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Business consultants in Dubai | Sharjah free zone PowerPoint Presentation
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Business consultants in Dubai | Sharjah free zone

Business consultants in Dubai | Sharjah free zone

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Business consultants in Dubai | Sharjah free zone

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  1. Business For Sale In Ajman | Business Setup In UAE As the world is getting ready with the upsurge of E-commerce Business For Sale In Dubai, UAE is not far behind to become 100% active in e-commerce. In last three years, 72% of the users in UAE have moved to the online format and made their first online purchase. The region is known for high internet penetration and literacy rate, the e-commerce is set to achieve a market of AED 40 Billion. It has become increasingly important that businesses increase their online footprint to get users attention. As UAE gears its free zones and aligns it to the digital demands, Commit biz Business Setup Consultants provide’s you an in-depth detail on business consultants in Ajman.

  2. An appropriate license: A license from the Department of Economic Development is mandatory to form a web-based company. If the Business For Sale In Ajman is to be set up in a Free zone, The license from a relevant free zone authority is required. The type of license issued will depend on the nature of your online business. For established companies, no further licenses are required. The need for Office Space: An e-commerce company can be an aggregator or an online version of an international store/ chain. Depending on the nature of the business, one

  3. should consider setting up a physical office. Dubai-based companies must have physical office space to be considered legal. Domain name is the name or address you use for your website (often the company’s name). For established business setup in UAE, the name of your business matters as you would like to create the image in your users/consumers. Trade names matter regardless of the firm’s nature. Hence registration of a domain name is a prerequisite to set up your web establishment.

  4. Business For Sale In Ajman has to be registered with the relevant emirate’s ports and customs authority if the online business is into importing goods/ products from abroad and selling it on the site. An importer’s code is assigned to the business, and customs duty is levied to the imported goods. Free Zone companies are exempt from customs duty; however, they are restricted to selling the products/ services within the free zone or outside the country.

  5. If the company is selling to the UAE market (outside of the free zone), the customs duty has to be paid, and a local commercial agent has to be appointed. If you are planning on doing business consultancy license in uae, it would be beneficial for you to know the differences between offshore license in UAE to ensure the smooth running of your business. Both of these have their own distinct features and they vary in terms of the limitations they impose on the business and the benefits they offer, depending on the type of business activities. The Ajman Free Zone are created to attract companies that deal in trade and export. A company can have one of its branches in a Free Zone, and the branch is treated as an extension of the company and not as a separate company for sale. In the scenario wherein a branch is in the Free Zone, the company needs to show itself as a solvent Free Zone entity. In order to be registered in a Free Zone, some requirements with regard to the initial share capital would need to be followed.