Banks of North Carolina 1585 – Starving settlers __________the first colony and returned to England _____ years later a second colony was started in the same location. Sir Walter Raleigh.

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the roanoke disaster
The Roanoke Disaster
  • Sir _________________ attempted to start a colony at Roanoke on the Outer Banks of North Carolina
  • 1585 – Starving settlers __________the first colony and returned to England
  • _____ years later a second colony was started in the same location

Sir Walter Raleigh


1590 – a supply expedition from England found only the ___________ buildings from the settlementTo this day, what happened to the settlers in __________ – it is thought that they either joined the _________or were defeated and killed by them

establishing a colony
Establishing a Colony
  • A colony was a ____________ and was run like one
  • To establish a colony, the businessmen first needed a __________ – certificate of permission from the King
  • They took the charter and formed a _______________ – a company funded and run by a group of investors who share the company’s profits and losses
  • The Virginia Company was formed in _____

with the goal of establishing a colony in _______________________

  • The colony was established in 1607 with about ______ settlers
  • The colony was named in Jamestown in honor of ______________
near failure of jamestown
Near Failure of Jamestown

The colony nearly failed for several reasons:

  • The settlers were not used to doing the ___ _______ required to start a colony – many came to get rich quick and spent their time looking for gold instead of doing the daily tasks for survival
  • The site was in swampland full of disease bearing _____________
  • Leadership was _________ – settlers spent time squabbling rather than worrying about their survival
taking control of jamestown
Taking control of Jamestown
  • In 1607, _________ took power over the colony and forced the colonists to farm
  • He persuaded the nearby __________ people to provide food, saving the colony

John Smith

the fear of the powhatan people
The fear of the Powhatan people
  • the Powhatan people became alarmed when about ______ new settlers arrived in 1609
  • In response, they began killing the colonists’ _____________ and destroying their _____________
  • Food became scarce again – of the 600 new colonists, only about 60 survived
virginia becomes a royal colony
Virginia becomes a royal colony
  • Because it was not profitable, the Virginia Company lost the __________ to Virginia in 1624
  • Virginia became a ___________ which had a governor appointed by the King
  • In 1619, Virginia had a legislature known as the _______________ – this is one of the first instances of limited self-government for the new colonies
growing tobacco
Growing Tobacco
  • _________ saved the early Virginia colony from failure
  • Tobacco is indigenous to _____ ______ and was shipped back to England in 1614 where it quickly became popular
  • The crop led to the __________ of Virginia
tobacco workers
Tobacco Workers
  • To produce large amounts of tobacco, planters needed laborers. There were 3 main types of laborers:
  • _____________ – Each person who came to the colony from England got 50 acres of land (the headright system).
  • ________ – Settlers from England who wanted to come to the colonies but could not pay for the voyage. Usually owed 7 years of work in exchange for passage, food, and shelter.
  • _____________ – Arrived in small numbers at first. Usually were not freed after 7 years.
wealthy planters vs all other settlers
Wealthy planters vs. all other settlers
  • The English’s harsh treatment of the _______ _______________ stemmed from their dealings with the Irish at home
  • Despite this tradition, the King’s governor refused to raise an ______ to protect the settlers from the Native Americans
  • 1676, __________ raised a private army to fight the Indians
  • When the governor tried to stop him, Bacon attacked Jamestown and ______ it to the ground
  • The rebellion ended when Bacon _______ of disease
impact of bacon s rebellion
Impact of Bacon’s Rebellion
  • It proved that the _____________ were frustrated that the government was concerned only with the interests of wealthy planters
  • The _______ colonists would not tolerate such a government.