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Translation Of Official Documents - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Uploaded on - Aug 26, 2022

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  1. THE TRANSLATION INDUSTRY Universal Translation Services 2021 Translation Of Official Documents

  2. NOTARIZED OR CERTIFIED TRANSLATION OF OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS A translation agency is recommended if you require official documents to be translated for different reasons. A translator can provide an estimate of cost and time for the translation. A certified translator who has completed rigorous training can also back up certified translations. You can be certain of the quality and timeliness of the work by obtaining a certificate of accuracy from a certified translator. To ensure accuracy, you should request a copy of the original document. Request translation of official documents. It is possible to request the translation yourself or hire a company that specializes on translating documents. If you plan to submit the translated document for government approval, it is important to have the document certified. A certified translator can also be requested. You should choose a company who offers a free quotation and adheres to their quality standards. Universal Translation Services 2021

  3. Plan to Submit Official Document If you plan to submit an official document to an institution or government office, it is usually necessary to obtain a certified translation. This type of translation should be certified as official and notarized. If the translation has the same meaning and intent as the original, a notary will sign off on it. A quality translation agency will be able maintain the distinction between a certified translation and an uncertified translation. To obtain a certified translation of an official document you need to first find a professional translator who is certified. Certified translators will provide better translations than those without certification letters. If you wish to have the document translated, you will also need to submit a photocopy. While you don't have to be a professional translator in order to get an official document translated into English, it is better to have the document certified. Universal Translation Services 2021

  4. REQUIRE A CERTIFIED TRANSLATOR TO TRANSLATE DOCUMENTS? If you require a certified translator to translate legal documents, it is essential. A certified translator must have expertise and credentials in the area of the document. Official documents require a certificate of accuracy. A certified translation may not be legal but will be accepted by the relevant authority. You should ensure that the translator of official documents is certified. Check with your country's authorities to verify the certification process. When you need to translate a document, a certified translation is required. These documents can be academic, business, or legal. A test to verify the translator's proficiency will be required. The foreign government will accept a certified translation. This certification is required to obtain the document certified. To ensure that the translation is legal, you should consult the consulate or embassy. Universal Translation Services 2021

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